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Irresponsibility in High Fidelity by Nick Hornby Essay

Irresponsibility in High Fidelity by Nick Hornby - Essay Example The paper tells about Rob’s irresponsibility that emerges through his lack of commitment, self-destructive attitude and lack of initiative. At the beginning of the novel, the narrator lists his five prior breakups. This breakup portrays the narrator’s inability to sustain a relationship. He seems to be looking for something more that he cannot understand. The first breakup is with Alison Ashworth whom he dated for a few hours. Robs then dated Alison Hardwick, a year after his first breakup. Hardwick could not give into his sexual demands leading to a breakup. Rob, still eager for a relationship, steals his friend’s girlfriend who was called Jackie Allen. This relationship lasted only a few weeks after which Allen left him for his prior boyfriend, Phil. His fourth relationship ends in a breakup as well. The girl in the fourth relationship is Charlie Nicholson whom he met in college. Rob kept thinking that she was too good for him and that she would eventually leav e him for another person. They eventually break up. Rob still earns for relationship and meets Sarah Kendrew, who like Rob, hurts from a breakup. Rob and Kendrew swear to live together forever but Kendrew meets another person and leaves Rob. This string of breakup portrays Rob’s inability to commit fully in a relationship. Numerous breakups may motivate one to get into a mature sustainable relationship. However, Rob wants to be free so that he can act as he pleases. He also wants to enjoy an intimate relationship with a woman. This is irresponsible because he should take some time to assess his feeling and decide on the best course of action. Instead, he is contented by the initial infatuation and intimacy with a woman. After staying with a woman for a while, he starts questioning himself whether the woman is right for him. Rob usually finds reasons to leave her than stay in the relationship. This also happens with Laura, his next girlfriend (Knowles 14). The author uses the numerous girlfriends who broke up with Rob as a symbol to indicate his lack of commitment. His love for music symbolizes his loneliness and need for fulfillment. It is ironic that the author calls the novel high fidelity to highlight commitment to a marital relationship though Rob is committed to himself. Rob’s inability to commit does not apply to relationship but also other aspects in his life. For example, he dropped out of school due to the inability to commit to schooling requirements. He has a music shop that does not reward him significantly though the business does not bother him. He is comfortable with his meager earnings so long as he can afford a meal and shelter. His actions are attributable to lack of commitment to his responsibilities, as well as, woman named Laura. In the event that he was responsible, he would have worked harder to improve his life. Laura eventually prompts him to think of other things that he may enjoy doing in a bid to generate money. A read er is likely to label Rob’s actions are irresponsible. The Commitments by Roddy Doyle depicts the power of commitment. Derek Scully and Foster commit themselves to forming a band though they know little about music. Regardless of their inexperience, they continue pursuing their dream. They sign in more members and struggle to make their dream come true. On the contrary, Rob does not seem to put work hard at

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Point of View Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Point of View Paper - Essay Example The Confederate soldier would tell Farquhar that the Owl Creek Bridge had been taken, but if someone lit old driftwood on fire it would burn like tow. However, the Confederate soldier would warn Farquhar of the Union decree of death by hanging for anyone tampering with the railroad or bridges. Farquhar would not reply, but give a smug smile at the news. Then I would film Farquhar sliding off a plank and the rope snapping, with him plunging in the water. This scene should have a watch ticking in the background right before Farquhar slides off, and then snap back to actual sound when he hits the water. Shock should be filmed on the Union soldiers faces, with their fumbling for their guns. The next scenes shot would be Farquhar underwater. Lethargic at first, Farquhar would sink, and then come alive. He would slip out the ropes binding his arms, flinging off his noose, and come out of the water with a piercing shriek. The two soldiers on the bridge would be aiming and shooting at him. Since it takes a moment to reload, Farquhar would reach the sanding bank as the cannon fires a volley into the ground before him. Farquhar would reach the woods and flee. Then a couple of scenes of Farquhar running in the woods at night should be shot. One should show him running in fright, the next walking tiredly. Finally in the morning light, Farquhar should be shot walking with his eyes shut up a long driveway towards a two story home with six columns on the porch. He opens his eyes to run toward a woman dressed in a brown hoopskirt. As soon as he reaches her, the whole scene fades. The final shot should be of Farquhar’s swinging body on the bridge. It should not be of him falling, this would already been seen when the rope broke. Just his swinging body should be shot. A close up taken of the actor’s face might show a slight smile at the thought of being home. This would represent Farquhar’s peace at going home through death. To