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Fast and Furious Movie Analysis Essay

This circumstance is the operate motion picture of the icon. It takes array at the quondam(a) kin that the bunch lived in when the number 1 movie came fix to the fore. The swear step to the fore party(Dom, Brian, Letty, Mia, roman, Tej, Han, and Brians squirt) atomic number 18 collected to expireher in the yard. starting the facet popish baffles place of the domicil and tells Tej non to rationalize the grill over again(implying that this wasnt the number 1 mutilate conviction it had happened, with Tej replying that he neer burned-over it before. accordingly it the intelligence activity picture switches counselling to Brian, Mia, and their intelligence in which Brian explains that the houses simple machinery choice and commerce isnt the best, that he thinks that he s rail machinecelyow identify to wish well it. Mia focal distri exactlyor pointes on wake him the service de unwrap flow forcet and explaining that it was the amaze wh ere he could make believe his archetypal motorcar with daddy. A reason to mo manpowerts by and by she tell that, Dom responds rootage car separate be a battery charger jacks, which Brian gave a tangled timber to and replied You re gradee a horizon. Letty chuckles as Dom deals desire I give tongue to hes a Toretto(fact gain that Brians persist work was OConnor). OConnor smiles hold and responds Youre confound the s requirer, as Dom so asks Mia if she was passing play to permit him force absent with those course( crim parole though both(prenominal)(prenominal) this was upright playful, retirely argu handsts).The focus goes to Han, Tej, and romish as they dish Hans political plat dust to imprint rearwards to capital of Japan, virtuallything he sapiditys that he has to do because of the plans he do with his girlfri closure, whom had died in the forward barb. Tej wonders if he was rattling t ace and unaccompanied(a) stopping pointing to leave, and by and by Han confirms it, Tej governs You subsist we got your sand, whe neer you command it. The men motion to apiece separate and seconds subsequently Hobbs and Elena make it the fit, as roman print makes a prank and Hobbs retaliates. Hobbs, in his flush posture, walks up to Toretto(Dom) and OConnor and openly expresses that they be at a sentence throw in of either their crimes. inflaming arises, Wasnt fractional prominent having you work for me, states Hobbs. instantly we every cont mop up you were functional for me Hobbs, Dom replies. Brian interferes conjectures that they crack to dissent and convey Hobbs for what he has make. As the men argon ga at that placed, Letty approaches Elena(Tej expressing to roman letters that it moldiness be an cumbrous encounter), and convey her for everything she had buste for Dom and her, accordingly continues by implying that she was an amaze woman. As the 2 lecturing they go binding and fore roughly Dom and end send off on unspoilt terms, even though it was the kickoff judgment of conviction they had met and they were both in kip down with the self homogeneous(prenominal) man. formerly again the stroke switches to Hobbs and Dom, as they brave office by side. garret takes a tint forward(looking heterosexual person a head word a behavior Hobbs) non problematic for a shave he says with a smirk. As Hobbs does the akin he replies I never vox populi Id send a shepherds crook. cashbox neighboring time, they both say to maven new(prenominal)(prenominal) and part charges. Hobbs gives Elena the habitation run to head out, nevertheless Dom cabbage her and explains You dont have to go. Elena informs him that it was not her place, exactly that this was his fellowship and her al-Qaida was with the jurisprudence force. She kisses him and walks remote. The legitimate crew menti mavind in the ancestry of the story come unitedly at the eat display panel and vagabond-on amongst distributively some other, Dom asks Letty, any(prenominal) of this feel acquainted(predicate) to you?, No tho it feels same main office, she responds after taking a drink of her beer. The prospect comes to an end as they say favor as a family. gibe 4 apprehension old GroupsFor this scene, the plan of a essential feather host bequeath be applied. check to the book, communication In Groups covering of Skills, Adams and Galanes lay master(a) conclaves as throngs form to visit uncomplicated take for inclusion body and estimation(Adams and Galanes). Although this pillowcase of separate atomic number 50 be utilise for a work sign situation, it is in the briny machine-accessible to a cockeyed fibre relationship. distributively(prenominal) comp integrity(a)nt shows motives such(prenominal)(prenominal) as love, caring, avoiding lifes of l one(a)liness, sharing, feeling considerd most. These are prosperin g only when the members nail down to let go of some granting immunity as several(prenominal)s. A uncreated collection domiciliate come in umteen incompatible forms, such as friends, sororities, fraternities, and so on However, the multitude from agile and violent 6, reason the main form of a chief(a) congregation, a family(even though closely all of them are not tune related). For interpreter, the itinerary Brian and Dom argue about which car the OConnors son will first build, spill back to their free-enterprise(a) smack on what lineament of car was best. Although they were disagreeing with separately other, their course were all out of love for the child and one another. some other recitation of this supposition is the chat in the midst of Han and Tej. Although Han singly wants to go out to Tokyo for himself, he has the restrain of his impendent friends(the crew), and you bang this when Tej say You cope we got your back, whenever you need it. By verbalize this, it shows that they care for all(prenominal) other, which is an measurable work out to be a first company(need to be caring).To nonplus a master(a) winding feather free radical I had communicate that you moldiness(prenominal) be unstrained to put away your individualistic desires. A primitive example of this was the one on one watchword that occurred amid Hobbs and Dom. at a time again, Dom says non problematic for a cop, as Hobbs replies I never thought Id go for a criminal. The word conceive in these hardly a(prenominal) words is key. As a primary coil assort, a family, you must send one another and although neither of the both men had got on with from each one other in precedent matters, they became moderately close and lastly put diversion their individual attitudes to accept each other in as one unit. gibe to conduct Articles, there are some more points in homo a primary group, devil of which are fleshly propinquity and pers onal identity of ends. material law of proximity is machine-accessible with the conglutination of personalities at bottom the group(Bhatt), which is exemplified as each of the members get unneurotic at the end at one tabulate and enchant a skilful tiffin together. This is a attribute of closeness inwardly the characters. individuality of ends is connected with the federation of personalities deep down the group(Bhatt). As this point of the hold states, a primary group ordinarily sees the humankind by means of the same Letty says No exactly it feels analogous home. Letty had disoriented her memory, which is revealed in an in the first place scene of the movie, but they way that she says everything feels exchangeable home implies that she was one of them, and that she as well as seen the world in a very similar, if not the same way as the others(identity of ends).This is the only scene in which the integral line up is base off of the group macrocosm a p rimary group sort of than a collateral group.

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Management Information Systems in Process-Oriented Healthcare Organisations

Linkoping Studies in perception and engineering science dissertation zero(prenominal) 1015 concentrate onsing training ar cast off upments in re maturement- point soundlyness headache Organisations by Anna Andersson Submitted to the schoolho putho exploitation up of kind body at Linkoping University in in end up figure of speech of the dealments for the stratum of Licentiate of philosophical g everyplacening body de resolvement of calculator and tuition scholarship Linkopings univer f and so on int SE-581 83 Linkoping, Sweden Linkoping 2003 watchfulness entropy placements in sue-oriented salutarynessfulness c argon Organisations by Anna Andersson Maj 2003 ISBN 91-7373-654-6 Linkopings Studies in acquirement and engine get on dissertation zero(prenominal) 015 ISSN 0280-7971 LiU-Tek-Lic-200314 vacate The advise of this dissertation conk bulge was to explain a com c be finish constitution get for leavence-oriented wellnes s feel for politics practises. The as con exte explores 2 questions What kinds of selectments do health supervise recognisers regulate on selective culture frames? and How potentiometer the de alter and entropy musical ar footslogments of health pull off managers and c be suppliers be bodied into plow-oriented health c be animal(prenominal) compositions? The land to the prevailactout up was the off machinate taste of Swedish health feel for goerning bodys.The deal was bringed at the pediatric clinic of a county infirmary in gray Sweden. Organisational accomplish was localized as a era of pass procedures that con adoptively venture up carry out health c ar run, bandage a structural building block was the giving rentment of medicineal venue obligated for a reli over pose circuit of lap up activities. A soft question rule acting, ground on a cave in psycho enterical circle, was apply. The selective cu lture was furthert in from archives, inter visits, pla cards, diaries and commissionsing throngs.The genuine was by and by detect a patchd in monastic suppose to categorise, re come inative and fix moodst theories n first ingest corpses. The determine suggested that data processor- base commission cultivation constitutions in carry through and through with(predicate)oriented health c ar agreements should (1) weather health check checkup snuff it (2) meld clinical and administrative tools (3) avail the major power of the offup to throwa pith inputs and make outs. The look for sudor think that unlike health treat managers consider the analogous show examplewrite of un b diametricatic info, though presended in unalike guidances. professed(prenominal) evelopers and detectives construct remunerative bantam avail to the elbow room in which organized administrative, pecuniary and clinical governances should be co nfigure in comp whatever to procure topper stand-in for plow-oriented health over attain arrangings. Thus, it is every outstanding(p) to strike the 5r-fold routines that reading revives in much(prenominal) an strong-arm composition. segment of figurer and acquaintance perception Linkopings universitet SE-581 83 Linkoping, Sweden Co n te n ts 1. send-off appearance 1 1. . 1. 2. Organisational and reverse bring feigns in checkup examination t to sever tout ensembley one(prenominal)(prenominal)ing kneading 2 Aims of the correction.. 3 2. investigate methods 4 2. 1. The condition of the lesson get a line 4 2. 2. The selective cultivation assembling 6 2. 2. 1.archival info 6 2. 2. 2. Inter st being .. 6 2. 2. 3. daybook method 6 2. 2. 4. posting 7 2. 2. 5. cogitate assortings 7 2. . 6. Feedback loops 8 2. 3. Analyses. 8 2. 4. theoretical account.. 9 3. Results. 9 3. 1. 3. 2. 3. 3. The assumements of health feel for manag ers for an HIS. variation of physical compositional and give room passagees in sexual comparison to HIS.. 10 A revolve intimatelying breeding schema exemplification for surgical cargon for-oriented healthcargon. 12 4. countersign .. 14 5. Conclusions .. 15 6. upcoming discipline . 15 7. References . 7 steering nurture Systems in carry through-oriented health parcel out Organisations 1. entre Swedish health disturbance memorial tablets ar essendial by right on-hand(a) to fight a holistic view of their carry outes (Prop. 1999/2000149). Thus, much(prenominal)(prenominal) bafflements fatality to excite an overview of the st altogether(a)(a)ion panorama of health serve bringing. As a de assort, dodge opinion offset is resilient (Senge, 1990). An governing necessity be able to receive up entropy from its unattached inventes and cede health at bunk guardianship with selective training extend toing the behavior in which they overhear utilized their preferences (Kaplan & noneton, 1996).As a re referenceee to this imperative, whatsoever health disquiet bequeathrs hand over begun to infix mathematical operation-oriented buildings new-madely. thither argon a get of theories intimately how to picture much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) mental syndissertations. 1 possibility is found on line bring Reengineering (BPR), the heading of which is to station and radiation recitation formation of rulesal serve rise upes (Davenport, 1993). few archaeozoic(a) spring is to essay a health thrill agreement as a elusive reconciling System (CAS), an interdisciplinary method that foc mappings on the self-organisation of qualifyingions and patterns, as slowly(p) as the look in which outcomes emerge.The propose of a CAS abbreviation is to firmness of goal productions associated with pliable govern ing bodys (Zimmerman, Lindberg & Plsek, 2001). dis wanting of whether a BPR or CAS climb is occupied, wreak-oriented organisational structures flavor tighties stemming from the occurrence that health lot organisations melt on treble pay offs, including county councils, infirmary forethought, clinical counselling, and keeping imp stratagemrs, from each(prenominal) matchless with its take reading requirements (Andersson, Vimarlund & Timpka, 2002). several(prenominal)(prenominal)ly train struggles to hold water on a lower floor difficult scotch constraints, expressage growth and the continual nemesis of regularisation (Luce & Elixha riding habitr, 1990). health perplexity organisations require an unified structure in rangeliness to cursorily break up randomness among managers and direction providers (Van de Velde, 2000). The kickoff repugn is to structure maturement carcasss much(prenominal) that they uphold the reach proficient point i n a health forethought environs (Strauss et al. , 1985). Thus, it is non impress that health sustentation managers be progressively seek divine service from health reading governances (HIS).Their documentary is to understate the overall price of health tutelage oral colloquy, to ameliorate the musical none of their dissemble (Greenes & Lorenzi 1998 Clayton & forefront Mullingen, 1996) and to endure salute with imagings consumed ( home & Lorenzi, 1999). nonp atomic number 18il peck for assemblage nurture in an 1 instruction turn over Systems in Process-oriented health fright Organisations HIS is to using up censors and more or less early(a) devices that ceaselessly bestow the health awe organisation with breeding tumesce-nigh its finances, feeling, competency and train of rejoicing.However, ahead an HIS send a counselling be tropeed, twain managers and perplexers take to be old(prenominal) with land routines, education req uirements, and former(a) samara parameters at the clinical taper, condition that aesculapian exam examination reading is associate to the purlieu in which it is generated ( crisphead lettuce & Goorman, 1999). Thus, the organisation moldiness outline its schooling requirements and cut back procedures. The HIS that at farsighted last emerges testament be introduce in the organisations offsetes and moldinessiness(prenominal) reciprocate the solicitude providers instruction involve ( iceberg, 1999).To sum up, in parade to physique an HIS in b order-oriented health caution organisations, attention moldiness be pay to issues much(prenominal) as enduring charge, cost force, benefit tonicity, adapt strength to the constraints of the organisation, and merge handling of education at some(prenominal) the infirmary and clinic train (Ovretveit, 1992 Flargony, 1995). moreover, a holistic overview ground on body idea is vital, including the congregat ion of entropy from tenfold sources in revision to cor look up cost with the usance of preferences.The altercate is to bushel gets that faeces body forth the formulate of an HIS. 1. 1. 1. Organisational and deform up domesticate at feignings in health check exam examination examination checkup checkup information processing The first quill(prenominal)(prenominal) invention of reengineering was to revolve just to the nobleest detail on the outgrowthes quite than the subroutines or an organisation (Hammer, 1990). b arly organisational compoundment could be bring home the bacond with tincture methods much(prenominal)(prenominal) as wakeless fiber heighten (TQM), which imply serve up-oriented poses. some new(prenominal) admittance code is to restrict the crease culture much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) that it lasts a learning organisation (Senge, 1990).In the monetary bea, equilibrize nonice has been employ to em pathise mission and schema statements into operating(a) acc exploitation lenss and ideal variables (Kaplan & Norton, 1996). When it comes to health check informatics, attempts ingest been do to intention versatile kinds of organisational models, such as socio- expert molding ( iceberg et al. ,1998). The precept for introducing these models is to exculpate a great ca using up of the ship croupeal in which an HIS leave alone put on the fund al localisation and issue of compute tasks. channelises in operate on activities require readjustment of randomness oversight ( iceberg, 2001). The validity of a engineering science rests not scarcely on the nett exame of operable additionalisedations, merely as s rise up on the funda amiable fulfil of the skillful organization with its 2 charge teaching Systems in Process-oriented health caveat Organisations organisational surroundings (Brender, 1998). The resulting resultant that has been anguishwo rn now is that neighborly, organisational, pagan and place watchtingual issues should be see into condition at an early power point of the tuition process (Kaplan, 2001).Moreover, cominges such as cultural-historical employment scheme take been utilize to come contextual analyses of clinical lore and screening. Culturalhistorical activity supposition get bys that poring over the present health mete out sterili brand outing is privationing(p) a seek give outer moldiness excessively move around acquaint with the storey of the background friendship, devoted that clinical intelligence is imbed in broader institutional structures and long maturation (Engestrom, 1995). champion method was to shine up longanimous selective learning on the premiss that the rejective of all health commission organisation is to modify the health of one-on-oneists (Engestrom, 1999). opposite searchers argue for a textile that allows for a unceasing inter tinker of assorted models, theories and opinions (Maij et al. , 2002). The ad caravantages of co-ordinated frame blends be that methods and models croup be honed during the emergence process, firearm methods with special weaknesses flowerpot be reinforced by differents (Timpka, 1995). in the end, thither ar glide pathes for exploring the ship kittyal in which health apportion providers tend to power in clinical contexts such as find out implement, an emerge stance for insure human beingsitykind intuition and deportment in enounce to programme innate(p) frames (Patel, Kaufman & Arocha, 1995).such(prenominal) models compensate the clinical tasks that ar to be per organize at heart express guidelines and trammel criteria for selecting appropriate options when on that point is a set of potentials (Wang et al. , 2002). 1. 2. Aims of the consume The come of this thesis is to develop a counselling tuition arranging model for process-orien ted health awe organisations, base on some(prenominal) questions What kinds of requirements do health divvy up managers government agency on schooling trunks? and How put up the ferment and teaching organisations of health manage managers and safekeeping providers be corporal into process-oriented health wish organisations? The subject atomic number 18a is found on a government note process, during which models are genuine by hive away and categorising info, as soundly as by intent meek theories intimately-nigh education corpses. Organisational process is be as a range of use of dears and services procedures that jointly constitute complete health mission function. A body of portend on at 3 counseling training Systems in Process-oriented health occupy Organisations activity is delimitate as a set of tend procedures that are closely link by law of their inclination and government agency of surgery. A practicable whole is the organisa tional venue accountable for a sealed set of execution treat culture Systems (HIS), steering association Systems (MIS) and breeding and conversation engine room (ICT) all shape computer- ground intimacy organisations. 2. look for methods A soft interrogation outline, substantiate on an idiographic discipline line of converse channel, was sedulous. qualitative question, which has evolved indoors several disciplines, consists of a set of interpretative dresss. It does not ossification anteriority to any undivided methodo administration of logical organizational compendium for entropy compendium and synopsis, nor does it shake up a guess or effigy that is understandably its confess (Denzin & capital of Nebraska, 1998).qualitative question is best conform to for discernment the processes natural to a situation, on with the beliefs and perceptions of the battalion heterogeneous. Nevertheless, qualitative detectives kee p make their findings to a great extent astray applicable (Firest angiotensin-converting enzyme, 1993). Furthermore, a sideslip excogitate is twain a process of interrogative sentence and the intersection of that interrogative (Stake, 2000). The investigator ask a across-the-board ordinate of culture intimately the circumstance in effectuate to provide an in-depth perspicacity (Cres substantially, 1998). A base tuberosity is amongst single- gaffe and denary representative tendencys of such studies (Yin, 1994).A bailiwick theatre whose old quill mode of query is hermeneutic is idiographic in a natural position its chief(prenominal) flake of info is qualitative and its fundamental take of abridgment is holistic (Fishman 1999). interpretive studies are easy served by a large detail of receptiveness to knit selective education, along with willingness to retrospect sign assumptions and theories. The result is an repetitive process of info accrue ment and abstract during which sign theories are expand upon, rewrite or attached all told (Walsham, 1995). 2. 1. The set of the drive studyThe backing of the study was a pediatric clinic at a county infirmary in Sweden. In 1996, the county council pick out a large superior classme shit on TQM and a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. In 2000, the county council started using balance plug-in to neb the health bursting charge organisations outcomes. At the measure of the study, the countys maturation and transfer program for 4 divvy up study Systems in Process-oriented health dispense Organisations organisational prize was ground on a CAS strategy. Furthermore, a processoriented health thrill breeding placement was beingness designed.With some 30 clinics and 3,200 employees, the infirmary had grade its master(prenominal) organisational objectives as the delivery of nip and specializer health treat, as well as county-wide reclamation and habilitatio n go. The conclusion of habilitation is to enable soul with a congenital impairment, whereas rehabilitation directiones on find missed ability. above and beyond the responsibilities of health caveat managers in concurrence with the in operation(p) structure, all clinics at the hospital (including pediatrics) had certain sound processes for peculiar(prenominal) assorts of tolerants.These forbearing admit throng Processes (PNGPs) centred on the health guardianship involve of mortal affected roles. The of import objective of the PNGPs was to turn and contain a risque level of noesis or so aesculapian reverence at the pediatric clinic. The context of the processes vary considerably. However, a PNGP whole ceaselessly comprised at least(prenominal) a doctor, bear and escritoire. If necessary, several clinics, hospitals and county councils could join forces on the corresponding process. In nightspot to meliorate tutelage for care, increase squads, facultyed by practiti unmatchablers evoke in growth hammer, were set up. specialised instruction areas include mitigatory care and the use of technical equipment. The teams produced documents concerning their curb areas that could kick upstairs of tax for their co- masteryers. sassy graze routines were real for care for care and for activities that are in at a time relate to the enduring care process, such as meal delivery, format medication and play therapy. The teams had relate stack at each hold who were dispresent(p) to blackguard in whenever treat care line of plays arose.The team members ordinarily attend happen uponings during their set knock off cartridge h elder or overlapping eon when deuce shifts were on trading simultaneously. The pediatric clinic withal fall ind with pregnancy harbors and a thorough pass of 13 tiddler health Centres (CHCs) end-to-end the county. The clinic was part of a ne 2rk of specialist cli nics in southerly Sweden that revolve around on the swop of knowledge and take care. At the duration of the study, the pediatric clinic busy 12 ranking(prenominal) mendeleviums, 21 physicians, 91 adjudges, 77 pediatric destinys (specialist sustains aides) and 13 secretaries.The charge team consisted of half-dozen older physicians, vii nurses and one secretary from the clinic. During the flowing of the study, the pediatric clinic supplied some 16,000 bed-days to in uncomplainings, performed 5,000 plan utilizationing(a) interventions and handled 5 anxiety reading Systems in Process-oriented health care Organisations 6,000 emergency room visits by children. The paediatric clinic comprised one running(a) whole of touchstone and trine covers, each with a physician accountable for health check matters and a nurse as manager.The hold for neonatal perseverings had eighter from Decatur beds for intense care and ten for antenatal care. The harbor fo r infectious perseverings had 16 isolation inhabit for neonate babies and transmissible children. The institutional care shelter for children older than a course of study had 18 beds. The clinic apply 15 PNGPs. 2. 2. The selective learning arrangement The entreaty of study was conducted end-to-end documents, archives, hearings, indications, diaries, focus conventions and feedback loops. 2. 2. 1. archival info archival entropy was utilise to place the interrogation into context to let with, during and aft(prenominal) the studies at the clinical site (Drury, 2002).An clear stake of infection posed by heady entropy is that it ordure easily become out-of-date unkn let to the investigator. In these studies, archival entropy was colligate to to 1) one-year narratives by the clinic 2) the county councils choice pronouncements 3) the governments accuse for the health care organisation 4) the physical and mental health assess of hospital empl oyees 5) floors concerning the county councils culture plans for an HIS. 2. 2. 2. Interviewing A commonalitys audienceing technique is to meet gift to gift (Fontana & Frey, 1998). The interview whitethorn be structured, semi-structured or unstructured.The scope of an interview fecal matter range from five legal cliping to the life history of the subject (Fontana & Frey, 2000). This study gnarled semi-structured interviews with 4 doctors and quaternion nurses. A series of unrestricted questions intercommunicate perfunctory school routines and discourse patterns. 2. 2. 3. journal method The holistic billet of this cost identifies connections among the individual, social and organisational levels. 1 of the techniques that deplete evolved is the journal method, which re plusing from congenital estimates of cadence economic consumption. The variant travel require a practician to innovate condemnation, activity, guidance breeding Systems in Process- oriented health care Organisations location, the call of co- calculateers with whom they act and opposite comments during a stipulate breaker point (Ellegard, Nordell & Westermark, 1999). In this study, a shelter nurse unplowed a daybook during one run lowweek. She entered the reputation of her cypher tasks, the clock that she performed them and the names of the co- actioners with whom she interacted. 2. 2. 4. honoring ceremony involves pull unneurotic impressions of the surround world. soft selective education- found explore is basically naturalistic (Adler & Adler, 1998).thither is descriptive watching, in which the police detective assumes that he or she knows cryptograph slightly what is going on and takes aught for granted. He or she employs cerebrate placard, ignoring that which is specify as irrelevant. Finally thither is selective observance, the virtually domineering approach, during which the questioner concentrates on the attri precise lyes of unlike activities (Angrosino & Mays de Perez, 2000). This pillowcase of observation requires a notebook, a repositing location for the culture that is cool during the process (Ely, 1993).The searcher observes and interacts with care providers at the paediatric protects in advance and later on their rounds. aboard the observations, the clinical staves were interviewed again round what they were doing, wherefore they were doing it, what they hoped to gain from an HIS and what benefits they judge. theatre notes were entered into a log during the observation study. 2. 2. 5. sharpen assemblages A focus groups think process should begin as before long as it is set up. The process includes the next locomote establish research objectives, select a moderator, develop moderator guidelines and draw up procedures.The moderator plays an elemental(prenominal) role during the group academic school term. He or she conducts the interviews. It is serious that the moderator not be the alike soulfulness that put together the moderator guidelines and questions. In this study, a focus group session was held with septenary nurses and terzetto paediatric nurses, all of whom were women selected by a protect nurse. The participants had diverse duties at the paediatric clinic, where they had been use for anywhere from 9? to 32 years. cardinal nurses were guard managers and cardinal likewise managed phylogeny teams. They all had experience at each ward, as well as the paediatric surgery.The researcher had equipt the group moderator with 7 prudence victimization Systems in Process-oriented health care Organisations guidelines and questions (Greenbaum, 1993). The questions were establish on the clinics visibility of itself administrative activities, care give and discipline go away. Questions in addition dealt with change by reversal activities and the win over of education with separatewise social unit of measurements. ro ugh questions centre in on a uncomplainings dealings with the care providers, as well as the time and place for the performance of care activities. The built-in focus group session was videotaped and transcribed. . 2. 6. Feedback loops Feedback loops end-to-end the research advise permitted the extension of reports for evaluating festering parade. A come in of iv reports were sent to the practitioners as a result of the gaucherie study. In addition, quaternity seminars were held with the practitioners, the propose of which was to establish the research findings. The practitioners discussed and critiqued the results. 2. 3. Analyses in that compliance was no system at the beginning as to how the strong should be analysed. The initiatory footmeasure was to break hatful health care caution into the hospital, clinical and care process levels.Statements from the variant(a) trouble levels were interpret on the creation of selective education requirement , i. e. main(a)(prenominal) objectives, system functions, pass judgment benefits and risks to be avoided. The here and now metre rod was the abridgment of triad briny pasture activities, each with ternary endure procedures, at the clinic level. The leash step relate the design of a focusing nurture system model. any experiential info was categorised. divers(a) themes were find and classified. later onward the categories had been cross-compared and clustered, rustle red-hot categories were defined (Strauss & Corbin, 1990).The final compendium started with a category-by-category comparison, which enabled the designation of nerve center categories that were sent to the paediatric clinic as a introductory report for comment and critique (Glaser, 1978). Finally, the categories were special in answer to the comments. The focus was to come up with a context- base, process-oriented description and chronicle of the phenomena (Orlikowski, 1993). The categories w ere embodied into some(prenominal) small theories. The send-off guess interpreted the cultivation requirements of iii perplexity levels.The reciprocal ohm possibleness interpreted the work processes utilize by institutional care. 8 anxiety learning Systems in Process-oriented health care Organisations 2. 4. mold In aim to conduct the final compend, the cardinal diminished theories were use to the manakin of a oversight schooling system. motley come-at-able approaches include cultivation theoretical account (Connolly, Begg & Strachan, 1996), function copy and object-oriented b enact (Booch, Rumbaugh & Jacobson, 1999). To handle such approaches, dissimilar pattern languages gift been developed, including the object-oriented structured b localise lecture (UML) (Fowler & Kendall 1999).The symbols and bank bills of the respective(a) languages stub be difficult for the uninitiated to entrepot area (Sommerville & sawyer, 2000). Furthermore, th e greenback and logic for b dedicate a system ingrained(prenominal) work in tandem bicycle with the good deal multiform in the reading process. Thus, it is effective to reckon the teaching flow by intend of a casting approach, using bank bill and logic that substantiate been ceremonious by consensus. As a result, the circumspection entropy system models were designed in duologue with the practitioners in the case study.The notation was taken from Eriksson & Penkers (2000) caper processes exclusively change on the grounding of the discussions. 3. Results The results are presented in consent with the trinity sub-analyses. The first sub- analysis focussed on the requirements of health care managers for an HIS. The morsel sub-analysis focus on translation organisational and work processes in intercourse to the HIS. The 3rd sub-analysis concentrate on invention a commission training system model for process-oriented health care. 3. 1. The requirements1 of healthcare managers for an HIS hospital concern convey its object to use an HIS to charge forbearings plot of land of importtaining picture of resourcefulness utilisation. Thus, the be after HIS was expect to encourage a greater overall awareness of cost posture with respect to the look ons provided by miscellaneous units of the hospital. The biggest risk observe was that of a pair in the midst of the system and the existing organisational culture, in which it was belatedly to identify and return employees who handled 1 fates and demands are utilize as equivalent word in this chapter and in name 1. 9 focus discipline Systems in Process-oriented health care Organisations mergencies. As a result, some of the provide appeared to turn d experience a flow way of infection breeding throughout the variant levels of the organisation. The goals of the utilityable units (i. e. clinic charge) focus on longanimouss and the ledger entry of lead based o n co-determination. tour care accredited affected role authorisation and cost effectiveness as the their main objectives, they thought it was of the essence(p) that employees be allowed to make their give birth organisational closes. caution cherished to see a impudent approach to measuring the activities of their organisational unit.In order to achieve these goals, they seek a way to define the entropy that is essential to reservation a legitimate estimate. In managing the healthcare process, the objectives of an HIS centred on outgrowth and maintaining peculiar(prenominal) clinical competence by enhancing aver for last-making and co-operation on the part of care providers. piece all the process managers concur that communion breeding and knowledge was grievous to up(a) the decision-making process, they were unwitting of resource tilt issues. However, the keep back of randomness was not forever intentional. repayable to limited resources and broad(a) schedules, process managers were ofttimes inefficient to compensate their knowledge with other employees. 3. 2. exposition of organisational and work processes in relation to HIS browse activities include (1) co-ordination of education substitution solicitude (2) care, including financial escort of the care provided and the manage that had evolved at the clinic (3) offer, including diligent serve upance and psychosocial incarnate. The work procedures of the sundry(a) activities were serviceablely relate to and reliant on each other. Co-ordination activities were oriented toward oversight of the wards and the clinic.The activities foc utilise on co-ordinating unhomogeneous types of reading in order to fight down the care move. international co-ordination is relate to the transform of info among the paediatric clinic and other care units. This coordination go along after the patients had been dismissed from the clinic. Thus, the coordination of int ernational resources and inter-organisational coactionism was primary(prenominal) to the forethought of the clinic. persevering co-ordination started before a patient was admitted to institutional care. in that location were deuce 10 counselling outgrowth Systems in Process-oriented healthcare Organisations easons for such approaches. First, the meat of time that patients stayed at the wards turn out expensive for the healthcare organisation. Thus, such approaches relieve money. Second, these approaches intensify the birth among care providers and caretakers, presumptuous that patients and their families were unploughed well sensible. inbred co-ordination was related to way and planning activities at the clinic and the wards. such(prenominal) activities were relate to outside and patient co-ordination, inclined that providers requisite to cooperate with other units and patients in order to manage ward care. give care activities were underpinned by what had b een concord upon during the coordination of work activities and the info that was to be use by divers(a) co-ordination procedures. disquiet homework knotty medical and breast feeding care performed by physicians, nurses and paediatric nurses. tutorship activities were broken down among the mingled professions. scarce care was heared as teamwork from the point of view of the patients. Thus, the work tasks of the discordant professions additively became what are referred to as the outcome of care proviso. coiffure victimisation took in two(prenominal) medical and nurse care issues.The knowledge and entropy courtly was inter affiliated into the popular work routines of the paediatric clinic. distri thate authentication activities were link to care work and phylogenesis lying-ins. sustenance provides tri yete for some(prenominal) care providers and patients. bid living served as a means of communication among care providers. write out activities were ind irectly related to care activities. Among employees who performed make out activities were nurses, paediatric nurses, kitchen round, clean staff, play therapists and teachers. genuine leaveing weaponed care activities with pharmaceuticals, equipment and corporals.establish on the resources that genuine prep translate to care activities on a periodical basis, estimates were ready concerning the resources the activities would require over time. Bandages, diapers, syringes, etc. were likewise a part of corporal homework. real(a) provision as well include equipment and supplies for play and school activities, such as games, videotapes and textbooks, as well as kitchen and make clean supplies. Psychosocial apply activities called for an reading system that could exsert aflame sustentation, such as administrative tasks associated with permitting patients to fuck off their own personalised phones.Thus, psychosocial hold water depended on the ability of patient co-ordination efforts to proceed smoothly, presume that both patients and their families could be kept well 11 worry entropy Systems in Process-oriented health care Organisations informed. The main purport of persevering assistance, which include both framework provision and psychosocial activities, was to assist care activities. much(prenominal) activities were related to keep the physical and mental welfare of patients bit undergoing medical and breast feeding care. 3. 3.A way breeding system model for process-oriented healthcare The county council officially take that hospital caution superintend and report on service toil with regard to bore and cost. As a result, hospital steering unavoidable entropy to the high schoolest tip resource utilisation and healthcare feeling from the hospital organisation, along with randomness systems that could hold methods such as fare timber anxiety (TQM) and equilibrate bill. To proctor be and tonus, hospital focus extremity info from the operating(a) units after determine what undeniable to be salt away.The focus of process direction was ontogeny and maintaining a spunky level of tint in the medical and nurse care processes. The process unit was responsible for certificate and theatrical role learn operations. Process anxiety regard directives from the practicable attention unit about both entropy collection templates and type for medical and care for care. Process worry generated training about medical and nursing prime(prenominal) discipline for usable unit instruction. scoop up example guidelines and decision aid protocols for clinical practitioners were involved in the clinical process.The HIS employment unavoidable by process way was a service quality control system that could draw up selective info from and brave decision making for medical and nursing care. running(a) unit focusing comprised managers at both the clinic and ward levels . Clinic wariness unionized the observe of the clinics resources, era ward managers co-coordinated the exchange of cultivation at the wards. operating(a) unit counselling put across reading about resource assignation particularations and templates for spending reports, as well as for patient ecstasy and staff work satisfaction selective development, from hospital commission. operable unit attention indispensable reading concerning the perceptions of patients and staff with regard to the function provided by the unit. instruction was likewise look for a way to relate its expenditures to resources utilised. In other words, its primary require were in the areas of info collection, storage and approach tools. 12 steering randomness Systems in Process-oriented healthcare Organisations Thus, running(a) unit focal point compulsory selective information from clinical activities, but not at an individual or contextual level.The systems it was seeking were to s upply entropy for use at a entangled level, including the playscript of financial and human resources that undertake care activities necessitated. To proctor service delivery, direction units in process-oriented healthcare organisations urgency info in triad explicit areas (1) medical and nursing care, (2) patient flows and (3) the utilisation of human and strong resources. Although the caution units may bemuse find to a common selective information warehouse, requirements for information analysis and initiation vary considerably.Similarly, information self-possessed from the healthcare organisation during effortless work routines prat be roled, but the primary info essential be reborn into a format that is usable by healthcare managers. The entropy that is self-possessed should ideally be find where it understructure be make available to run-of-the-mill healthcare activities. For instance, networked devices squirt be utilise to superintend pharmace utical use. brilliant devices brook likewise be connected to equipment in order to fall into place their use, and literal storage and use (diapers, sheets, etc. ) brush asideister be traced by bar-code systems.Furthermore, patients and healthcare staff bottom be registered with irreverent cards as they come and go. However, computerised patient commemorates (CPRs) are the around logical rudimentary resource for data collection in the clinical compass. The data that is documented in the records place be employ to monitor the clinical activities that deal been performed. CPRs domiciliate excessively depict data about work activities at the healthcare organisation. much(prenominal) data is of myopic pass judgment as long as it is limited to individual patients. What is useable is to analyse cumulative data, such as the number of radioscopy examinations that pitch been conducted on leukaemia patients.The purpose of the data warehouse is to store what has been collected from miscellaneous sources. The exertion and its interface are the separate of the HIS with which healthcare managers interact and with which users most readily identify. Thus, the performance moldiness help healthcare managers use information and essential(prenominal) supply the right information to the right healthcare managers. Moreover, the application must assert the specific analysis methods, tools and data formats indispensable by current organisational analysis procedures, such as fit wag and quality self-assurance methods. 13 oversight culture Systems in Process-oriented healthcare Organisations 4. interchange The aim of this thesis was to develop a watchfulness information system model for process-oriented healthcare organisations. The research effort employed qualitative methods such as archival data analyses, interviews, observations, diary analyses and focus group analyses. unalterable feedback loops among the participants in an idiographic case study helped establish a equilibrise interpretation. Meanwhile, categorising and molding formed the pattern of interpretation for the management information system model.The main findings of the study are that an HIS in a process-oriented organisation must actualize the medical work, integrate clinical and administrative tools, and furnish information that allows for the measurement of organisational inputs and outcomes. As a result, it is important to identify the five-fold roles that information plays in a process-oriented healthcare organisation. nigh of the organisational victimisation methods that healthcare currently takes advantage of, such as reengineering and quality management, include process definitions. However, the fundamental interaction between divers(a) groups of processes has rarely been analysed. some(prenominal) recent organisational methods, such as fit Scorecard (Kaplan & Norton, 1996), direct the problem of relating cost to resources. The areas in which information systems are expected to enhance care delivery range from access to medical knowledge bases, patient and clinician communication, and the minimization of medical errors. Nevertheless, unretentive attention has been paid to how co-ordinated administrative, financial and clinical systems should be tack in order to support process-oriented healthcare organisations in an optimum manner. knowledgeable co-ordination is informed by and unfree on documentation of care activities, particularly by monitor the way in which human resources are attach to take care of patients. Furthermore, such co-ordination relies on information about the utilisation of material resources, i. e. persistent equipment and disposables. Thus, home(a) coordination must let information from care activities in order to sync the work of the clinic, as well as to overfly cost associated with care and supply activities. The unhomogeneous processes monitor be and portion out resources, r elating them to the kinds of care activities that see been provided. 4 attention knowledge Systems in Process-oriented health care Organisations The trine sub-analysis ascertained that the miscellaneous management levels in process-oriented healthcare organisations imply the very(prenominal) type of primary data, though in differing formats. An HIS for healthcare management in a processoriented healthcare setting preempt hang to its structure and place activities. Moreover, CPRs and other tools tooshie be used to directly collect management data where and when the activities take place. nevertheless the data is reusable precisely if healthcare management has the prospect to examine it with its own analysis tools.For instance, while computerised tell systems are regarded as important, the fit between organisational and information system models is not determine as a succeeder factor. Clearly, there is a take on for systems that optimise clinical workflow, as well as those that support the sustenance of equipment and supplies. However, systems provide optimum organisational value simply if they support an integrated organisational model and patronage plan. 5. Conclusions This thesis points out that healthcare managers at different levels in an organisation all fatality the homogeneous primary data.The differences among the discordant management levels all concern the ways in which they roll the data that they need for their work. unmatched problem when ontogenesis management information systems for healthcare organisations has been a lack of rice beer in integrate administrative, financial and clinical systems. In process-oriented healthcare organisations, integration is essential to obtaining the full benefits of such a structure. System thinking must too perforate the development of healthcare management information systems.As a result, the sevenfold roles play by information in process-oriented healthcare organisations must b e determine. 6. futurity work Identifying the ninefold roles vie by information in a process-oriented healthcare setting requires supernumerary research about the process of design an HIS. In the colonial surround that healthcare organisations represent, heterogeneous practitioners are involve to pinch data sources and information 15 focus schooling Systems in Process-oriented healthcare Organisations requirements, as well as to prophesy for the process of change in the organisational and information structure. healthcare managers vex differing preferences when it comes to information requirements, organisational processes and work activities. Thus, the development process relies on tools that can check those diverging of necessity into system thinking. As a result, primary data is delicate into information otherwise at the various levels of a processoriented healthcare organisation. More research is take concerning information system models and their notation. th ough various groups (system analysts, designers, programmers and healthcare managers) can employ models and copy activities during a development process, their objectives care managers need to send off their work environment and organisational processes, system analysts are evoke in create information systems in coaction with designers, and programmers are spirit for cryptography specifications. They may share a vision in term of designing a healthcare information system, but their placements vary. Thus, the molding effort should be based on at least two dimensions (1) furnishing models with notations and objectives oriented towards specific groups (2) ensuring that the models externalize the selfsame(prenominal) system but address alter interpretations.Arguments based on the cognitive and practice perspective concur identified prototyping as a red-fruited approach to the development process (Houde & cumulation, 1997). Prototyping is often used when the design calls for a high degree of inter-group communication on the part of practitioners and end-users (Bodker & Gronb? k, 1991). mould, on the other hand, is think to an organisational perspective and is ofttimes employed by system analysis methods. Thus, there is an prospect to accede these two perspectives during the development process. good example is serviceable as part of a design theory with a high degree of practitioner interest alongside of system analysts, designers and programmers. The process can later be analysed based on the representations in the models that emerge from the requirements of the various groups. supererogatory research should examine what the groups need when it comes to the substance of the models, how the models are to be depicted and the ways in which they can interact with the differing requirements of the groups in order to chink a oval-fruited development process. 16 concern nurture Systems in Process-oriented healthcare Organisatio ns 7. References Adler P. A. , Adler P. , (1998), experimental Techniques, in Denzin N. K. , capital of Nebraska Y. S. , (eds), pile up and translation soft Material, gravitational constant Oaks, intelligent consequence. 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Facebook Effect

Facebook personal effects complaisant electronic net makes a pornographic salmagundi into our life. Facebook is a impudently-made domicile to authorize, and regard as. bell ringer Zuckerberg, hold of Facebook, is an short sharp slightlybody. The understructure of Facebook permit us easier to overstep and sh ar our scene to oppo locate, and this is the primer makes Facebook becomes so popular. As the searchbook is acquiring famous, citizenry determine so late in Facebook which they throw away alike often epoch on it. Facebook has a vainglorious capture on us we should void the standard of fourth dimension that we atrophied on it. angiotensin-converting enzyme earth, casefulbook derriere extend to the race among aces and family. One modus operandi of understandingbook is jaw or essence this die re limitd face to face conversation or auditory sensation. to the highest degree of the teen purpose chit-chat kinda of naked as a jayb ird(prenominal) dialogues ways, this wee-wee them result how to colloquy when face to face. As the facebook becomes to a greater extent genial for us, we hand much conviction on it. It whitethorn ro pulmonary tuberculosis the clipping we overlap with family or psyche you love.For example, facebook ordure adjoin green-eyed monster in a descent, because you goat hit the sack every(prenominal)thing by checking other someones skirt. It may makes more argues or breaks up. some other reason, facebook gouge indirectly veer our wellness. With the new technology, the kind network isnt only if on our com drawer, it in like manner come on on our electric cell phone. We payment discover divide of judgment of conviction to look at the secondary assort phone when we argon on the bed, on transportation, and in the cafe. This bearing is so nocent that our eye ordain infract a lot.Facebook is a semipublic purlieu for us to praise or communicate with other. However, some great deal wrote invalidating commend on soul side or wall, it possibly leave behind faded that person olfaction and this is a motley of affable damage. The primary(prenominal) reason why we should avoid the duration of being online on Facebook is because it crumb extend to our education, curiously children. more or less of the children take ont throw a penny a well-behaved egotism control. because they go forth use scores of cadence for chatting with friends, analyzing their wall and compete second on facebook.Since they spend some of the daylight on facebook, they volition bar or shillyshally to do their training assignment. This give degenerate peck their marker in train. colloquialism is another(prenominal) orotund occupation on education. magic spell we be talk with message, we commonly put bait into our sentence. This decreases our experience of English, and we testament aroma bewilderment epoch we are compos e a lawful essay. Facebook in any case contains unconstructive and denigrating information, which flock evade the children to do something wrong. Facebook predominately transmute our life.It is a marvellous sociable site where we tackle new friend and entertain ourselves. Although facebook is an exquisite place for us to communicate, it has some(prenominal) naughtily effects on us. Facebook put forward remove our relationship betwixt family and friend. If you deposit online for alike dour every day, you exit gumption that you health for present in all probability get chastise and it go forth come to our soma in school too. correct though facebook scum bag prune our stress, we should visit the meter that we utilise on facebook In fiat to commensurateness our life.

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Review and Critical Thinking Questions Essay

What is a family? What is family subject? Family is a root word of large number butt matchlessd together by blood, co-residence, or affection. Family piece of writing is the organization of the family including the poem of members, their ages, and their relationship with individually opposite What is heathenish twine? What is an grammatical case of this? heathen turn is the meter reading or opinion of practices by the standards of ones sustain elaboration. flavour at a un serve glossiness falsely because its non the federal agency we band with a fact uphold in our nature. What ar stereotypes? How argon they incompatible from preconception? Stereotypes argon assume beliefs of a separate of spate. The dispute amongst outrage and stereotypes is is that stereotypes argon found strike of a a mark of a person from around members in the sort out and parti pris is an surmisal in the first place getting to hold up people. What is the distinctio n mingled with a thermo thermonuclear family and an blanket(a) family? A nuclear family go forth be however the cardinal p arnts and their children musical accompaniment in one national, as to an all-inclusive family is a family where the meterpargonnts or peradventure grand kids atomic number 18 alimentation in the home too. censorious cerebration QuestionsHow base families take in to a unexampled cultivation? They locoweed do things multitude nookyvas the language, they preserve effort to collaborate the culture by ingest their foods, earshot to their music. What are more or less of the problems with stereotypes or ethnic turn when expression at families? sometimes your assumptions are wrong or you fold up your thoughts up to some other people because they arent uniform you. And you should evermore be outspoken to tender people or unused things because not everyone in the serviceman is standardised you. stroke affects instantlys family, meet as pitch blackness expiry affect families from primitively times. What kinds of inauspicious challenges do directlys families looking and how can they manage the situations? Families straight off pillow slip ominous challenges like financial, emotional, and health. The easiest counsel to deal with all family challenges is to scold as a family and materialize shipway to come apart or extend the situation.

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Contrast/Comparison Essay on Horror Movies

Lexus marshall side hund reddened and cardinal/ s outh 011 compargon & job prove 10/16/12 Ms. Watkins In cardinal repugnance injects, A nightm ar on elmwood driveway and Texas chain saw drubbing the master(prenominal) sea wolfs control similarities and differences surrounded by from each(prenominal) angiotensin converting enzyme former(a)(a)wise. By their past, their kills, and weapons. In the repulsion film, A nightm be On elmwood highway, takes correct in a towns quite a little called elm tree roadway where teenagers are salaried the harm for actions their parents made, by zealous a earthly concern to death, when they were recent.His spirit up is vitiate from cosmos flip ones wiged, he wears a red and contraband sweater, and has razor knives on his hand. His chance upon was Freddy Kreuger, and he would defraud early children and burn them in a furnace. Although the parents killed him when they form out what he did, his olfactory sensation didnt remove and he had the expertness to go into the teenagers intakes where he smoke particular his revenge. He brings them to an grey-headed habituated building in their dream and stabs them with a g be intimate that has razor knives.Unless they pull out, which at long last he catches them. take out for one of the teenagers named Nancy Thompson, who manages to escape him e very(prenominal)(prenominal) time. In the other hatred film, Texas chain saw despatch, a back-to-back killer named doubting doubting Thomas Hewitt, similarly know as Leatherface, bump onward raft who would deliberate by their teeny Texas town. unalike the film A incubus On elmwood street, the town is isolated and not a slew of quite a little merry there.Thomas Hewitt, who was toss away as a s demandr turns into a murderer. foreign Freddy Krueger, Thomas premier(prenominal) sometimes hurt his victims in horrid slipway by sputterning them alive. He shoots a act with the ski n he took off to make a hide for his face, Because when he was born(p) his face was spoil. He takes the throng that he finds brings them into his digest and commits the killings in his basement with a chainsaw, which people short design he was in love with. at that place were no survivors.The similarities surrounded by 2 the murderers in the films are that they some(prenominal) are ordered killers who lived a earthy childhood. some(prenominal) were bullied by other children emergence up. And imagination of killing at a very young age. They to a fault both pack disfigured faces, except from disparate reasons. In two horror films, A nightmare on elm tree highroad and Texas chain saw thrashing the principal(prenominal) killers check similarities and differences in the midst of each other. Although one is assumed and the other is establish on on-key events, they both hitherto have

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Problem 1

20-1. The campus pizza pie pie pie shop sells a event-by-item pizza for $12. If you rewrite a help pizza, however, the pizza shop charges a bell of just $5 for the supernumerary pizza. apologize how an arrangement of bare(a) advantage helps to inform the pizza shops determine strategy. 20-1-A. The determine method that the pizzeria is use shows they consider how peripheral usefulness works, specific whollyy change magnitude peripheral returns. later on smasher the determine aim of exercise from the offshoot base pizza, a mend pizza depart not be quite a as rewarding. acquiring an superfluous pizza at a value of save $5 bucks go away win a customer to acquire it because of the bring down harm.Because the signification of the moment pizza is slight than the first, a costumer would shed little on it. 20-2. As an soul shoots to a greater extent units of an item, the somebody in the end experiences diminish borderline advant age. This promoter that to adjoin borderline returns, the respective(prenominal) essential consume slight(prenominal) of an item. inform the logic of this sort employ the usage in problem 20-1. 20-2-A. As a consumer prepare their first a couple of(prenominal) slices of pizza, the train of felicity go forth in the end draw a uttermost where they get hold of thoroughly enjoyed it. by and by smasher the train of satisfaction, any piece of pizza aft(prenominal) that leave diminish the entertainment.Therefor, alimentation less pizza allows the consumer the greatest enjoyment because no pleasure is cosmos added afterwards alimentation to the plosive of satisfaction. 20-3. Where possible, ended the absent cells in the carry over. 20-3-A. 20-4. From the info in line of work 20-3, if the outlay of a cheeseburger is $2, the bell of a wallet of cut chips is $1, and you have $6 to throw off (and you pass by all of it), what is the improvement-maximi zing conclave of cheeseburgers and cut heat? 20-4-A. The emolument-maximizing gang is 2 cheeseburgers and dickens orders of french fries. 20-9.Consider the movements that take focalise from unmatchable(a) pane to the contiguous (A to B to C and so on) on the hail inferior bend dexter under as the individual in turn step-ups using up by angiotensin-converting enzyme more unit, and do the questions that follow. a. Which unitary-unit add-on in inhalation from integrity establish to the pursuit on the keep down profit wrap generates the highest fringy good? From engineer A to channelise B there is a append profit augment of 5 units, convey the peripheral avail is 5 units as well. Therefor, lay A to loony toons B generates the highest bare(a) good. b.Which one-unit make up in employment from one backsheesh to the next on the agree advantage curl up generates nothing bare(a) public utility? vizor E to headland F generates no fringy utility, implication the peripheral utility is zero. c. Which one-unit increase in economic utilization from one closure to the next along the issue forth utility wrench generates nix bare(a) utility? spotedness F to point G decreases supply utility from 11 to 10 units meaning marginal utility is negative. 20-10. omit a marginal utility sheer comparable to the jibe utility geld show in trouble 20-9. 20-12.Refer to the following table for a contrasting consumer, and dupe that severally work calendar week this consumer buys solo naughty tracks and tickets to baseball wager zippys. The equipment casualty of a sweltry dog is $2, and the price of a baseball indorse is $60. If the consumers income is $128 per week, what amount of money of to apiece one item allow he procure distributively week at a consumer optimum? 20-12-A. The consumer go out get 2 baseball game tickets and 4 importunate dogs each week at a consumer optimum. advert marg inal utilities per sawbuck continue at the consumption level of 2 baseball game tickets and 4 raging dogs, with the ingrained income equaling $128. The marginal utility per dollar exhausted equals 5.

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Financial Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

pecuniary Management - test Example2,000 liabilities and stockholders truth liabilities overdraft $ 1392 Interest due $ 4032 loan due $ 24,000 Campbell loan due $ 8,068 retained wage $ 6,608 customary breed $ 60,000 descend $ cytosine,068 vertical Analysis boodle AND LOSS contention society A Company B NET gross revenue deoxycytidine monophosphate% ascorbic acid% COST OF GOODS change 95.2% 78% vulgar PROFIT 4.8% 22% SELLING, GENERAL AND memorial tablet outgo 2.6% - operating(a)(a) INCOME BEFORE evil RECOVERY 2.2% - check RECOVERY 0 - Intangible summation repairment charges - 0.8% OPERATING INCOME 2.2% 3% OTHER INCOME/(EXPENSE) 0.1% transport IN jimmy OF DERIVATIVE obligation 0.2% - INTEREST EXPENSE 0.8% - INCOME BEFORE INCOME TAXES 1.6% 3.1% Income revenue enhancementes 0.6% 0.9% interlock income 1% 2.3% equilibrise SHEET party A caller-out B stream Assets silver 1.6% 27.1% get by accounts dues 20.94% 17.3% Inventories 68.25% 22.9% Prepaid expenses 2.8% Deferred tax assets 1.25% - different flow rate assets 4.09% - Property make and equipment 1.49% 14.5% Intangible assets - 0.8% notes surrender de statusine of life insurance policy - 10.9% Advance to suppliers, elucidate of imputed interest 1.66% - discriminative supply conformity 0.19% - Long term financing costs, crystalise of amortization 0.50% - Other assets - 3.7% do assets 100% 100% Liabilities and stockholders paleness topical liabilities accrue salaries, wages and benefits - 2.6% Notes due-banks 57.25% - Current maturities of mortgage due 0.05% - dish out accounts account payable 18.55% 6.2% Income tax payable 1.51% - Accrued expenses and derivative instrument liabilities 1.51% - Dividends payable 0.008% 0.7% otherwise accrued expenses - 0.5% Total accepted liabilities 78.9% 10% Deferred compensation - 4.8% mortgage payable, gelt of up-to-the-minute maturities 0.54% - Subordinated convertible security debt elucidate of unamortized price reducti on of $2499 3.52% - differential gear liability for introduce conversion resource 0.71% - Deferred taxes payable 0.07% - rake holders equity Common stock 0.4% 11.6% excess paid in capital 4.42% - retain earnings 13.0% 73.6% collect other citywide loss (0.7%) 0.07% exchequer stock (1.30%) - Total liabilities and shareholders equity 100% 100% fill in flow statements Company A 2011 Cash flow from operating activities Net income 116.07% Adjustments to resolve net income to net cash in operating activities dispraise and amortization 10.15% miscellanea in survey of derivative liability -20.96% Amortization of convertible note discount 7.72% Impairment recuperation 0.00% Provision for provisional debts 4.84% Deferred income taxes -13.20% Foreign exchange loss, and others -0.26% Changes in cut back cash 0.00% Trade account receivable -364.62% Inventories -1225.27% Other current ass

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How fertility was portrayed in ancient art Essay

How fetidness was portrayed in ancient art - Essay ExampleThe earliest artifacts that portray profusion can be said to emanate from both the historical periods of Neolithic and Paleolithic period. These characterizations included sculptures in which females were portrayed, whereby the creative persons presented the women with swollen bellies, as well as accentuated thighs and breasts. iodin of these movies is the Venus of Willendorf, which encompasses a figure of a female that is well rounded. The picture of the woman in this portrait has been carved from limestone whose shape is that of an egg. This work portrays richness since it seems that the artist who curved it linked fertility with the shape of the stone used, which resembled an egg. Fertility in this artwork can also be portrayed by the fact that it has some(prenominal) features, which can be regarded as the phenomenon of female figurines (Liu 147). Some archeologists have referred to this image as the goddess of fert ility. This image is crucial since it portrays some features that relate to fertility. For example, the swelling in the image, as well as the femininity emphasized by the sculptor, can be connected to female fertility. From this image, fertility, in its physical form, can be seen from most of the features that the image possesses. The female figure appears as strong and large, which is common in pregnant women who fall under the category of fertile people. The continuity and change about fertility can be depicted by the fact that figure appears as stable. In addition, the hands of the female figure can be seen resting on her breasts, which win presents her as strong. The power seen in the figure can be associated with childbirth and stable health, which relate to fertility (Liu 147). Another ancient piece of art that represents fertility is the Venus of laussel. This image consists of a drawing, which portrays an overweight woman, but with little presented about her looks. This fig ure can be found in Laussel, which is a cave in the French Valley of Dordogne. Scholars of the Paleolithic period have asserted that the woman in this image holds a rounded moon. The figure held by the woman resembles the crescent(prenominal) moon. In addition, the figure has 13 stripes, which represent the lunar cycle. Since the Venus has her hand on her belly, which is of large size, this can be regarded to be a sign of fertility. Moreover, the tallies, which the crescent has, can sometimes be referred as the total number of cycles of menstruation, which a woman experiences in one year. This image can be regarded as grand since it presents some of the symbols, which related to fertility in women (James 230). The other image that represents fertility is the Sculptured Vase from the Uruk Period. This sculpture represents Inanna, the goddess associated with both fertility and love. This figure represents a huge image of the goddess receiving some offerings. In addition, there is al so a representation of a man who is nude. The purpose of the vase is to honor the goddess, who can be considered valuable for the role she plays when it go to fertility. It is believed that this goddess blesses women with children and enables people to fall in love with one another. Therefore, it can be argued that this image is crucial as it represents the goddess who determines whether people are fertile. The continuity of fertility in Uruk Period can be seen to be connected to the

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The marketing strategy of Blackberry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

The marketing strategy of Blackberry - Essay ExampleThe paper tells that today is the era of technology, where everything is dependent on hi-tech accessories people pay more attention to what gadgets they have than anything else. Much new advancement in this sector have been made and is tranquillize in progress to make the life of a common person easier and more interesting by developing tools like cell shout outs, iPads and iPods. The most rapidly outgrowth and highly private-enterprise(a) technological intentness that could be found these days is concerned with developing cell phones, where innovation occurs at a daily nates and every upcoming product holds some new advancement. Initially started as just the tool for making and receiving calls, this industry has now developed such delete throat products that could act not only as mere tools of communications but also as the personal assistants to their holders. Such products argon more unremarkably referred to as smart phon es, as they are like small networked computers in the form of cell phones, which are high-end, multifunctional, business-centric in structure with high resolution colourise displays and fast mobile processors. Today, smart phones are equipped with technology and in built applications that can organize the whole day, access internet from anywhere and misrepresent business appointments, thus making the life of a person much easier than it was possible before. In this cut throat industry, many competitors can be seen chip to make their products more competitive. Today the main players include Research In Motion (RIM) with their blackberry phones, orchard apple tree with iphones, Samsung, Nokia and HTC among many early(a)s. All of these industries are competing against each other to achieve maximum market share, but with the launch of every product, one either holds the attention of all the customers or with one glitch, loses all because of the highly competitive environment. So, th e secret in the success lies in the effective marketing of the products along with necessary developments in the product so as to ensure that they are updated in accordance with the recent technological changes. In this paper the focus will be on the marketing strategy of Blackberry, as Blackberry is one of the giants of the industry especially in UK where it was declared to be UKs no. 1 smartphone, despite of the recent troubles faced by the products managers Blackberry was still able to hit 8.5 million UK subscribers averaging a market share of 27.7 per cent. Worldwide the product was able to hold a customer base of 75 million by the end of Dec 2011 increasing its market share by 35 per cent as compared to the last year (Warman, The Telegraph, Jan 2012). Research in Motion, a orbiculate leader in wireless technologies, introduced Blackberry solutions in 1999 giving the mobile industry a very surprising twist. Blackberry services are used by million of customers throughout the wo rld, to connect with people and contents of their lives that matter the most. The most competitive environment faced by Blackberry is provided by its rivals like Apple, and Samsung which will be analyzed in this paper to observe how their actions affect each other. For many years now, Blackberry has been in competition with Apples iPhones. Year after year it has launched products to compete with the latest products introduced by the company. Blackberry hadnt faced any real challenge in the global market until Apples introduction of iPhones. Blackberry launched its Blackberry Bold in response to the Apples iPhone 3G, which had already scored 1 million gross revenue in its first week of launch despite the reported crashes of its computer system. Blackberry introduced many features in Blackberry Bold that were not yet interconnected in the iPhone 3G, like the download of Microsoft documents where as iPhone met the competition by providing increased built in memory (Swaine, The Telegra ph, 2008). After the launch, users were double minded as to which phone should be picked, as

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Case study accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Case study accounting - Essay Examplesuitable methods for maintaining an efficient accounting schema for better and accurate costing, financial and operating information, she has presented comprehensive accounting and non-accounting information regarding the business operations. The following is a brief analysis of the business information provided by Wadhha.Wadhha started the boatyard business with a small amount of her savings forming her initial investment into the business. This had a dual effect i.e., on one side it increase the high societys assets being cash while on the other aspect it increased the capital invested into the company.In her quest to get on doing some business, she purchased a running boatyard business at a fair negotiable price. This entitled her the benefits of acquiring an old business and saving her the hassle of forming and establishing an entirely new business.The admit for additional funds to finance the business was met by borrowing funds from a frie nd. It further had double effects i.e., on one side it increased the companys assets being cash and on the other side, it increased the companys liabilities.The wharf and store were also of attraction to the customers who were mostly the vacation makers for boating purposes and the company made the most of this attraction by offering fishing tackle, sporting goods and other refreshments.The most of the expenses incurred by company would be on the maintenance of the land, building, store, petrol and diesel pumps, work shed etc, the labour wages expenses, any interest on the borrowings etc.The company possesses great future prospects if the assets ar utilised efficiently and effectively towards the generation and maximisation of revenues, so that the expenses could easily be met and the liabilities be paid off on time.The Wadhhas boatyard owns all the meliorate assets needed to run the company, however not much information is provided regarding the current assets of the company most importantly, cash. Wadhha

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Innovation in a sustainable future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Innovation in a sustainable future - Essay ExampleEver since my childhood, I have many anticipations and objectives for my future career. A a few(prenominal) of the anticipations have eventually faded away as time has passed by. However, at present, my career aspiration is concentrated in the area of science. Furthermore, I would also pick out to mention that my career aspiration is to become a diligent engineer. Based on this aspect, the report discusses about my career aspirations and potential professional development in technology field for the next ten years. Career in Engineering.Engineering is one of the most important fields of study in the academic life which opens up various career paths into a range of science areas. Engineers have extensive assortment of career options in comparison with other professions such as tune or management among others. Engineering has vast scope in advance fields such civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and electr ical engineering among others. In this context, I would like state that my career aspiration in engineering is to become an electrical engineer. This branch of engineering is largely related with the convention and application equipment in order to generate power and distribute energy.What Electrical Engineers Do.As discussed above electrical engineers are concerned with the generation and utilisation of electricity. It is one of the tether braches of engineering. The key emphases of electrical engineers are to develop sources of power, energy control systems and signal processing. As an electrical engineer, I will concentrate on planning, maintaining and creating products which can effectively generate electricity. Electrical engineering area is quite vast and there are so many areas of long suit to select from such as electronics, power, discourse and computer among others. I would take specialisation in the area of power or energy1. Energy Demand in Daily Life Over last(pre nominal) few decades, the requirement of energy in daily life has increased considerably. Although there are several sources of energy, most of the effective energy sources are non-renewable in nature such as coal, natural gas and oil among others. This high requirement for energy along with non-renewable nature of key energy sources has generated the need for blueprint of an alternative energy source. One of the most prevalent alternative energy sources is solar energy. In comparison with other non-renewable energy sources, solar energy is highly accessible and it also has low adverse impact on environment during power generation. Furthermore, I would also like to mention that this area of engineering has not been exploited properly and possesses a huge prospect in future as a sustainable energy source. By understanding the importance of solar energy, I have selected this area as my future career aspiration and after ten years, I want to see myself as great groundbreaker in solar energy engineering field where this energy source will become much inexpensive and effective to produce energy and to take the considerable level of energy demand2. Career Aspiration in Solar Energy Engineering Solar energy engineers require developing, designing and evaluating energy base products and projects in order to minimise energy expenses and enhance energy efficiency. Solar energy engineers also specialise in heating, ventilation, cooling, green building and lighting among others. Concerning these specialisation areas of solar energy engineering, I would prefer to take cooling. The reason is that in power generation

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Marks by Linda Pastan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Marks by Linda Pastan - Assignment ExampleThe speakers days and nights are only accustomed to her family and she passes her life in getting different kinds of marks for all her doings by her family. She seems like an average housewife whose duty is to take care of all her family members. It seems that she has no personality of her own but only that, which is assigned to her by her family. She talks about her family as to what they think about her. The dramatic situation in the poesy is categorizing of the woman according to educational marking schemes by her family members who are not mature at their own places. The central metaphor in the poem is the marking of the women according to different criteria of the family members. The poem is given the title Marks and the poem talks about educational marks all over. The poems theme is about the life of a housewife who has to do her duties in order to get more marks by her family members.

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A Treatise on Economics Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

A Treatise on Economics - Term Paper ExampleWhile not perfect, a market-based ecomony operates on long-familiar rules because those rules mimic the choices people are likely to make. In Wheelans words, a market thriftiness is to economics what democracy is to organisation a decent, if flawed, choice among numerous bad alternatives (21). Do market incentives always lead us in the right direction? Market incentives are subject to interpretation and application by individuals, groups, and other entities. Incentives exist to encourage desired behavior, and can be successful to the extent that incented people embrace the incentives. Wheelen asserts that when we are paid on commission, we work harder if the wrong of gasoline goes up, we drive less (26). Peoples responses to incentives allow the market to adjust. If an economy is not reliant on the market, government does not reward smashing or poor work practices and behaviors the result is often inefficiency, poor quality, and high cost (27). Alternatively, incentives can present problems. unrivaled of these is the principal-agent problem that presents itself when a business, the principal, hires an employee, the agent, who may be incented not to act in the best interest of the company (31). In these cases, the agent may see personal gain as a greater incentive than the incentives provided by the company and steal or take advantage of the work situation in other ways. The success of incentives in a market-based economy is subject to the decisions of the people who respond to them. Incentives may not always lead us in the right direction. Can government help to guide our incentives? brass can help guide our incentives, but too much of this guidance could spell disaster. Wheelan states that the communist governments of the twentieth century controlled their economies by controlling their citizens lives and often wrecked both in the process (21). Other ways the government could guide incentives include taxes an d regulations. Incentives tied to taxation add complexity to public insurance policy in an effort to transfer wealth to the poor (38). Businesses and individuals respond by avoiding or reducing the activity that is taxed (38). The result is often that the economy does not draw the anticipated boost to the expected extent, if at all. Regulations, on the other hand, may be unavoidable. Wheelan suggests that good government makes a market economy possible (51). One role the government plays is to define and protect property rights so that individuals and businesses can develop and produce unique products without fear of those products being stolen or misused (52-4). The government can also support business and individuals by providing uniform rules and regulations, such as contract law by rooting out fraud by circulating a sound currency (54-5). While government involvement in economics may not be popular, if present at an pleasing level, the government can provide a framework in wh ich a market economy can thrive. In Wheelans words, government is like a surgeons scalpel It is an intrusive tool that can be used for good or for ill (80). What is human capital and how does it relate to a arenas economic well-being? Wheelan defines human capital as the sum total of skills embodied within an individual education, intelligence,

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Descartes and the Existence of Evil Demon Essay

Descartes and the Existence of atrocious Demon - Essay ExampleCentral to his argument is the fact that his knowledge of God is anchored on a perspicuous sentiment on the existence of a supreme being (Marion, 2008). As such, there must be the existence of an idea first before a given up claim of body of knowledge is verified. For Descartes, this distinct idea resided in his mind. It is this idea that gave him the essence of God as a supreme being. It is an idea that could not be verified by means of empirical methods. The existence of an Evil Demon, in line with the thinking of Descartes, ass only obtain if it is backed by a distinct idea.There must first exist the essence of the Evil Demon that is developed into Descartes mind in order for him to make a claim to the highest degree the existence of such a being. One of the central arguments upheld by Descartes is that essence relates to existence. It would follow logically that the absence of essence effectively eliminates all possibilities of existence. Without the essence of the Evil Demon in distinct form it would be vacuous to assert any claim of such an existence. Therefore, this would mean that Descartes could claim the existence of God only when not make any assertions on whether or not some Evil Demon actually exists (Marion, 2008). Proof of such existence could be derived from some other serious arguments, or by employing some logical claims outside the boundaries established by Descartes methods.Descartes knowledge of God was based on the theory of ideas which people can relate with. He believed that it is possible for things to exist without their very nature of existence being confirmed by any evidence. He did not consider it indispensable to seek out for measure of quantifiable evidence that would offer evidence for the existence of God. According to him, the mind can generate knowledge of its own through the power of intuition. The practice of intuition basically demands changing the mind to the essence of ideas without establishing the evidence of experience or

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Internationalization of The Indian Market Essay

Internationalization of The Indian Market - Essay ExampleInternationalization of The Indian MarketThe market place for consumer goods in India has been on an upward trend since the amendment of the Consumer security Act 1986 giving consumers an upper hand in deciding what they want (Tiwari and Herstatt, 2012). According to Bruche (2009), consumption trends in India indicate an inclination towards satisfaction of wants rather than the traditionalistic focus on needs. Consumer culture has favoured the development of textile industry as population tend to replace their clothing with new ones every now and accordingly and discarding the ones that are out of fashion. Repair of clothes has become a thing of the past among the working and business class and is only in the rural neighbourhoods that people are likely to repair worn-out clothes. This is an indication that consumers have more money to buy new clothes. According to Beise (2004), a successful consumer society is characterize d by an increased rate of production of goods and services, increased purchases and consumption. The Indian society can be considered to be progressing as all these aspects are evident in the market (Bruche, 2009). It is therefore necessary to consider India as a perfect foreign market for the SMEs internationalization strategy.The Uppsala model described by Johanson and Vahlne (2013) will be most appropriate in the expansion of the textile business in the Indian market. As proposed in the model, it will be necessary to understand and pass on experience in the UK market which is the home country where the SME is established.