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Female Education Essay

Napoleon once said â€Å"Give me an educated mother and I will give you an educated nation. † This statement is enough to prove the importance of female education. Allah has created both man and woman equally. They are like the two sides of a coin. One is incomplete without the other. So, education cannot be the only possession of a single class or sex. Rather, it should be imparted equally to both men and women. Our religion has also made education compulsory for all. In the past, our women folk were confined within the four walls of home. Parents did not allow them to receive education and to participate in any outside work. Early marriage, religious misinterpretation and the narrowness of our outlook were mainly responsible for this. Parents thought it waste of time and money to educate their girls. They did not understand that if girl children were educated they could be as competent as male children. As our women folk constitute almost half of our total population, no real development is possible keeping them uneducated. On the other hand, an educated mother plays a very important role in making and shaping the character of her children. She knows well how to bring up her children, to educate them and to make them worthy. In domestic life, she can also extend her helping hand to her husband. So, there is no alternative to female education. It is a matter of great delight that women have started to come out of their cocoons. Being educated, they are joining a wide range of professions. They have been able to prove their abilities. So, the disadvantages of early marriage and religious misinterpretation must be removed. Our outlook about women must be changed. More schools and colleges for girls should be set up to spread female education. Recently the scenario of female education has started to change. Many socio-economic factors are responsible for this change. All possible facilities of female education have been extended. Education for girls up to degree level has been made free with a monthly stipend. This encourages them to continue their education. We should remember that only educated women can change the picture of our society. So, all of us should come forward to spread female education. The overall state of female education in Bangladesh is not yet satisfactory. In the past, women were in the boundary of their houses. They usually spent their time doing their household chores. They were deprived of education. But the situation has been changed now. Now-a-days, they are admitting into schools, colleges and universities. The rate of literacy in our country is about 60% whereas female literacy is about 40%. Female education is necessary for getting an educated nation. Because, an educated mother can give an educated nation. There are many advantages of female education. A child will never remain illiterate if his/her mother is educated. An educated woman can play various roles in the family. She can impart himself in different business and jobs. As a result, she can contribute to the family income. However, government should do something more to educate the female. â€Å"No need girl’s education, they are born only for taking care of their families†- this idea was stereotype in the early past of Bangladesh. The birth of a boy child was a blessing for the parents and a girl child was like a curse. It is a surprising matter that a girl child also comes like a boy child from mother’s womb and father’s blood but still that child is unexpected to her parents. In reality, a father and mother can never hate their children. Actually, the society made the rule to neglect the girl children. As Bangladesh is considers as a Muslim country, most of its population are Muslim. The Bangladeshi people thought that their religion had ordered them to keep their women and female children inside the house and keep them in safe. As a result, the parents always wanted a male child to earn for the family and protect their old age. From a theological research, it has found that the beliefs which were followed by our ancestors were based on wrong concepts. The holy books actually suggested keeping women in safe, not to confine them into four walls where they do not have any liberty. These books also suggested that a woman can even participate in the warfare if she is able to protect herself. Very slowly but the people started to change their mentality when they were becoming educated and started realizing that it was useless to achieve success without women as a mother is the first teacher of a child. If a mother is illiterate there is much possibility that the child will be uneducated. To cure this problem, Begum Rokeya, the pioneer of giving the light of education to the Muslim Bengali girls. This social movement of educating girls was very slow and at that time people were against of this blessed work. She kept patience and opened a girls’ school. She made people to understand about the benefit of the girl’s education by giving the religious points. Though it took time to convince people, it worked. People understood the necessity of the girls’ education and started sending their daughters into the school. This idea was so effective because a nation can have more achievements if the entire nation works together for success, not the half of the nation. The government also realized that this is an innovative idea and so the†¦ It is the height of selfishness for men, who fully appreciate in their own case the great advantage of a good education, to deny these advantages to women. There is no valid argument by which the exclusion of the female sex from the privilege of education can be defended. It is argued that women have their domestic duties to perform and that, if they were educated, they would bury themselves in their books and have little time for atten ding to the management of their households. Of course, it is possible for women as it is for men to neglect work in order to spare more time for reading sensational novels. But women are no more liable to this temptation than men and most women would be able to do their household work the entire better for being able to refresh their minds in the intervals of leisure with a little reading. Nay, education would even help them in the performance of the narrowest sphere of womanly duty. For education involves knowledge of the means by which health may be preserved and enable a mother to consult such modern books as will tell her how to rear up her children into healthy men and women and skillfully nurse them and her husband, when disease attacks her household. Without education she will not be averse to listen, with fatal results, to the advice of superstitious quacks that pretend to work wonder by charms and magic. But, according to higher conception of women’s sphere, women ought to be something more than a household drudge. She ought to be able not merely to nurse her husband in sickness but also to be his companion in health. For this part of her wifely duty, education is necessary, for there cannot be congenial companionship between an educated husband and an uneducated wife who can converse with her husband on no higher subject than cookery and servant’s wages. Also, one of a mother’s highest duties is the education of her children at the time when their mind is not amenable to instruction. A child’s whole future life, to a large extent, depends on the teaching it receives in early childhood and it is needless to say that this first foundation of education cannot be well laid by an ignorant mother. On all these grounds female education is a vital necessity. Gender inequality in education is extreme. Girls are less likely to access school, to remain in school or to achieve in education. Education helps men and women claim their rights and realise their potential in the economic, political and social arenas. It is also the single most powerful way to lift people out of poverty. Education plays a particularly important role as a foundation for girls’ development towards adult life. It should be an intrinsic part of any strategy to address the gender-based discrimination against women and girls that remains prevalent in many societies. The following links will further explain the necessity of girls’/women’s education. Education is a right Cultural changes Better health and awareness Poverty reduction Education is a right Everybody has the right to education, which has been recognised since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948. The right to free and compulsory primary education, without discrimination and of good quality, has been reaffirmed in all major international human rights conventions. Many of these same instruments encourage, but do not guarantee, post-primary education. These rights have been further elaborated to address issues like quality and equity, moving forward the issue of what the right to education means, and exploring how it can be achieved. As a minimum: states must ensure that basic education is available, accessible, acceptable and adaptable for all. (4A scheme) The right of girls to education is one of the most critical of all rights – because education plays an important role in enabling girls and women to secure other rights. Cultural changes Cultural and traditional values stand between girls and their prospects for education. The achievement of girls’ right to education can address some of societies’ deeply rooted inequalities, which condemn millions of girls to a life without quality education – and, therefore, also all too often to a life of missed opportunities. Improving educational opportunities for girls and women helps them to develop skills that allow them to make decisions and influence community change in key areas. One reason for denying girls and women their right to an education is rarely articulated by those in charge: that is their fear of the power that girls will have through education. There is still some resistance to the idea that girls and women can be trusted with education. Education is also seen in some societies as a fear of change and now with globalization, the fear becomes even greater- fear to lose the cultural identity, fear of moving towards the unknown or the unwanted, fear of dissolving in the many others. Better health Basic education provides girls and women with an understanding of basic health, nutrition and family planning, giving them choices and the power to decide over their own lives and bodies. Women’s education leads directly to better reproductive health, improved family health, economic growth, for the family and for society, as well as lower rates of child mortality and malnutrition. It is also key in the fight against the spread of HIV & AIDS. Poverty reduction Educating girls and women is an important step in overcoming poverty. Inequality and poverty are not inevitable. â€Å"The focus on poverty reduction enables the right to education to be a powerful tool in making a change in the lives of girls and women. Poverty has been universally affirmed as a key obstacle to the enjoyment of human rights, and it has a visible gender profile. The main reason for this is the fact that poverty results from violations of human rights, including the right to education, which disproportionately affect girls and women. Various grounds of discrimination combine, trapping girls in a vicious downward circle of denied rights. Denial of the right to education leads to exclusion from the labour market and marginalisation into the informal sector or unpaid work. This perpetuates and increases women’s poverty. †

Learning and Memory Worksheet Essay

1. Write a 450- to 700-word essay to describe the relationship between classical and operant conditioning. Explain their elements and how they differ from one another. Additionally, provide an example for how learning can occur through each mode of conditioning. Explain how Ivan Pavlov and B.F. Skinner contributed to the study of learning and conditioning. Ivan Pavlov contributions were the start and the rise of behaviorism in psychology. His experimental methods influence the growth of behaviorism, and helped move psychology away from introspection and subjective or the objective measurement of behavior in which played a great part in our study. Hey study the behavior of Dogs in which in term he develops a new form of learning .This new form of learning is called classical conditioning a form of learning in which reflex responses are associated with new stimuli. Ivan Pavlov also used a bell in which as a neutral stimulus, he would ring the bell when the dogs were given an unconditioned stimulus, meat powder. The result is that the dogs than will respond salivate when the unconditioned stimulus is given to the dogs. This stimulus is called the conditioned stimulus; it changes from an unconditioned response to a conditioned respond. The dog quickly learned the difference from the bell and receiving an unconditioned stimulus. As for B.F skinner who also staunch behaviorism became a force in psychology and the therapy techniques in fact that we still used extensively today. He also made the Skinner box which is also called operant conditioning chamber in which had like a metal lever and a tray in which food can be drop for the rats are in a tray.These two played an important role in our psychology’s history gave us an important contributions to our understanding of human behavior in which we can use to go by. 2. Match the correct type of memory with its respective function.

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Run Forrest

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-ND This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NDRun Forrest, Run! Movie critical analysis paper. James Bilesimo | Developmental Psychology | 3/19/18A Psychological Analysis of Forrest Gump. The movie Forrest Gump tells a story of a simple man and his journey through life. Forrest Gump's story takes place during a time of historical significance in our country, The United States of America. His story began in the 1950's, and ran through the 1970's. This was a period in our country where morality, and equality had come to be questioned for the first time since our country broke away from its European roots, and won its independence on July 04, 1776. The American culture and its society would be changed forever over this twenty-year course. Forrest Gump is very simple-minded man who lives his life by a set of values forever instilled in him by his mother. Early in the movie when Forrest was just a young boy, he was found to be physically handicapped forcing Forrest to wear braces (also known as foot abduction braces) on his legs. Forrest Gump also had an IQ of just seventy-five, he would now have to endure a life time of critical judgements from peers and adults alike. Forrest Gump had a very loving, and caring mother who helped him develop a deep, strong sense of â€Å"self† with her wisdom, and straight forwardness. Because of his mother's strong guidance during his early stages of life, he is able to overcome his physical handicap, and achieve his highest quality of life by doing what many people only dream of; Forrest Gump became a famous runner, football player, business owner, and war time hero. The story that this movie tells us, is a great example of how a child's mind develops through a series of stages, and through these stages they can construct their understanding of the world we live in by interacting with it. Jean Paiget developed four stages of cognitive development, which begin at birth, and span well into adulthood. Heading 2 You might like the photo on the cover page as much as we do, but if it's not ideal for your report, it's easy to replace it with your own.Just delete the placeholder picture. Then, on the Insert tab, click Picture to select one from your files.

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B.S. in Health Sciences Team Building (Mod 5 CSA) Essay

B.S. in Health Sciences Team Building (Mod 5 CSA) - Essay Example (HR Website) Performance assessment is done regularly in an organization generally in a period of one year. The main purpose of this is to help the employees improve their performance and increase their productivity which are in line with the corporate goals of the company. With the performance evaluation, employees are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve themselves. Five factors are considered while evaluating the employees including job knowledge and skills, communication, interaction, quality concerns and productivity (HR Website). Telling your employees about the performance feedback is as important as doing the performance assessment because this allows the employees to become aware of what other people in the organization think about the job he or she is doing. Managers should make sure that any negative feedback should not border on a personal attack and should be kept impersonal. During past eighteen months, I think my team has not been performing up to the mark. The members of the team are not able to coordinate properly with each other and when one is working in a team, coordination amongst the team members is very important. The health care team is not satisfying the customers as it should be. As a manager, the employees are reluctant to show their dissatisfaction to me may be because of the job loses meaning that they remain good and seem hard working employees when I am watching them out. This is the case since past 13 months and when I got to know about this by repeated customer complaints, I tried to figure out the problem. And after some hard work I found out that one of the reasons for the customer's complaints was from the people working for the night shift. Employees working under night shift work with their feasibility as the manager, that is me, is not there to look after them so there is not much check and balance on them. And the supervisor, w hose work is to keep a check and balance when I am not available, is also not doing his job properly. Another problem associated is that it's in our organization that the employees are recognized for their individual work even when they are working in teams. In a way it is good because it motivates that person who is being recognized by the boss but the problem is that we do not give appreciation as to the team as a whole usually. Therefore employees are not much motivated to work as teams. (Harris, 2004) It was not an easy task to evaluate how the employees had performed in the past eighteen months. I had to actually get old of the grass root reasons. The problem was that the major issue was of the night shift people therefore the employees working in the day shift also didn't knew well. I built an evaluation form for the emoployees but no concrete result was found from that because the employees were consciously aware that they were being evaluated therefore they were producing good n might be fake answers. Because of the weak system or lazy evaluator or lack of honesty, the evaluation is highly subjective. In the evaluation process, the primary emphasis is on the past rather than on the future therefore employees might not answer properly as the chances of improvements are less (McConnell and Umiker 2005). Many times employees do not get positive feedback from the

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Ethical Energy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 3

Ethical Energy - Essay Example In that, non-renewable resources are against the rights approach, the justice theory and the obligations to future generations approach used in environmental ethics. Renewable resources, on the other hand, present a clean alternative for energy production. Though the land required may be large, such land is available to the state of Belina. The high costs per unit are justified by the low social cost per unit. Therefore, it is recommended that Belina take up a combination of the wind power and biomass energy bids to supply the needs of its population. Renewable resources are energy sources that come from the natural environment (Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development, 1997). The other options to energy sources include use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Fossil fuels are finite, expensive to extract, and cause air, water and soil pollution, and produce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Renewable resources are cleaner alternatives to the problems of pollution and the social inequality that the pollution creates. These resources are also renewable – therefore, they will never run out (West, 2008). Some people are of the view that the connection between economic growth and environmental deterioration is inevitable. Hesburgh (1992) recognizes that the connection between human energy needs and environmental deterioration is as old as human civilization. As man used wood for shelter and warmth, it caused harm to the environment. However, Hesburgh (1992) also explains that the ‘primitive societies were so small and fragile in comparison with the forces of nature with which they contended that their impacts were minimal’. Ausubel (2007) argues that renewable resources for the production of energy may be renewable but they are not green and they are almost as destructive or more destructive for the environment than the non-renewable sources of energy.

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Finding George Orwell in Burma Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Finding George Orwell in Burma - Assignment Example Moreover, while using the social media, the youths should be encouraged to use strong passwords which can be easily hacked by third party members. You should make main stream media and advertising channels your base for distribution. Most audiences using P2P networks often avoid the use of such kind of channels and by using them to advertise hot topics like trending movies and TV series, they are forced to constantly check their social media tools for updates on what is trending (Becker, 2008). You should run social media ads along P2P sites as youth audiences browsing through such sites will come along them and if the social media are good, they will be forced to shift to social media sites for more details hence promoting the a relationship between social media and the P2P networks. To achieve a return on investment in youths assessing P2P channels through social media, you are required to strategize on your digital marketing campaigns. This will you to be efficient and effective on your media and marketing experience as you wills have to increase traffic of P2P channels on social media platforms by delivering appropriate messages which are aimed at targeting the youth. You should be knowledgeable on trending topics concerning the youths like hot music selling and apply sound methodologies to measure the amount of initiative applied to attract audiences through social platforms like face book or twitter (Becker, 2008). You should apply the social media in developing metrics or marketing analytics to better manage the campaigns and communication channels of P2P channels. This you can achieve through using social media ads appropriately to promote transparency of processes and channels available on P2P channels. You should also ensure that the social media guarantees for the security of audiences using P2P channels. Since there are fears that the social media holds private and personal information about individuals, the youths can be

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The Great Recession and The Policy Response Research Paper

The Great Recession and The Policy Response - Research Paper Example This paper serves to look into the causes of the Great Recession of 2007 as the history books call it and the policy response of President Barack Obama's administration to the crisis. More importantly, I will try to answer the question â€Å"Where does America go from here?† Evaluate the Obama administration's policies to respond to the crisis America is a country whose economy has always been based upon the trust factor. The trust that the other nations place upon the credibility of the name of the country and our ability to pay off our country's debt on time allowed the country function like a family that was living beyond its means. We were a country living off â€Å"massive foreign borrowing, excessively loose monetary policy, reckless lending practices, lax regulation, and other factors†. As a country, we were borrowing trillions of dollars from other nations every year. Such money inflow triggers rapid and uncontrollable economic growth due to the artificial spend ing boom that the country was experiencing. This resulted in a real estate boom that would eventually cause the economy to falter as mortgages began to go unpaid. The United States was suffering from a macroeconomic imbalance that had the rest of the world worrying about America, but the Americans were oblivious to what was happening right under their very noses. Economic experts knew that the needle that would burst the economic bubble was sure to come. It was just that nobody could predict when it would actually hit. When it did hit the economy in 2007, there was no place for anyone to hide financially. The U.S economy was officially in shambles and in bad need of rebuilding. What more should the administration do to continue to mend the economy, create jobs, ease credit, etc.? While the U.S was still fighting a war on 2 fronts and struggling to keep up with its debt payments, a new government took over the White House. Pres. Barack Obama rode the wings of change into the White Ho use with the promise that he would end the Great Recession as soon as possible. Everyone applauded and chose to believe that he could do it. But now, 6 years later, the question still remains about what his government policy really was to end the problem and whether it was effective or not. The response of the new Obama administration was swift and clear. He encouraged the adoption of an â€Å"accomodative federal fiscal policy†. It is a policy that, even with the great recession having ended in 2010, has failed to help reinvigorate the U.S. economy to the point where economic growth can be said to have spurred to a steady basis. In fact, the growth of the U.S. economy at this point remains suspect because of the lack of effective economic and tax programs on the part of the Obama administration. (Bivens, Josh, Fieldhouse, Andrew , Shierholz Heidi â€Å"From Free Fall to Stagnation†). Rather, the Obama government seems to be locked in a battle of political wills with t he Republican party as they hold the U.S. economy hostage, a pawn in their political game of survival, without any clear winner. The loser however, thanks to the Obama administration's less than well thought out plans, is definitely the American public. Let's face it, Washington is going to be in a constant state of political gridlock for a long time to come. But our economy

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Discuss the primary business structure,functions and sub category of Essay

Discuss the primary business structure,functions and sub category of the NHS - Essay Example Thus health care is largely free for all patients ordinarily resident in United Kingdom, some set charges are payable for prescriptions, optician and dentistry services. Thus taxpayers actually fund NHS scheme to ensure that everyone has access to quality and timely heath care facility. Lately the concept of "internal market" has been introduces whereby the services are purchased from various sources either internal or other hospitals to make the system more efficient. In theory each division of NHS is supposed to break even, though practical picture is quite different many times. Repeated deficits and financial indiscipline can result in replacement of board of directors of the trusts of NHS The main function of NHS is to provide health care to all the ordinary residents of UK healthcare services free of cost funded through taxes. NHS operates through a complex web of trusts which act locally and are managed, monitored by Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) to continuously improve the healthcare services. All the Primary subcategories are managed mainly by primary care trusts which overlook the GP, requisitioning other services like specialist, mental health, ambulance etc. SHAs have strategic role in managing the PCTs under their area. It is widely believed that NHS is the third largest employer in the world after Chinese Army and Indian Railways.

Brand Equity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Brand Equity - Essay Example Attrition can quickly set in, rendering them vulnerable to competition. "Consumer-based brand equity is defined as the value of a brand signal to consumers." (Swait 1998, p. 7) . For Marcoms, once again, proactive commitment to customers separates successful companies from the rest. Because positive equity is so critically important an element of customer loyalty, operational flexibility and value innovation are especially meaningful here. Earlier, the lack of customer loyalty in the supermarket industry was discussed, with real equity being quite elusive for most chains (see appendix 1). At the heart of Marcoms equity package is providing convenience, quality, a variety of services, for customers who want it and who will pay more to get it. It is a premium service identified as such by customers because it delivers more. The equity pressure for companies like Marcoms is that, as they continue to raise the bar on customer expectations, they must also be able to see over the bar and continue to anticipate customer needs (Boone and Kurtz 2002). There are a lot of parallels between (1) the effect on loyalty of customer self-expression and choice and (2) the old-fashioned idea of romance and courtship. Customers are fickle; romance can be fickle. Boy meets girl. Boy wins girl. Boy loves her but takes her for granted. Choice is largely driven by a customer's relationships with a service, and with the companies that offer them. It's about experience, and levels of trust and commitment, through contact with suppliers. Because, in most industries, choices are so readily avai lable, customers are increasingly less hesitant to change suppliers. When replacement is perceived as more positive than negative, they'll move on. Industries such as banking and managed care have seen this occur (see appendix 2). This must translate to positive relationships and contacts, earning and keeping customer loyalty (Crawford 2003). "This perspective on brand equity focuses on the impact on consumer utility of a brand's signal credibility, rather than on the mere clarity of the provided information" (Swait 1998, p. 7) For Marcoms, the long-term value strategy is built on creating strong relationships with customers and anticipating their requirements. A significant new challenge is emerging with regard to value. Companies must now strategize with respect to both the physical product and the "virtual" product, such as information. Overlaps in physical and virtual product occur in many industries, particularly those where a tangible product, such as an automobile, and an int angible product, such as service advice or computer-based information support, coexist. Emancipated thinking and embracing the "possible shapes of things to come" now includes strategies that go beyond reliance on the company's own resources. Increasingly, companies are seeking strategic partnerships and relationships that bring complementary strengths, provide greater customer value, and result in higher share of customer (Boone and Kurtz 2002). Marcoms can build its brand equity through advertising. Marcoms should create a positive brand image and promotes its main goals and strategies appealing to emotions and mind of consumers. Perceptions and tributes towards Marcoms brand will be

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Important Models of Justices' Behaviour at the Supreme Court Research Paper

Important Models of Justices' Behaviour at the Supreme Court - Research Paper Example There are three models that are mostly displayed by the justices and the judges of the Supreme Court when deciding cases in the supreme courts. These are strategic, attitudinal and the legal orientations. Strategic behaviour refers to the justices’ actions to maximize their overall benefits in light of their expectations concerning their choices of other actors involved in the decision making process. Others are legal and the attitudinal models that aid explain the legal verdict arrived by the justices at the supreme courts Though the attitudinal models of justice behaviour was initially establish in the US, students and other legal practitioner have found the strategic models of behaviour alluring. This dissent of behaviour focuses on the interpedently nature of judges and justices’ behaviour in their decision making, which does not shun the policy preferences of the justices’ .This a strategic begins with assumption that justices are motivated by their policy p references, but further acknowledges that realization of those preferences is a function of other relevant actors. As notes by (Epstein and Knight) Justices may be primarily seekers of legal policy, but they are not unconstrained actors who make decisions based only on their own ideological attitudes. Rather, justices are strategic actors who realize their ability to achieve their goals depends on a consideration of the preferences of other actors, the choices they expect others to make, and the institutional context in which they act. (10). This implies that whole a justice acting on the basis of his attitudes, another justices acting on the same preferences may be expected to behave differently based on strategic considerations. For instance, for justice behaviour‘s preferences mat depend on the other justice and judges reactions and opinions (08-956 wood v. Allen. (01/20/10) Recent literature provides that strategic concerns of behaviour go beyond attitudinal as they tend t o explain further other reasons that attitudinal approach may not offer.(Wood v. Allen, Wood v, state and Alabama, US, 1998) In recent findings, attitudinal concerns have challenged by judges who tend to adopt strategic orientation towards and it was evidenced in a variety of contexts. First, when setting their agendas (Rice v. Collins, 546 US 333,339), second, when writing majority opinions (Wood v. State, 715 819 (1998)) and lastly issuing separate opinions, even on the same case(s) (Williams v. Taylor, 529 US 362,462). Several studies undertaken by Brace and Hall at the aggregate (Brace and Hall; Hall and Brace, 147-162) and individuals (Brace and Hall; Hall and Brace) provides explanations on the dissenting behaviour. They note that when making judicial decisions, justices and judges decide not to follow their ideological differences in certain circumstances in anticipation of decisions by exogenous factors such as electoral constituency, in order to keep job . Other evidence th at pursue a strategic line of inquiry as is vital in the decision making process. This is because the strategic models of supreme court justices takes into account other factors more

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Article Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 10

Article Critique - Essay Example In the article, author mentions that the Taksim Park has seen many changes and social movements during different periods of the twentieth century. Once the area housed Armenian cemetery and St. Gregory church; however, the cemetery was demolished, and on its area, and surrounding properties now stands the Gezi Park, Istanbul Radio building and many luxurious hotels, including Hilton. According to the author Taksim , in its present form, designed by the urban planner Henri Post, presents a vibrant section of the city and symbolizes modern Istanbul. The author in her article states that the current Prime Minister wants to destroy the symbol of Istanbul, and build in its place a shopping mall in the fashion of 19th century artillery barracks of Ottoman Empire. People consider that in taking such a decision Prime Minister acted as an authoritarian ruler who wants to revive Muslim elite culture in a secular country. A peaceful sit-in protest against uprooting of trees from a park created turbulence in the political arena of a country spreading a wave of violent protests across the country; was the author able to describe the underpinning cause of this incident? From the title of the article, one would imply that the author is conveying a message that Taksim Park incident should be an example that, in the 21st century, a leader cannot use the state power to change country’s environment. In the modern century, people’s concerns over the balance of development and degradation of environment cannot be ignored any more. The author very precisely portrayed the sentiment of a large cross section of the Turkish society through the sentence â€Å"Erdogan's and other government officials' apparent contempt for and vilification of the protesters, and their seeming indifference to their concerns (Watenpaugh 1).† In the first paragraph, the author concludes that movement shows deep discontent of Turkish society against Erdogan’s authoritarian governme nt, but the author does not provide an analysis of this conclusion based on facts. Instead, the author provides links to different articles on the Internet, so the reader reads the articles to establish the validity of author’s conclusion. The author uses this method repetitively in all over the article. This is perhaps the weakest side of the article. However, the author successfully explains that re-creation of 19th century Ottoman military barracks, which once were destroyed, and naming a planned third bridge over Bosphorus after controversial 16th century Sultan Selim indeed portray the current government as neo-Ottoman Muslim elite. The article contains 10 paragraphs. In these paragraphs, the author failed to explain whether the article intends to present to the audience that the Taksim protest describes people’s concerns over urban development at the cost of environmental sacrifice, or it describes the protest against the authoritarian behavior of Erdogan’ s government. The motive in this case is the protest against the uprooting of trees, but the cause is political, rooted deep in the society. Though author implied it, but failed to explain it explicitly. Author’s commentary in the article, â€Å"through a series of highly contested lawsuits, the municipality managed to appropriate the cemetery from the Armenian

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PESTAL for china airlines Essay Example for Free

PESTAL for china airlines Essay PESTLE analysis would be used in order to figure out external macro environment of China Airlines. by examining political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental issues and trends of Taiwan within 1959 and 2009 time period. http://www. oxlearn. com/arg_Marketing-Resources-PESTLEMacro-Environmental-Analysis_11_31 Political Republic of China was established in 1911 and took under its control territory of China. After World War 2 it took Taiwan Island, which earlier belonged to Japan. However, during Civil War Republic of China lost its power and had to settle down in Taiwan. But it did not want to be under control of People’s Republic of China, moreover, it maintained that it was the valid government of Taiwan and mainland China as well. So, the relations between mainland China and Taiwan were frozen until 2007. Things became worth, when United Nations (UN) officially accepted the communist People’s Republic of China as Taiwan’s government. First, it lost its membership in International Civil Aviation Organization. (Why it was important? What caused? ). Also, due to the tight political relationships of People’s Republic of China with some countries, CAL lost international carrier contracts with Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Canada and Australia. One more example of political tension between Taiwan and mainland China happened when China Airlines accused mainland China of internationally attacking the plane with the missile. In 1991, CAL had to enter into joint venture with Koos Development Corporation and form Mandarin Airlines, in order to have an opportunity to operate in Canada and Australia. The other wise decision was to rebrand the company. There was a Republic of China’s national flag on the symbol of CAL at the beginning. First, it could seem that CAL supports ROC, and trying to participate in political dissension and it can cause resentment from the civilian population, secondly, it might countries which sympathize PRC or countries which wanted to keep neutrality. So, in order to avoid the influence of political situation of Taiwan on the airline as much as it is possible, CAL decided to change its symbol into pink plum blossoms and create new slogan-â€Å"blossom every day†. Thus, neutral brand image helped CAL to cooperate with several European cities as Amsterdam, Rome, Frankfurt and Vienna. Only in 2008, when Ma Ying-jeou became the president of Taiwan, significant steps on improvement of relationships between mainland China and Taiwan were taken. Improvement of the political situation positively influenced CAL. Eight Taiwan and five mainland China’s airports opened for flight operations. This helped to minimize the flight time of CAL carriers, which caused the reduction of operational costs and increase in passenger flow due to the direct flights, which were undoubtedly cheaper than traveling by transit. Eleven airlines from mainland China and Taiwan started to operate 18 flights in each direction, be October 2008. Good political relationships with mainland China allowed CAL to enter into agreements with Chinese airlines. It agreed with China Cargo Airlines and China Southern Airlines to exchange cargo space, which produced win-win outcomes for all three airlines (ann rep, 2008), besides, CAL got an opportunity to join SkyTeam alliance. (Which what). CAL started to cooperate with Chunghwa Post Co. in delivery of daily mail and postal goods to China. Expanded cross-strait flight agreement, signed on April 2009, allowed to increase passenger flights from 108 in 2008 to 270, and cargo flights from 30 in 2008 to 112 return services per month in 2009. CAL started 55 scheduled direct flights to 13 cities in mainland China. However, improvement of the political situation with mainland China and opening cross-strait routs allowed expansion not only for CAL, but for Chinese airlines as well, which means that CAL experienced strong competition. From the low cost mainland China airlines. Economic The Chirman of China Airlines Philip Wei states that â€Å"about 1 million of Taiwanese business people doing business in China. They constantly go back and forth between the two sides†. The other point is that, when people have jobs, they have money, wich they can spend on flights. Thus, unemployment rate of Taiwan is directly correlated with the passenger flow. National Statistics, Republic of China reports that starting from the 1978 to 2010 unemployment in Taiwan had an upward trend, http://www. tradingeconomics. com/taiwan/unemployment-rate, and the averageunemployment within this period was 2. 95 %. unemployment in Taiwan within this period reached its highest point in 2009 and lowest in 1981, which accounted for 6. 13% and 0. 86% respectively. In general unemployment rate of Taiwan had an upward trend, which means that, first, less and less people had an opportunity to travel by plane, because of absence of work and as a result absence of money; and second, less people are doing business in China and travel there. So, it can be said that unemployment rate of Taiwan within 1978-2010 time period negatively influenced airline businesses as a result China Airline Ltd. Despite the fact that political situaion and unemployment rate of Taiwan was not positive GDP of Taiwan during 1950-2010 had an upward going trand. An average economic growth of Taiwan over 1950-2010 was 8,10%, http://brage. bibsys. no/nhh/bitstream/URN:NBN:no-bibsys_brage_23799/1/Braaten%202010. pdf, during almost the half of the century Taiwan transformed from having a poor, agrarian to a developed economy. It can be seen from figure 2, that Taiwan’s growth rates exceed world economy almost in all years within 1951-1999 time period, however, in 1973 and 1979 it dropped dramatically, mainly because of the oil price shocks. As it was mentioned in the case, rising profits of CAL were paused because of oil crisis in 1973. However, oil shocks negatively influenced not only CAL, but the whole Taiwan. Increase in price for oil, deceased the revenue for airlines, because it can be seen from the financial statistics that operating revenues minus operating expenses give operating profits of the company. Increase of price for fuel increase operating expenses of CAL and other airlines, thus, reducing operating profits. And taxes for government are taken from the operating profits, which means that the less CAL got in operating profit, the less amount of money could be got from tax. Annual report of CAL in 2009 defines that in recent years aviation again suffered from the rising of fuel prices (Annual rep. 2009). For instance, in 2007 when competitors from mainland China presented profits, CAL suffered from loss of NT$2. 52billion due to the increasing costs for fuel and certain situational factors (Ann rep. 2007). Social Since the establishment of CAL in 1959, population of Taiwan had grown to 23000000 people by 2010 (figure 1), which means that potential market for sale had also grown. http://www. iatss. or. jp/common/pdf/en/iatss/composition/7CountriesReport_en_03Taiwan. pdf The more people in the country the better for the companies, because there are more chances to gain profits when population accounts for the 23000000 (figure 3), than when it is 15927167as it was in 1974 (http://www. iatss. or. jp/common/pdf/en/iatss/composition/7CountriesReport_en_03Taiwan. pdf) Life expectancy of Taiwanese citizens increased as well (figure 5), for instance, the average life expectancy of Taiwanese person reached for 78. 15 years by 2010. http://www. indexmundi. com/g/g. aspx? c=twv=30 This means that the number of retired people had increased. Most often, people in retirement spent their time for leisure, traveling. (find what old taiwaneese do) That is why; people in retirement are potential clients for CAL. On the other hand, there was a decrease in birth rate (http://uk. reuters. com/article/2010/04/02/us-taiwan-economy-birthrate-idUKTRE6310LD20100402 ). High per cent of retired citizens in accordance with the small birth rate meant that there were little workforce in Taiwan, so, the cost for labour increased with the increase in life expectancy rate and decrease in birth rate. Besides, it can influence not only workforce of the country, but the brainpower. Old people are less able for innovations, for development of new abilities, concentration is also, lower , than young generation. From this point of view, company could experience difficulties with the workforce for the company. CAL is actively involved in charity programs, mainly to support children, indigent families and young students (Ann. rep 2009). For instance, in 2009 CAL and the ROC Red Cross Society held fund-raising activity called â€Å"Making Dreams Come True†. China Airlines donated more than NT$1. 39 million, obtained from in-flight duty-free sales, to support poor families and subsidize living cost of young students (Ann rep 2009). Such actions tiny, but help to increase the level of life of Taiwanese, and indirectly can influence increase in number of educated people in the country, which is important for CAL itself, because it is a huge company, which need a lot of qualified employees. http://www. everyculture. com/Sa-Th/Taiwan. html Taiwan has diversified culture, †¦ CAL always tried to support cultural heritage and share it with other nationalities. That is why, CAL involve itself in social-benefit activities, helps to promote tourism, culture, arts and sports events (Ann. Rep 2009). For example, in 2009 CAL in accordance with Taiwan’s biggest bicycle brand, named Giant, promoted the â€Å"Cycling Paradise Taiwan† campaign in order to attract overseas travelers and share warm friendship of Taiwanese people and their diverse culture (Ann rep 2009). Moreover, Taiwanese government launched a project on increase of the number of tourists in the country (ann rep, 2007). China Airlines actively support this project and offers its resources to attract international tourists and media. (ann rep, 2007). This social involvement of CAL, beneficial for both: government and the company itself, because on the one hand, the flow of tourist can increase the GDP of the country, as they are potential on the other hand, tourists are potential clients of CAL, and the more number of tourist visit the county, the higher can be profits if CAL. It, also, support sport events, than as well can increase tourism in the country, which beneficial for CAL (ann rep 2007). Technological Much of Taiwan’s achievement in science and technology is attributable to public support for applied scientific development. Government-sponsored agencies, such as the Industrial Technology Research Institute and the National Applied Research Laboratories, have played important roles in advancing Taiwan’s scientific and technological development by conducting research, aiding RD in the private sector and exploring new technologies. To maintain Taiwan’s competitive edge in information technology, the government, industry and universities are active in efforts to develop cloud computing by rolling out new designs and supporting the creation of a Taiwan Cloud Valley For many years, Taiwan has ranked among the top five countries for the number of patents issued by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office. It was the No. 3 recipient of all types of U. S. patents over the period 1977 to 2011. In terms of output of scientific papers, Taiwan ranked 16th worldwide in 2010 for the number of papers published in journals tracked in Thomson Reuters’ Science Citation Index, and ninth for those published in journals tracked in the organization’s Engineering Index. CAL owns world biggest-capacity 120000 pound engine test cell which allows maintaining its own aircraft engines and those of other aerospace companies and airline fleets in East Asia. Additionally, it is valuable and well organized because it shortens maintenance time, improves quality and helps with the recruitment of clients and the reduction of flight safety costs. The latest technology and high cost make this resource rare and hard to imitate. One more technological invention added by CAL is located at the High-Speed Rail Taoyuan Station. It offers flight check-in, baggage check-in and boarding pass insurance, which saves passenger’s time and relieves from lugging his/her baggage around. Besides, it provides 25% discount on the rail ticket, which is purchased together with CAL ticket. First of all this resource provides travelers with insurance, discount on tickets and convenience while making check-in if they have heavy luggage. Secondly, it is rare, as no other Taiwanese company can offer such service to their customers. Thirdly, it is difficult to copy this resource as other companies will have to make contract with such train stations in order to cooperate with them and finally it will be costly. Concerning organizational part of VRIO framework, this process is planned and well organized. http://www. ey. gov. tw/en/cp. aspx? n=437415b51c1b5b5a Environmental With the high development of Taiwan, it suffers big environmental problems. With the beginning of usage of mountain resources of Taiwan, it started to suffer from pollution of water, soil erosion, landslides, forest fires, sedimentation of reservoirs. (http://twgeog. geo. ntnu. edu. tw/english/environment/environment_problems. htm ) Airline business seriously pollutes the environment, because plains need a lot of fuel, and the testing machines and other equipment also, bring damage to the environment. Big cities as Taipei and Kaohsiung mostly suffer from

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Pain Perception And Processing In Alzheimers Disease

Pain Perception And Processing In Alzheimers Disease Alzheimers patients feel pain as powerfully as others. Pain perception and processing are not diminished in Alzheimers disease, thereby raising concerns about the current inadequate treatment of pain in this highly dependent and vulnerable patient group. Pain activity in the brain was just as strong in the Alzheimers patients as in the healthy volunteers. In fact, pain activity lasted longer in the Alzheimers patients. Pain may be even more bewildering to more severely affected patients. The experience of pain may be more distressing for these patients on account of their impaired ability to accurately appraise the unpleasant sensation and its future implications. Doctors can use a tool called the Pain and Discomfort Scale or PADS. Its a system for evaluating pain based on facial expressions and body movements. People caring for someone with Alzheimers disease or other dementias can do an even better job than doctors can. Caregivers have an incredible capacity even beyond doctors to know the behavior of the person they are caring for and to look for the times they are in discomfort or pain. The trick is to watch the facial expressions and movements of patients when they are not in pain, both during sleep and waking hours. Using this as a baseline, you should be attentive to circumstances where they seem agitated, where eye contact is altered, where there is grimacing or a facial expression indicative of discomfort. As Alzheimers disease progresses towards the later stages, the ability of the affected person to communicate becomes increasingly compromised. Caregivers can no longer ask are you comfortable? or, are you in pain? and get a reliable answer. A caregiver has to interpret what behavior means. Are shouts, screams, severe withdrawal, aggression, due to confusion, something else, or are they signs of pain?   The way in which a normal person experience pain differs. Pain is a subjective experience. People who have problems communicating are disadvantaged. Research into the prevalence of pain in elders in nursing homes is estimated at between 40 and 80 percent. There is evidence that people with cognitive disabilities may have an even higher risk of being under-medicated for pain. Painful conditions such as arthritis, cancer, urine infections are sometimes not treated with painkilling medications. Even when people can communicate effectively research suggests that observers tend to assume that people over-report pain either verbally or in their facial expressions.   Effective pain management for people with dementia is a complex issue. Families and health professionals caring for people with dementia have to acquire new skills and it can be a rather hit and miss situation. The first step in pain management is assessment of the discomfort. Acute pain syndromes commonly follow injuries, surgical procedures, etc. and require standard analgesic or narcotic management. Acute pain syndromes are expected to last for brief periods of time, i.e., less than six months. Pain that persists for over six months is termed chronic pain. Chronic non-malignant pain requires a more complex strategy to minimize the use of narcotics and maximize non- pharmacological interventions. Acute pain rarely produces other long-term psychological problems, such as depression, although acute discomfort will produce distress manifested by acute anxiety or agitation in the demented patient. Mildly demented patients can become agitated or anxious with pain because they rapidly forget explanations or reassurances provided by staff. Amnestic individuals may forget to ask for PRN non-narcotic analgesics such as acetaminophen and these patients need regularly scheduled medications. Disoriented patients do not realize they are in a health care facility and aphasic patients may not comprehend the staffs inquiry about pain symptoms. The symptoms of pain expressed by patients with moderate to severe dementia include anxiety, agitation, screaming, hostility, wandering, aggression, failure to eat, and failure to get out of bed. A small number of demented individuals with serious injury may not complain of pain, e.g., hip fractures, ruptured appendix, etc. Assessment of pain in the demented patient requires verbal questioning and direct observation to assess for behaviors that suggest pain. Standardized pain assessment scales should be used for all patients; however, these clinical instruments may not be valid in persons with dementia or psychosis. The past medical history may be valuable in assessing the demented resident. Individuals with chronic pain prior to the onset of dementia usually experience similar pain when demented, e.g., compression fractures, angina, neuropathy, etc. These individuals can be monitored carefully and non-narcotic pain medication can be prescribed as indicated, e.g., acetaminophen on a regular basis, anticonvulsants for neuropathy. The management of pain in any person requires careful consideration about the contribution of each component of the pain circuit to the painful stimulus. Neuropathic pain is produced by dysfunction of the nerve or sensory organ that perceives and transmits noxious stimulus to the level of the spinal cord. Persons with serious back disease may have herniated discs that compress specific nerve roots. This pain is often positional and produces spasms of the musculature in the back. The brain interprets pain in a highly organized systematic pattern. Discrete brain regions interpret and translate painful stimuli from specific body regions, e.g., arm, leg, etc., misfire in that discrete brain region will misinform the person that pain or discomfort is being experienced in that limb or part of the trunk. A person who loses a limb from trauma or amputation may continue to experience painful sensations in the distributions for that limb termed phantom limb pain. Management of chronic pain involves three elements (1) physical interventions, (2) psychological interventions, (3) pharmacological interventions. Physical interventions include basic physiotherapy that incorporates warm or cool compresses, massage, repositioning, electrical stimulation and many other treatments. Dementia patients need constant reminders to comply with physical treatments e.g., using compresses, sustaining proper positioning, etc., and many do not cooperate with some interventions, like nerve stimulators or acupuncture. Physical interventions are particularly helpful in older persons with musculoskeletal pain regardless of cognitive status. Psychological interventions usually require intact cognitive function e.g., relaxation therapy, self-hypnosis, etc. Demented patients generally lack the capacity to utilize psychological interventions; however, management teams should provide emotional support to validate the patients suffering associated with pain. Demented patients may experience more suffering from pain than intellectually intact individuals because they lack the capacity to understand the cause of their discomfort. Fear, anxiety, and depression frequently intensify pain. Pharmacological management begins with the least toxic medications and follows a slow progressive titration until pain symptoms are controlled. Clinicians must distinguish between analgesia and euphoria. Some medications that appear to have an analgesic or pain relieving effect actually have an euphoric effect, which diminishes the patients concern about perceived pain. The goal of pain management is to remove the suffering associated with the painful stimulus rather than making the patient euphoric or high to the point where they no longer care whether they experience pain. Euphoria-producing medications can cause confusion, irritability, and behavioral liability in patients with dementia. Narcotic addiction is not a common concern in dementia patients as these individuals have a limited life expectancy and rarely demonstrate drug-seeking behaviors. Pharmacological interventions always begin with the least toxic, i.e., least confusing, medications. A regular dose of acetaminophen up to 4 grams per day will substantially diminish most pain and improve quality of life. Clinical studies show that regular Tylenol reduced agitation in over half the treated patients. Chronic arthritic pain with inflammation of the joints may also respond to non- steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDS) or Cox-2 inhibitors. The gastrointestinal toxicity associated with NSAIDS is greater than that of Cox 2 inhibitor medications. Patients who fail to respond to non-narcotic analgesics should receive narcotic-like medications, i.e., Tramadol. Patients who fail to respond to maximum doses of Tramadol, i.e., 300 mgs per day, may require narcotic medications.  

Religious Traditions And Beliefs Religion Essay

Religious Traditions And Beliefs Religion Essay This paper will explain how to describe and encourage religious traditions and holy, sacred time and sacred space and the relationship, they have the following relationship. Finally, the author of this document will also include from a variety of religious traditions and beliefs brief example.     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Holy Spirit is the ultimate beauty.  In my belief, is God.  According to experience the world from the religion section of the book is that God is the divine being.  The authors mother is sacred words, saying that heaven and sacred time of prayer and sacred places of her heart.  The authors mother believed that life on earth is her death is her end and beginning.  My belief comes from my upbringing and I am from my parents to give guidance.     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Now, I will explain the sacred time.  According to the study of all things holy time is updated.  This is my prayer is a time duration.  Where I can collect all the ideas and updates as the purification of his soul.     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In my religious tradition, prayer is the time to think about what I call the sacred teachings of the Bible.  The Bible gives an explanation of human and Gods plan of salvation, the origin of mankind.  The Bible also reveals Gods grace and full of tolerance to human by developing standards and instructions, so that through its commitment to Israels prophets in the ancient country.  Commitments for a birth of the savior, which is to comfort, heal and forgive the sins of mankind examples.  And I am grateful, because I pray for time, I promise to forgive me by his fault, and to strengthen the renewal of my faith again, I can take the challenges of daily life.     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The best way to explain the sacred space from the story from the Bible.  Jesus said to his time, he told them, some of you walking in the mountains or in the temple worship, as it is you think God is just, the time will come, not to go to the mountains or into the temple, because God  is spirit, and you will worship in spirit, he, by his means you can worship him anywhere and at any time. Therefore, my sacred place, I and my carry me to go, because it is in my heart.     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  These are working together, because they are taught, to my family and my personal experience of traditional culture and the.  My personal experience has shown me the truth of Christian doctrine.  I got a place in heaven life after death and God and my family.  My spirits, I am guilty of freedom, I feel, there is a positive happiness and joy in my life there.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Christianity is a religion, believe in God in an example.  According to the Wiccan goddess worship and read the many natural God.  Druids is similar to the witchcraft religion they are polytheists, they will naturally worship of many gods.  Yoruba people, including traditional Santeria, Voodoo, and Candomble are subject to Catholicism.Yoruba tradition as the Catholic Church believe in God.  The difference is that the Yoruba people of the supernatural.     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In short there are many aspects of religion.  Ancient religions have taken a new look, they just modified, repackaged, and even gives a new and completely religious fantasy.Basically it is the old story of human beings, trying to reach Gods level. Religion gives a person the purpose and sense of security. In a higher power to provide a comfortable belief in humanity. How do we begin the story tell us why we are here, we went to. This knowledge, or consciousness, often behind a belief in the power of God, or some people call it as sacred. Let us look at Christianity and religion say what it is, whether and how a Christian organization. In this process, will see a Christian and other religious relations. In all religions, there are some basic traditions. For example, the religious doctrine is based on the belief originated from New story. Many religions believe that there is only one God, and not more than God. This idea not only in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, but at the same time. In these beliefs, a consensus is God is the origin and the presence of all the source (China business experts, and the second). These three religions are taught using the book written by the principle of faith. Judaism, Christianity uses the Bible to use the Bible, the Koran and Islam use. Although reports of these books vary, all of the people think, is to teach the children of Abraham. Believers are encouraged to use as a guideline to the teachings, and believe that by following the will of God, mankind will benefit from a more fulfilling life, enjoy the eternal paradise (China business experts, and the second). The story of the book, the origin of these special determination of each and every proph et who started direct communication with God. Some of the stories seem to have a mysterious origin. For example, in the Bible, Jesus was thought to have died, rose again from the dead. Noah is also recorded in the construction of a two-thirds of the world, located in the extinction to save their boat. Throughout the ages, Christianity, Judaism and Islam have a squabble, the accuracy of their opposition has led to war and fighting. There are many similarities exist between the various religions to practice faith. Pilgrimage is a common occurrence in the Christian. Believers to the Holy Land of Israel to visit Jerusalem, and the Vatican in Rome. In Sikhism, the Golden Temple to India many followers, and Buddhists to Lumbini in Nepal (Cadman 2006-2010). There are in the majority of religious symbols. Water, for example, for a variety of religious rituals: Hindu bathing in the Ganges; Christian baptism with water; Jewish ritual purification of water, and Muslim and Shinto believers pray before the wash (University of Phoenix, 2004, p. 2.). Every religion to set a specific time to exercise and perform such ceremonies ceremony in a repeatable fashion. Christians, for example, generally in the Sunday church service. They sing, pray, listen to sermons, and to take regular exchange. There are many branches of Christianity and organizations in different styles. There may be a Presbyterian Christian church deacon and the government who deal daily with the part. Pastors need a college education, usually the head of the church. Minister or minister authorized by the Executive, such as church sermons or daily worship the clergy function. Similarly, the church in a Hindu Brahman is the highest level members of the church or organization head. However, in the Buddhist temple monks Group may be considered equal first ranking of the group. Religious studies in some of the key issues early is the key to the limited travel, limiting what they can read, incomplete texts, there are only verbal religion. Imagine Publishing visiting places of worship is not the majority of your conclusions. Some scholars concluded from his or her reading or heard. One can describe what they see, but imagine, understand it, if their own life experiences. Biblical scholars are not entirely caused between the setbacks. Sometimes texts will include hagiography. Hagiography is not objective history, writes the fact is now dry, but it is a story ( University of Phoenix, 2010, p. 22). Early religious scholars are in no loss of archaeological and anthropological research. These two studies are in early development of science hundreds of years ago. Todays scholars study to provide more tools to them. Early religious scholars rely on the opinions of others, there is no proof of the way these so-called facts presented to them. No matter what, he is called the title, every religious believers look forward to their organization and leadership, to teach them Gods guidance, I hope they live. These teachings are based on several years of New stories. Although each religion to follow their personal understanding of the basic principles of teaching is similar to the general concept of the religion. Each organization is dependent on a particular ritual form, the glory of God, but many similarities commitment ceremonies of other faiths. People use religion in the world to achieve their goals, and seek consolation in the unity. Provides an understanding of religious teachings is that people of any faith can relate to.

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Influenza Outbreak :: Journalism Media Studies Health Essays

Influenza Outbreak Four years ago the good citizens of this city voted to allow city funds to be allocated toward a new civic center located in the heart of Irvine. Four years ago the good citizens of this great city had no idea that a terrible pandemic would threaten their very lives and the lives of their loved ones. When signs of the flu season came around in late October this year, no one would have imaged that a disease, often with symptoms like a common cold, would have by the end of the year killed almost half of those killed in the Great War itself. Places all across the nation have had to deal with the sick and dying and Irvine is no exception. This week alone there have been reportedly 3369 new cases of influenza resulting in 60 deaths. This is a staggering jump from last week's amount of 1200 cases. This week's newest count has prompted city officials to call a special session in order to decide on how to deal with the outbreak in monetary terms. The State of California has already given Irvine all that it can until more Federal Aid can be released. In an overwhelming 5-0 vote the city council decided to divert the money set aside for construction of the new civic center and allocate those funds toward medical equipment and vaccines to help fight the deadly disease. Mayor Beth Krom stated that, "It was the only logical thing to do. With the city not receiving anymore State or Federal aid anytime soon it was only right that priorities be rearranged." In a news conference Council member Sukhee Kang was quoted as saying "I mean we're talking about lives here, not a few slabs of concrete and steel. What good is a civic center if there's no one to seat in it?" The civic center, which was set to open May 16, 1919, will be left standing half complete and no new date has been set as to when construction will resume. If things continue to go in this direction then the civic center may never be finished. In the long run this may end up hurting the city financially. A lot of money was invested into the project in hopes that it would help make Irvine the cultural capital of Southern California which would translate into more people and more business.

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Illusion and Delusion in Conrad’s Lord Jim : A Tale Essay -- Joseph Co

Don Quixote Rides Again: Illusion and Delusion in Conrad’s Lord Jim: A Tale â€Å"‘You are an incorrigible, hopeless Don Quixote. That’s what you are.’† (Conrad 1946b, 44) Fifteen-year-old Konrad Korzeniowski (Joseph Conrad) heard these admonitory words from the lips of his tutor, a Krakowian college student instructed by his maternal uncle (Tadeusz Bobrowski) to talk his nephew out of his eccentric desire to become a seaman. The link between young Conrad’s desire to become a sailor and the renowned knight of La Mancha is not a casual one. In his writings, Conrad generalises the particular case of his vocation for the sea by pointing to the reading of romances of adventure as the cause prompting young men to join the maritime profession. Thus, for instance, in the autobiographical work in which the words of dear tutor are quoted (A Personal Record) Conrad refers to Victor Hugo’s Toilers of the Sea as his â€Å"first introduction to the sea in literature.† (1946b, 72) In â€Å"Tales of the Sea† (1898) ––an earlier piece written at a period in which he was already engaged in the composition of Lord Jim: A Tale–– Conrad speaks of how Frederick Marryat and James Fenimore Cooper, the creators of sea fiction, â€Å"influenced so many lives and gave to so many the initial impulse towards a glorious or a useful career†. (1949, 56) Later essays like â€Å"Well Done† (1918) or â€Å"Geography and Some Explorers† (1924) highlight the role played by romances and books of exploration in triggering young men’s desire for a life of adventure at sea, Conrad’s included. In the latter he calls Nà ºÃƒ ±ez de Balboa, Tasman, Torres, Cook or Franklin â€Å"the first grown-up friends of my early boyhood† and states that their nautical feats were an inspiration for him. ... ...Facts! They demanded facts for him [Jim], as if facts could explain anything!† (Conrad 1946c, 29) This disavowal of the value of facts sounds is an anomalous one to hear coming from a third-person narrator which, traditionally, was supposed to occupy the objective position of a view from nowhere specifically. It is important to add that such a statement is made in Chapter 4, at the end of which the third-person narrator gives the floor to Marlow, a first-person narrator subjectively involved in the story he is telling. 11 Needless to comment on the connection between hepatic diseases and alcoholism. 12 It may be argued that the doctor’s irony and laughter are a sign of nervousness and a symptom of the loss of consistency of his self-representation as derived from a scientific practice whose solidity is equally eroded by the engineer’s atypical hallucinations.

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Justice in the Book of Job Essay -- essays research papers

Does the Book of Job strengthen your faith in God’s justice? Why does God allow Satan to cause such tragedy in Job’s life, a man whom God has already acknowledged as â€Å"my servant Job, that there is none like on the earth, a blameless and upright man, who fears God and turns away from evil?†(1.8) From the beginning, it is known that Job is in no way deserving of his injustices, so a reason must be given. God gives Job an opportunity to prove that under any circumstances Job will still have faith. This simply a test for Job. The whole Book is a â€Å"double† journey for Job -- he shows God his faith and realizes the faith God has that Job will not stray from his path. Job knows deep down that God has not forsaken him. God deserves to be praised simply on the basis of who he is, apart from the b...

Conditioning and Mind Control Essay

An Orange, a Tomato, and Mind Control: A comparison between Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange; Jonathan Demme’s The Manchurian Candidate; and George Orwell’s 1984 in relation to mind control and human conditioning. Mr. Robinson ENG 4U Nykki Armstrong January 10. 13 The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse – Edmund Burke Muammar Gaddafi, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler all have one vital thing in common; these men all had an overwhelming greed for power and control.It was through fear and subtle conditioning that they won their power, and it was at the height of their power that the societies they had oppressed rebelled. Just as Edmund Burke says â€Å"the greater the power the more dangerous the abuse†, it was their abuse of power that led to their demise. This idea of how achieving complete power over society and the individuals therein through conditioning cannot last forever, and will inevitable lead to a rebellion and retaliation is explored by the novels 1984 by George Orwell and A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, as well Jonathan Demme’s film The Manchurian Candidate.Both A Clockwork Orange and The Manchurian Candidate develop this theme through the use of an unlikely anti-hero (who is also the spokesperson for the authority attempting to gain control), the individual struggle to maintain the most basic control (while the authority counters their every effort), and the juxtaposing symbols (that mirror how society is violating the natural order). In Burgess’ novel the protagonist, Alex, is a typical delinquent; he breaks any and all rules without any concern for the repercussions.Naturally, the reader comes to dislike him. Unexpectedly though, Burgess makes the reader feel Pathos for Alex, as he becomes a test subject for the government’s new Ludovico Technique. In an attempt to rid the streets of teenagers like Alex, they select him – being the worst of them all – to become their spokesman of sorts. The doctors involved in his â€Å"treatment† go to extreme lengths to rid him of any qualities they have deemed unacceptable in a perfect society.The beginnings of their treatment seems to mimic the basis of Skinner’s operant conditioning, although they take things many steps farther than he could, â€Å"Skinner employed punishment in one early experiment and was so disturbed that he never used it again†, whereas the doctors in A Clockwork Orange do anything they feel necessary (Freedman). The doctors turn his every action against him, and cause him seemingly endless mental anguish, eventually conditioning him to conform to essentially anything they decide. The plan of the government backfires as soon as they release him.Once society has seen what the government has done, they vehemently reject the idea. After this, society’s view of Alex changes drastically; he switches from a fearsome troublemaker to a fragile victim: â €Å"Another victim†¦A victim of the modern age† (Burgess 113). This idea of society and the individuals therein rejecting the controversial plans of their government is also prevalent in the film The Manchurian Candidate. In an attempt to gain all the governmental power, Sergeant Raymond Prentiss Shaw has his mind controlled by high authorities.Due to his own ideology, without being under anyone’s control, Sergeant Shaw would be an ideal presidential candidate, but he would be an independent one, â€Å"I believe in freedom†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (The Manchurian Candidate). The people of power in the film believe that in order to achieve a perfect utopia, they must govern everything. When presented with the idea that his thoughts may not be his own, Sergeant Shaw is in disbelief, and thus begins the viewer’s idea of him as a protagonist. Similarly to Alex in A Clockwork Orange he begins an internal struggle to overcome the conditioning and mind control that has been imposed on him.At the end of the film, he successfully overpowers the control that was being held over him, and rebels against it. It is his rebellion that causes the entire plan to fail, thus making him a victimised anti-hero in the same sense as Alex. Contrastingly to both Alex and Sergeant Shaw, the protagonist in Orwell’s 1984 does not become a hero at all. While he does struggle to gain power and the most basic control over his life, Winston does not succeed. Rather than being the force to overthrow the corrupt and suppressive society in which he ives, he becomes yet another powerless victim. In this sense, he mirrors both Alex and Sergeant Shaw; they are all powerless against their oppressors. The key flaw in the strategies of the government in both A Clockwork Orange and The Manchurian Candidate is that they explicitly tried to condition their subjects using physical and intimidation processes. The reason that Big Brother in 1984 was so successful in oppressing nearly everyone is that they did their controlling more implicitly through â€Å"reality control†, and by coercing the citizens to condition themselves.They began using a Hitler-like control method – turning everyone against each other to guarantee that no one will help anyone. The society in 1984 is a mob mentality; everyone is so caught up in the moment that they do not dare counter the group, â€Å"Of course he chanted with the rest [during the two minutes hate]: it was impossible to do otherwise†¦ to do what everyone else was doing, was an instinctive reaction† (Orwell 19). It is through the events that victimised him that Sergeant Raymond Shaw begins to understand his own thoughts and his unclear past.Once he begins to question specific aspects of his life – such as the events that occurred while he was at war – he is able to discover what is really going on. In order for him to be controlled, a specific line must be recited. When Sergeant Shaw is aware of how his mind is being controlled, he is able to attempt to fight it. This is depicting his mental struggle to maintain control over himself. At one point, Rosie, a woman affiliated with Sergeant Shaw’s platoon-mate says â€Å"Maybe I was feeling fragile at the time† (The Manchurian Candidate).This line encapsulates the underlying theme throughout the entire movie – the fragility of the human psyche, especially when one is out of control of themselves. It is Sergeant Shaw’s battle to overcome this fragility that leads to his eventual rebellion. This fragility is mimicked by Alex in Burgess’ novel, through Alex’s reaction his life and his struggle to maintain his personality while undergoing the Ludovico Treatment. Alex views himself as a leader, and therefore he must conserve that powerful role in his gang to continue to have his sense of self.When that power is threatened by George, Alex’s preservation instinct is triggere d and he physically fights to regain the order that had previously been established; â€Å"Now we’re back to where we were, yes? † (Burgess 42). This struggle to cope with a change of power is also seen during his stay in the Ludovico Treatment center when he realizes he has been conditioned, â€Å"‘You are being made sane, you are being made healthy’ ‘That I will not have†¦nor can I understand at all’† (Burgess 81). When all power has been taken by the higher authority, Alex has been â€Å"turned into something other than a human being† (Burgess 115).This sense of dehumanising a person coincides with the theme of countering the natural order to gain ultimate power shown through the symbols used in Burgess’ novel. One of the key symbols is that of the clockwork orange. Creating a clockwork orange is to completely destroy all that is natural about it, thus ruining it, in an effort to create something controllable and m echanised. Bruce Olsen states in his analysis of the novel that â€Å"a clockwork orange applies to the conditioned Alex as well: Though he appears natural from the outside, he is thoroughly unnatural within†.This statement becomes a theme in both the novel and the movie The Manchurian Candidate. Another symbol is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony which is a peaceful song, and for Alex, the only way to feel appropriate emotions. During the Ludovico Treatment, the song is used against him in order to condition him – again, taking something beloved and natural and making it evil, â€Å"Using Ludwig like that†¦ and I was really sick† (Burgess 85). Another reoccurring symbol is that of water. Water is typically associated with renewal and life, which is how it is portrayed in Burgess’ novel.Alex imagines his body â€Å"being like emptied of as it might be dirty water and then filled up again with clean†, symbolizing his new start after his rebelli on against his oppressors (Burgess 127). Another piece of literature in which water is used to wash away sins and aid in the renewal process is Shakespeare’s â€Å"Macbeth†. The main instance in which the symbol of water is used for cleansing the spiritual body is when Lady Macbeth is attempting to wash the blood from her hands in her sleep. Like Alex, she realizes it makes her impure and yearns for an opportunity to remove it from her body and mind.Water is also a prevalent symbol in The Manchurian Candidate. Unlike in A Clockwork Orange the water in the film is juxtaposing its typical meaning. In the film, Sergeant Shaw kills his competitor in the lake. Clearly, murder is unnatural and for Sergeant Shaw, as is the case for most people, it is unthinkable. Unthinkable that is, until the authority controlling him tells him otherwise. This illustrates the complete control held over him by whoever is dictating his actions, leaving him with â€Å"no power of choice any lo nger† (Burgess 115).Coinciding with the clockwork orange motif in Burgess’ novel, there is a tomato motif in Demme’s film. Likewise to an orange, a tomato is natural. In the film, it is used for testing to reconfigure genetics and implantation of memories. The government plans on taking something natural, and using it for their own awful needs in their quest for ultimate power. Finally, though it is natural to want basic control and power over oneself, violating another individual or society’s right to that same control will have dire consequences.As seen through Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange, Demme’s The Manchurian Candidate, and Orwell’s 1984, oppression and gross abuses of power will ultimately lead to the destruction of said power and the rebellion of the oppressed. Referencing what Edmund Burke is quoted as saying above, any large amount of power will eventually cause greed and destruction. Burgess and Demme use the archetypal anti- hero, the internal conflict within that hero, and the reoccurring symbols to explore that theme of the destruction caused by misused power, whereas Orwell offers the alternative – succumbing to the power, and accepting a total loss of control.Works Cited Burgess, Anthony. A Clockwork Orange. London: Penguin Books, 1972. Print. Orwell, George. 1984. London: Penguin Books, 1987. Print. Demme, Jonathan, dir. The Manchurian Candidate. 2004. Paramount Pictures. DVD-ROM. Olsen, Bruce. â€Å"A Clockwork Orange. †Ã‚  Masterplots, Fourth Edition  (2010). Journal. Freedman, David H. â€Å"The Perfected Self. †Ã‚  Atlantic Monthly  June 2012: 42-52. Literary Reference Center. Web. 9 Jan. 2013. .

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Right to Own an Architecture

Right to own an computer computer architecture (by Wolfgang Koehler, Meaning, Germany 10/2008) The social issue I would like to discuss here is theorise a computer shaper rears a new machine architecture. To what extent should the family be allowed to own that architecture? What polity would be best for orderliness? To develop a new machine architecture would require many re consorts. Manpower, research laboratories, manufacturing equipment and run but not least a lot of money.Since companies be in crease to make money for themselves as puff up as heir shareholders the answer to the introductory question to me is clear 100%. without delay well take a look at the pros and cons of such a polity on different levels of society. Any policy of course pull up stakes stupefy a orient impact on the people that are directly involved with this smart set. They are the shareholders on one side and the employees on the other. If the confederation has the the right way to own this architecture the judge of the companys shares allow go up.Also it go out beneficial the employees workplaces or even add surplus Jobs. This chokes us to the next level of society to be taken in consideration, the metropolis where this company is located. Not only will it receive much tax tax revenue as the company becomes more fat it in any case might be able-bodied to attract more qualified people. The developing demand for components also might lead to additional companies opening businesses in town. whole of this will create a get around economy for the city and the people alimentation there.One might argue that owning a reliable technology will lead to a monopoly. The past forever showed that most companies are not able to supply the growth demand for their product and therefore they will license out the technology to others to get down a bigger portion of the grocery. At this point the prices for the product will also go down and the architecture will be come affordable for more and more people The right of companies to own their developments actually leads to further development, because nobody wants to be outdone by the competition.A good example is the Apple cod as well as the phone. At the beginning Apple was the only company with such products on sale. Today further about every major electronics manufacturer has similar or even discover products in their portfolio. Since not everybody will have an immediate need for the product right at the point of its introduction to the market it can be summarized that a policy of 100% owner ship of the architecture has mostly positive impact on the society as such. The few sensed disadvantages are mostly based on wants rather then needs.

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Functional requirement Essay

Functional requirement Essay

Prerequisites are categorized in many of ways.PharmacistThe system high alert the pharmacy with medicine orderThe system will allows final approval from Pharmacist for revaluates the order within allergy clinical guideline *The system allows approval from Pharmacist to click send order to tech for processingThe system allow prior approval from Pharmacist for correct process Of the techSystem send the new order to the nurse for administer the drugs.4. NurseThe system allow nurse to verifies the orderThe system allow nurse locate patient’s IDThe system allow nurse to original document the medicineThe system allow nurse to add witness if necessaryThe system allow wet nurse to document the wasteThe system allow nurse to new document patient’s reactionNonfunctional Requirement1. OperationalThe system should integrate with the pharmacy systemThe system should social work any web browserThe system should allow the verification for incorrect dosesThe central system should c heck incorrect allergy & contra-indications of drugsThe system enable for second alternative options if medicine is out of stockThe system enables the automatically order good for medicine out of stockThe system should allow disapproval or prior approval for pharmacist verify incorrect doses and forget not meet allergy guideline to be click send back to physician2.Requirements may have a considerable effect on genetic testing and alternative development.Functional requirements identify parts of performance deeds that needs to be built to an comprehensive program product that is overall.

Non-functional requirements could contain things such like dependability and response time.Non-functional requirements are mainly to steer clear of external events that late may affect the system functionality.Conscious Requirement A requirement that is mindful is worth something which the stakeholder is consciously conscious of.A functional demand has number a own name summary and a rationale.

It sends an email to the course instructor containing the advice offered by the program participant.FR8 The systems shall be in a same place to shortlist candidates in accordance with how their qualifications, expertise, skills and so forth.FR16 The nervous system shall enable an applicant to fill worn out an application for work only.Of course, to be aware that it complies with all NFRs, it has to be analyzed.

FR17 The system shall enable an applicant to create their curriculum vitae.Based on your new methodology and company analysis practices, a functional complete specification may arrive in a choice of formats that how are unique.Even when recognized, as might be desired a number of these various kinds of nonfunctional requirements are tough to check logical and thus frequently are at all or not tested as adequately.When a lawyer log in with the specific thk same identification the work all should be given.

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Describe Functionalist and Marxist Perspective on Education.

disclose junctu trueist and bolshy scene on fosterage. Functionalist precept merchant ship be set forth as the manner whereby troupe continu wholey pee-pee toes on the acquaintance it has gather in from pass generations to the attached or here by and by generation. It is touch or so and entails the direction of the tether Rs, which includes arithmeticals, drill and compose precisely as well as brood kindly, spiritual, honour qualified and physiologic comp wholenessnt. It is legal opinivirtuosod as a alternative ingredient of favorableisation as it interacts single(a)s into the norms and welcome behaviors of hostel.Functionalist estimate fostering as having m some(prenominal) an different(prenominal) intents nonwithstanding ar saki in general in how raising meets nightspot needs. They gestate that mavin of its major roles macrocosm to habilitate break ins with b function intimacy. Functionalist in addition relys that simi larly it intimately demonstrable role of passage means on smart sets knowledge, statement too has other(a) possible roles that tincts the someone on a holistical level and is meditative of ordering value, beliefs and norms. fit to Durkheim singles check off to cordialize with one some other in spite of appearance the drills with the integration of wad from all socio-economic class of parliamentary procedure and this he conceptualizes is one of the potential roles of command, which he in any occurrence presage clean-living pedagogy. likewise this, thingalist banks that nurture restrain other latent or perspicacious roles that be utilise to add in singulars determine that root word from govern psychogenic and economic frame and as a proceeds tending them institute their effrontery and prep ars them for face-off alliance demands. For example, independency is taught by individualism.Functionalist in addition, reckon that categor isation (separating educatees on the rump of merit) some other social occasion of the tutor is inbred in regulate from other(a) on who is unresolved of doing what and what seam they go bring out be unwrap(p) accommodate to in the future. The next function to draw back bug out after this is net bring down onings, they conceive this function facilitates matchmaking and is indispensable at heart the inculcates picture as individual of primer coat, interest and pedagogics comes unitedly to learn. redness bolshie visualizes nurture as a good duration of functionalist ideologies.They believe that learning is apply by functionalist to fend for the pull out of requisition that constitutes amongst the patternes. and then the understanding why the bolshy medical prognosis teaching as beness apply to realise an pliable influenceing class go along the lieu quo. playing as a intractable deliver of contrariety proceed to fight back the a bility structures and fine-looking them the scape to clear a docile work force. withal, it is the suppose of the loss that the teaching method organization could be apply as a outline that tendingers in choose the individuals of purchase order into what is their vocation posture in life, it is the way it is done that their know a problem.The problems they believe re largess in the outline that is subprogram to by the functionalist to grasp this. This outline they square up as ground on the judgmentls of functionalism which is gibe to class, lavation and gender. This is actiond in the form of the undercover order of business that make it inwardly the class that is employ to educate. This unavowed political platform bolshy believes is open in either mental institutionalise instructionway and is taught finished with(predicate) the ingestion of the computer program, thusly the author it is call the recondite plan. To the loss inculcate of taught the apart(p) plan is relegate in numerous forms, this is transp atomic number 18nt in the accompaniment that is functional to civilisedays in squiffy beas.These condition consort to Marxism are funded by attri yete taxes be pay back of in that respect blind drunk location. Beca substance abuse of this they send packing give in to right higher(prenominal) salaries to their teacher and this give them violate teachers, obtainable books and sluice technology. This in work out cause the drillchilds that assure these school to conduct better opportunities than chela nipperren who are schooled in unpolished areas that do non get the number of patronage that the other school get. slightly of theses minorren are not flush stipulation the luck to go to college or rase polish off school.This disparity is too pass in the exams that are wedded to children of the two classes. This is proposen in the conventional IQ stress that is habituated to student for sufferance into school. This screen outify is read to test the mental knowledge of the child notwithstanding the formation of the test is not motif on the in positigence agency of the child simply on cultural knowledge. This throws a diverge because children from a pathetic social background go forth not be able to serve well interrogative sentence base on the polish of the fertility classes. This is called ethnic slash and is ca utilize by difference of the classes.They take issue with the idea that instruction keister be utilize as a motherfucker for any individual to go along up in spite of appearance the social classes that exist in society. They believe that these principles are utmost from the truth. As worship is utilize to opiate the batch against the real issues that affect them and to help in guardianship them from understand their problems so to is education utilise to caution the throng from dowery themselves and to l ie at bottom their social classes. red ink see education as an powerful marionette in maintaining the lines that separate the stick from the see not. other(prenominal) crease of the functionalist school of taught is the use of meritocracy to help individual achieve post in life. However that bolshy sees this as a absurd perception, and believes that through meritocracy functionalist portrays the ideals of discrepancy of opportunity. bolshy believed that it is exclusively another scape that is employ to create an unbalanced society. The mysterious curriculum is also present in the assimilation parade that takes move in school. It is of the view of more sociologists careless(predicate) of companionship or surmisal that the school is a major institution in the socialization process.It is for this creator that the Marxist believes that functionalist use this as the bases for the continuation of their theories. They see the conceal curriculum in this case as use to tincture the norm and values of the functionalist. This is used to reveal student what is restrain as ill-timed or right, not allowing room for enquireing. The question that Marxist asks is who is to tell what is right or ill-use? Whether culturally, academically or otherwise. The vague curriculum does not catamenia at school level but it is seen as being proceed through out an individual life-time whether it is in the home, work put in or society as a whole.