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The Rate Of Ptsd Different Among Men And Women Returning...

Analyzing Dissonance in Similar Research: Is the Rate of PTSD Different Among Men and Women Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan? Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a concern for many Americans, especially soldiers. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs reports that 11-20% of military personnel who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan struggle with PTSD (PTSD: National Center for PTSD). Thankfully, extensive time, effort, and money go into researching the disorder so that psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors can provide their patients proper treatment. Today, one branch of this research focuses specifically on whether gender plays a role in the development of symptoms. The number of and roles for women in the military continue†¦show more content†¦Ultimately, a breakdown of their approaches reveals a superior article: the latter by Jacobson et al. With funding from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and the National Institute of Health, Haskell et al. set out to contribute to a growing body of research on gender differences. They obtained 1129 electronic medical records (1032 men, 197 women) from the VA Connecticut Health Care System where veterans are screened annually for PTSD. Because these data came in the form of text, Haskell et al. used a text processor to parse through the doctors’ notes and determine whether a patient had tested positive for PTSD. To assure the text processor was accurate, they randomly sampled 25 medical records for both men and women and compared the text processor’s results with a manual chart review. They confirmed significant agreement between the automated and manual reviews using a kappa test, which determines whether two operations doing the same thing do it equally well. A significant p-value for this test confirms that the automated chart review is as effective as the manua l one. After these data were prepared, they performed chi-square tests and logistic regression analyses to assess differences between genders and the role gender plays in the development of PTSD. Of the women, 22% screened positive for PTSD, and for men, 33% did. The chi-square test returned a p-value of 0.002, meaning the rates were significantly different. Taking it one stepShow MoreRelatedPtsd And Posttraumatic Stress Disorder1216 Words   |  5 PagesPTSD or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is a growing concern with our returning soldiers. As technology is advancing, battles are becoming more and more gruesome. The scars from defending your country are not only physical. Some scars may not be visible, but are even more dangerous. The trauma imbedded in these men and women’s heads will cause pain for them and their entire family. The dictionary definition of PTSD is a serious condition that can develop after a person has experienced or witnessedRead MoreAftercare for U.S. Veterans1348 Words   |  6 PagesS. Veterans: How do we repay them? â€Æ' Every day a man comes home from war. Most having left their families as boys or young men trained in tactics and combat but never being trained effectively on stress management or the dangers of PTSD. Going into war soldiers are instructed to choke it down and bury it deep. Once introduced back into civilian life, where emotions are acceptable and tactics are not the answer, how do these men survive? How do they learn to cope? And most importantly how does theRead More Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Veterans Essay2315 Words   |  10 Pagesveterans are not able to leave the horrors of war on the battlefield (â€Å"Forever at War: Veterans Everyday Battles with PTSD† 1). Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the reason why these courageous military service members cannot live a normal life when they are discharged. One out of every five military service members on combat tours—about 300,000 so far—return home with symptoms of PTSD or major depression. Acc ording to the Rand Study, almost half of these cases go untreated because of the disgraceRead MoreVeterans Are Winning The War Of Afghanistan, Losing The Battle At Home1694 Words   |  7 PagesVeterans are winning the war in Afghanistan but, losing the battle at home. Many veterans result from some kind of damage, with mental disability being the most common, because mental and emotional encumbrance comes home with the veterans when they return from war. Many of these affected veterans sign up for an eternal waiting list that does not assure them with the necessary financial help. Leaving them with little or no help, and without the help the veterans integrate the problems into theirRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Military5865 Words   |  24 PagesEXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper analyzes the cost/benefit of long-term care of Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and the constraints the Department of Veterans Affairs faces in trying to meet the needs of these Soldiers. This paper uses data collected from government sources like the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans Benefit Administration. The conclusions of the analysis are that: (a) The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is already overwhelmed by the number ofRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder1539 Words   |  7 PagesWhen a man or a women returns from a combat deployment overseas they come and everyone is happy to see them, and this has been happening since the war in Iraq and Afghanistan wars started. But what they don’t realize is that that man or woman may not be so happy to be home but they don’t quite understand why. After past wars such as World War I this type of thing was called war fatigue and they were told they were fine. But this isn’t the cause in many men and women returning home from today’s warsRead MoreThe Disgrace of Veteran Homelessness Essay1400 Words   |  6 PagesThe military has been instrumental in the protection and development of U.S interests around the world. From the Revolutionary War, which established the United States as a nation, through the World Wars, which set up the U.S as one of the world super powers, to its current war on terror, the military has helped and protected U.S. interests around the world. During all these wars American soldiers have proudly served their country. Because of these wars America is famous throughout the world forRead MoreThe Effects Of Reintegration As A Factor Influencing Suicide Rates Among Veterans1035 Words   |  5 PagesINTRODUCTION (WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?) Returning home after periods of service on active duty, in any capacity, is something for veterans to look forward to, and so many veterans do well after service, but a large number seem to face service-related challenges, as do not receive the care and services required for successful transition to civilian life. [1][6] The stress that comes with attempting to reintegrate into civilian society is only one of many that contributes to suicidal ideation, soRead MoreVeterans Adapting to Civilian Life1226 Words   |  5 Pagesprobes three articles of various scholars in the field of media writing, nutrition, and psychology, using an analytical method, this essay examines the rhetorical appeals of scholarly reports that identify issues that affect veterans as they transit from military life to civilian life. For the purpose of this paper, three stories are considered: â€Å"War s Aftermath: Easing the Return to Civilian Life† by Sara Frueh and Christine Stencel; â€Å"Ex-se rvice personnel struggle to cope with civilian life† by RadhikaRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )1584 Words   |  7 PagesPost-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious illness among the men in our military. Gates et al. (2012) defines PTSD as, a psychiatric condition that is experienced by a subset of individuals after exposure to an event that involved life threat and elicited feelings of fear, helplessness, and/or horror in the individual (p.361). In some environments, this is a daily occurrence for many members of the military, but more specifically the significant impact it has on the groups of men that conduct patrols

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Themes in Othello Essays - 994 Words

Themes in Shakespeares Othello Throughout Shakespeares play, Othello, there are many themes interwoven to describe the authors perspective of the true nature of a mans soul. Three themes critical to the play are doubt versus trust, monstrous imagery and the fallible love of man. One central theme of the play is the major contrast of doubt versus trust. For whatever reason, Othellos trust of Desdemona is too weak to resist Iagos accusations. As happens in many of Shakespeares works, miscommunication and mistrust lead to prepostrous conclusions (1. 3. 323). Othellos heart tells him that Desdemona loves him; however the critical Iago can dismantle Othellos trust in his wife by planting seeds doubt through what appears to†¦show more content†¦3. 241). Othello fails to see that honor cannot be subject to empirical proof. Shakespeares exploration of the concept of jealousy leads to the theme of the human minds predisposition to favor the monstrous. Monsters of the human psyche are self-generating, even without the prodding of an evil manipulator such as Iago. He feeds this compulsion by encouraging Othello to behold, in his minds eye, his wife being topped by Cassio (3. 3. 412). When jealousy is labeled as a monster in the play, it is used to suggest how one can be overtaken by a passion. Iago defines jealousy as the green-eyed monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on (3. 3. 179-80), a foul parasite that torments its host. When Emilia explains jealousy to be a monster begot upon itself, born on itself (3. 4. 157), she underscores its self-generating nature. Jealous souls do not need real events to fuel their suspicions because, Emilia explains, they are not ever jealous for the cause (3. 4. 154-55). When Cassio is demoted for drunkenness, he laments that humans transform ourselves into beasts through alcohol that also provides joy, pleasance, revel (2. 3. 257-58). And for Othello, consuming jealousy transforms him into a violent predator that performs the monstrous act, as Montano describes it, of murdering Desdemona (5. 2. 197). Iago serves as a catalyst to carry out this monstrousShow MoreRelatedTheme Of Jealousy In Othello962 Words   |  4 PagesShakespeare often has common themes throughout all of his poems which include love, death, and betrayal. When talking about Othello, all of these major themes are presented. Although, the major theme is jealousy. Throughout the play, jealousy is shown in each character in some way and drives the decisions that they make. The beginning starts with Rodrigo being covetous of Othello for being with Desdemona, and at the end where Othello is envious because he believes Desdemona is having an affair withRead MoreTheme Of Manipulation In Othello806 Words   |  4 Pagesstudents, Shakespeare’s great tragedy ‘Othello’ sparks an interest in the audience as it represents the destructive nature that manipulation, deception and jealousy has on personal relationships. Focusing on Act 1 Scene 1 we will explore the catalytic natures of manipulation, deception jealousy, as well as the overall significance the scene harbours as the crux of the play, representing many ideas foreshadowing of what is to come throughout the rest of ‘Othello’. Shakespeare sets the scene on theRead MoreTheme Of Manipulation In Othello939 Words   |  4 PagesIn the play Othello by William Shakespeare, revenge and manipulation plays a major role. The manipulator is Iago and the fool is Roderigo. Throughout the play Iago takes advantage of many people but Roderigo is the most used. This essay will describe explain manipulation, persuasion, and deception between alliances. Read MoreThe Theme Of Honesty In Othello757 Words   |  4 Pages Honesty is a concept that is constantly used in The Tragedy of Othello: The Moor of Venice, although used for the wrong people. The theme of appearance vs. reality in this certain play is easily confused due to the deception of honesty, frequently because of Iago. The notions of loyalty/dishonesty as well as love/lust, rich/poor, and witty/dumb are also used as a dramatic irony to help the drama progress. The characters in the play used cunning tactics to achieve their ultimate goal, whether itRead MoreThemes In Othello Essay2144 Words   |  9 Pagesalso be found as a link on the â€Å"Othello Song† document in the class folder. Centre Square Assignment 1. Themes in Othello Love - Othello says, â€Å"For know Iago, // But that I love the gentle Desdemona, // I would not my unhoused free condition // Put into circumscription and confine // For the sea’s worth.†(Shakespeare, I.ii.24-27) This quote supports the theme of love found in the play Othello by William Shakespeare. This can be seen in how invested Othello seems to be emotionally when speakingRead More Othello: Themes Essay1946 Words   |  8 PagesOthello: Themes  Ã‚        Ã‚   How many themes course through the Shakespearean tragedy Othello? Let us in this essay analyze the variety and depth of the themes in this play.    Lily B. Campbell in Shakespeare’s Tragic Heroes indicates that hate is the theme on which this play opens:    It is then on a theme of hate that the play opens. It is a hate of inveterate anger. It is a hate that is bound up with envy. Othello has preferred to be his lieutenant a military theorist, one MichaelRead MoreTheme Of Cruelty In Othello720 Words   |  3 Pagesmotivation or a major social or political factor. In the play Othello by Shakespeare cruelty functions as a crucial motivation, creating a theme of being careful with who can be trusted because, you never know if they’re telling the whole truth. Throughout the play, diction, dramatic irony, and characterization were used to further emphasis the theme. The characterization of Othello contributes to theme in many different ways. Othello is someone who everyone seemed to trust. â€Å"This only is the witchcraftRead MoreTheme Of Manipulation In Othello826 Words   |  4 PagesIn Shakespeares play, Othello, jealousy and manipulation is a common recurring theme. This is apparent with the characters that resonate jealousy and/or manipulation. Bianca, a Cyprian courtesan is one example of these characters. With a total of fifteen lines, Bianca is indeed a minor part of the plot, however, her role in the play holds a certain significance that makes her one of the most impactful characters in the play. Bianca is introduced in the play with an encounter with Cassio, the manRead MoreTheme Of Manipulation In Othello1210 Words   |  5 Pages The play, Othello, written by William Shakespeare is full of betrayal, death, and manipulation. It is a tragic play which follows the theme Shakespeare carries throughout most of his plays. Othello is a play about love and death and everything in between. Eric Iliff summarizes, â€Å"Othello is essentially a play about human nature and its ability to turn against itself, and a man whose inability to obtain self-awareness drives him towards an evil act that destroys not only his earthly salvation, butRead MoreTheme Of Feminism In Othello1006 Words   |  5 Pagesa story’s message. Whether it be greed, lust, or betrayal, Shakespearean themes never cease to deliver a cacophony of chaos to the stage. Shakespeare’s Othello, however, carries a theme that ultimately leads to the demise of its secondary heroin, Emilia. Was Emilia’s feminism-forward outspokenness against Othello’s patriarchal society worth her paying the ultimate price? Yes. Emilia is the handmaiden to the wife of Othello, Desdemona, and the wife of the story’s antagonist, Iago. Emilia frequently

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Ballast Water Management Issues

Question: Describe about the Ballast Water Management Issues ? Answer: Ballast water discharges through ships can affect negatively on the marine atmosphere. The ROPME sea area is principal receiver of ships ballast water. For the unique features of the ROPME Sea Area including intense hot summer, short cool winters, water temperature fluctuation, extensive air and relatively high salinity, elevated turbidity and little replacement of water with open sea. The RSA is a chief oil and gas production areas globally. A considerable quantity of oil is slipped in sea annually. Therefore, management and control of spread of unsafe marine species in ships ballast water. For this a set of actions including ballast water exchange exterior to the ROPME Sea Area is implemented by Second Regional Steering Committee Meeting, which was held in Kingdom of Bahrain on 4th and 5th November 2008 (Tamelander et al. 2010). They identified the ballast water management as the most suitable way for improving the local marine atmosphere. The Steering Committee decided that, Vesse ls appearing from the outside of ROPME Sea Area supposed to start ballast water replacement en route in water above 200 marine miles from closest territory as well as in water minimum 200 meters depth. However if for safety issues it cannot be possible, vessels would make minor difference to areas within 200 miles limit which could be recognized as discharge area, which is above 50 miles from nearest territory in water and minimum 200 meters depth (International Maritime Organization 2009). It this is not achieved, specific reasons would be provided by the ships to the respective authorities and the further necessities of ballast water management with Ballast Water Management Convention and other legislations. Reference List International Maritime Organization, 2009. Second Regional Steering Committee Meeting on Ballast Water Management Identification of ballast water exchange area outside the ROPME Sea Area. [online] Available at: https://file:///C:/Users/absas%20user/Downloads/notice%20140%20RSA%20BWM%20Regulation.pdf [Accessed 14 Jan. 2016]. Tamelander, J., Riddering, L., Haag, F., Matheickal, J., and No, G. M. S. 2010.Guidelines for development of a national ballast water management strategy. GloBallast Partnerships Project Coordination Unit, International Maritime Organization.

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Project Guidance Format for M.B.A. Essay Example

Project Guidance Format for M.B.A. Essay A Project Report on â€Å" â€Å" At Company name Submitted to University of Pune In Partial Fulfilment of Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 201-/1— By Student Name [pic] [college name] DECLARATION I, the undersigned honestly declare that, this Project Report entitled â€Å"†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ †¦Ã¢â‚¬  is a genuine and bonafide project prepared by me in partial fulfilment of degree of Master of Business Administration of University of Pune. The Project work is original and the conclusions drawn herein are based on the data collected and analyzed by me. To best of my knowledge, the matter presented in this project has not been submitted and award of any degree, diploma or membership either to this or any other Institute or University. Place: Pune Date: (Sign Name student) â€Å"Certificate on company’s letterhead† CERTIFICATE This is to certify that (Name of the Student) a student of (Name of the college) perusing MBA under Pune University has successfully completed a project on (title of the project) in (name of the department) for the period of . weeks that is from (start date) to (end date) in partial fulfilment of requirements of Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. We will write a custom essay sample on Project Guidance Format for M.B.A. specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Project Guidance Format for M.B.A. specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Project Guidance Format for M.B.A. specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We have found him /her to be dedicated and sincere. Signature (Name designation) Date: (Seal of the company) INDEX |Sr. No. |CONTENTS |Page No. | |1 |ACKNOWLEDGMENT | | |2 |LIST OF TABLES | | |3 |LIST OF FIGURES | | |4 CHAPTER I | | |5 |CHAPTER II | | |6 |CHAPTER III | | |7 |CHAPTER IV | | |8 |CHAPTER V | | |9 |BIBLIOGRAPHY | | |10 |ANNEXURE | | ACKNOWLEDGMENT I express great pleasure in introducing my project entitled â€Å"-â€Å"is a successful outcome of co-operation of many entities. This the platform , where I would like to express my gratitude to all those, who were directly or indirectly involved in completion of this study. I take this opportunity to express my most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Mr- of company, for providing me a wonderful opportunity to execute this project in their esteemed organization and for patiently mentoring and guiding me throughout the project. This project not have been successful without the precious guidance of our Head of Department Prof. XYZ my project guide Mr. , with their support and. I express my sincere gratitude to them and all those who have helped me directly and indirectly. Sign (Name of student) LIST OF TABLES A PAGE FOR LIST OF TABLES For Example : Tables may be more or less depending upon the tables in each chapter |LIST OF TABLES | |Table No. |Title of the Table |Page No. | |Table No. 1. 1 | | | |Table No. 1. 2 | | | |Table No. 2. 1 | | | |Table No. 2. | | | |Table No. 3. 1 | | | |Table No. 3. 2 | | | |Table No. 4. 1 | | | |Table No. 4. 2 | | | |Table No. 5. | | | |Table No. 5. 2 | | | Chapter I Introduction This is the chapter of the project, which should cover the following points : 1. Basic Theoretical Concepts and Contexts of the Topic 2. Literature Review 3. Need for the study 4. Statement of the Problem 5. Objectives of the Project 6. Research Hypotheses 7. Scope of the Study The detail descriptions of these points are as under : 1. Basic Theoretical Concepts and Contexts of the Topic This point should cover the following : †¢ Basic concepts related to the topic The theoretical context of the concerned discipline of the problem should be specified. 2. Literature Review This point should cover the following : †¢ A Brief of overview of work already done in the area of the selected research topic †¢ Minimum ten projects /Articles should be reviewed †¢ Review write up should be scientific manner covering 1. Name of the author whose paper is under review 2. Title and objectives in summery form 3. Methodology adopted to study the objectives 4. summarizing the major findings 5. Highlighting researches gaps. †¢ Scientific style of foot not reference. 3. Need for the study This point should cover the following : Why this study †¢ Sources of key originating research questions(s) †¢ The selected problem in the theoretical context of the concerned discipline should be specified 4. Statement of the Problem This point should cover the following †¢ The problem to be investigated should be presented clearly and briefly †¢ Statement should emerge from the need for the study †¢ It should be object oriented †¢ It should be eye view of the project †¢ It sho uld be in inverted commas 5. Objectives of the Project The point should cover the following: †¢ The objectives of the project should be made in clear, specific and precise terms. The objective of the project should be put in serial points †¢ They should cover summary of the title of the research project they should be in minimum words. †¢ They should be in minimum words †¢ They should indicate scope of the study †¢ They should drive the research Project 6. Research Hypotheses The point should cover the following: †¢ A Hypothesis is a tentative generalization – the validity of which remains to be tested. †¢ Specify research hypotheses that you wish to investigate in this study. †¢ They should be clear, specific precise. †¢ They should state the relationship of variables. †¢ They should be simple †¢ They should be limited in scope. †¢ They should be testable statements. They should be in minimum number 7. Scope of the Study The point should cover the following: †¢ Specific mention should be made of the rational scope of the research problem of the project, such as: †¢ Geographical scope of the study. †¢ The topical scope of the study. †¢ The functional scope of the study Chapter II Profile of the Organization This is the second chapter of the project, which should envelop the following points : 2. 1 Current status of the company 2. 2 Future plans of the Organization 2. 3 Any other relevant information of the Organization The detail descriptions of these points are as under: 2. 1 Current status of the company The Point should cover the following: †¢ Current market position of company should be given. †¢ Current financial positions of company should be given †¢ Reasons for profit/loss should be discussed. †¢ Marketing strategies should be listed. 2. Future plans of the Organization The point should cover the following: †¢ Future plans of company if any should be specified 2. 3 Any other relevant information of the Organization. This point should cover the following: †¢ Any other relevant information regarding the company should be given. Chapter III Research Design and Methodology A good research design ensures against wasteful expenditure of time, money and energy. Thus chapter should contain information on the following points : 3. 1 Sampling Design 3. 2 Source and methods of Data collection 3. 3 Methods of data analysis and statistical Techniques 3. 4 Key concepts and definitions 3. 5 Limination of the Study The detail description of these points are as under : 3. 1 Sampling Design This point should cover the following: †¢ Define population with reference to project †¢ Sampling unit should be specified †¢ Sampling frame should be defined †¢ Sample size should be defined †¢ Sampling Procedure Statistically /Judgement should be defined †¢ Know the budgetary constraints. †¢ Understand sampling errors. An explanation of the determination of size and type of sample will also be necessary †¢ Proposals not requiring a sample selection should specify their strategy appropriately and describe the rationale. 3. 2 Source and methods of Data collection This point should cover the following : The different types of data that are proposed to be gathered and to be used should be specifically mentioned. Data collection methods may be as: †¢ Sources of Primary Data collection ? Observation, ? Field Observation ? Interview schedule, ? Questionnaire, ? Discussion, †¢ Sources of secondary data collection : ? Abstract database, ? Full text database, ? Online database, ? Unpublished database, The sources for each type of data and the tools and techniques that will be used for collecting different types of data should be specified. 3. 3 Methods of data analysis and statistical Techniques : The point should cover the following †¢ Different types of data analysis techniques used in the research project should be specifically mentioned. Such as: ? Basic analytical tools, which include Tabular Analysis, Graphical Analysis, Percentage Analysis, or Ratio Analysis etc. should be specified. ? Project students can use some advanced techniques in the project for data analysis which includes Regress ion Analysis, Multivariate Analyses, ANOVA etc. , Should be specified. 3. 4 Key concepts and definitions: This point should cover the following: If some special technical terms used in the research project, those terms should be defined clearly. 3. 6 Lamination of the Study This point should cover the following: †¢ Major limitations of the study should be specified. Chapter IV Data Presentation, Analysis and interpretation This chapter should contain information on the following points: 4. 1 Getting data ready for analysis 4. 2 Data analysis 4. 3 Interpretation of results 4. 4 Discussion on results derived 4. 5 Research Questions Answered The detail description of these points is as under: 4. 1 Getting data ready for analysis †¢ Editing data †¢ Handling blank responses †¢ Coding data †¢ Categorizing data Creating data file †¢ Programming 4. 2 Data analysis †¢ Present data in tabular forms : i. Frequency table ii. Response tables iii. Contingency ta bles iv. Unvaried tables v. Bivariate tables vi. Statistical tables vii. Time series tables †¢ All tables should have technical features, such as : i. Table Number ii. Title of the table iii. Captions ( columns Heading) iv. Stubs( Row heading) v. Table Body vi. Head Body vii. Foot Note †¢ Feel for the data (Optional) depending on type of data 1. Use Basic of statistics such as i. Frequencies ii. Mean iii. Standard Deviation iv. Coefficient of Variation v. Correlation vi. ANOVA ii. Etc. 2. Get the basic findings / inferences. 4. 1 Interpretation of results †¢ Feel what findings / results are †¢ Mean what findings say †¢ Read whink and present the inference 4. 2 Discussion on results derived : †¢ Link the objectives with results of the data †¢ Implications of findings †¢ Personal perspective of the students on derived results 4. 3 Research Questions Answered: †¢ Feel the research questions are answered †¢ Draw and Develop conclusions o r generalisations Chapter V Findings and Suggestions This chapter should cover the following : 1. Main Findings 2. Policy Suggestions 3. Scope for further research 1. Main Findings Findings are statements of factual information based upon the data analysis †¢ List all the major findings of the project serially †¢ Put the findings in sequence of the study 2. Policy Suggestions †¢ Policy Suggestions or Recommendations should flow from the findings †¢ They should be very rational and practical †¢ They should be specific †¢ They should be indicative 3. Scope for further research †¢ Project study should indicate scope for further research III) Terminal Items : This point should cover the following points : 1. Bibliography 2. Appendices †¢ Questionnaires or Interview Schedules †¢ Complex Tables †¢ Technical Note 3. Glossary terms 4. Index Bibliography : A bibliography is the listing of the work that is relevant to the main topic of the research interest arranged in the alphabetical order of the last names of the author (s). A reference list is a subset of the bibliography, which includes details of all the citation used in the literature survey and elsewhere in the report, arranged again, in the alphabetical order of the last names of the author(s). At least three modes of referencing are followed in the business research. These are based on the format provided in the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), (2001), the Chicago Manual Style (1993), and the Turabian style (1996). Each of these style specifies with examples, how books, journals, newspapers, dissertations and other documentation materials are to be referenced in the manuscript. Since the APA format is followed for referencing by many journals in the management area, the monograph will highlight the distinctions in how books, journals, newspapers, dissertations and other documentation materials are referenced using APA format as specimen referencing format below : Book by single Author : 1. Benni, Basavaraj, S. , (2005) Dairy Cooperative Management and Practice, Rawat Publication, Jaipur Book by more than one author : 1. Krishnaswamy, K. N. , Appa, Iyer, Sivakumar, Mathirajan. M. , 2006), Management Research Methodology : Integration of Principles, Methods and Techniques, Pearson Education, New Delhi. More than one Book by the same author : 1. Roy, A. , (1998a) Chaos theory, McMillan Publishing Enterprise, New York. 2. Roy, A. , (1998b) Classic Chaos, McMillan Publishing Enterprise, New York. M ore than one Book by the same author : 1. Pennathur, A. , Leong, F. T. , Schuster, K (Eds), (1998), Style and substance of thinking, Paradise Publishers, New York. Chapter in the edited book : 1. Benni, Basavaraj, S. , (2007), Infrastructural Development and Regional Disparity – A Comparative District Level Analysis in Karnataka, in Dash L. N. (Ed ) Economics of Infrastructure, Regal Publication, New Delhi. Journal Article : 1. Benni, Basavaraj, S. , (2006), Sugar Factory Efficiency Measurement : Application of Data Envelopment Analysis – A New Insight for Managers, Paradigm, The Research Journal of Institute for Management and Technology, Vol. X, No. 2, July – December. Conference Proceedings Publication : 1. Benni, Basavaraj, S. , (2007), Status of Public Services in Karnataka – A Comparative District Level Analysis, in Shahu, A. , (Ed), Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Services Management, Oxford Brookes University IIMT New Delhi . Doctoral Dissertation : 1. Benni, Basavaraj, S. (2001), Dairy Co-Operative Societies in Karnataka, unpublished doctoral dissertation, Karnatak University, Dharwad. Paper presentation at conference : 1. Benni, Basavaraj, S. , (2004, August 27th to 29th), Empowering Decision Making Capacity of Global Corporate Managers through Econometric Tools, paper presented a for â€Å"Best Research Paper Competition† in 16th Annual Management Education Convention, conducted by Association of Indian Management Schools, Goa. Government Publication : 1. Ministry of Law, Government of India, (1960), The Copyright Act, 14 of 1957, Delhi Unpublished Manuscript : 1. Pringle, P. S. , (1991), Training and Development in 90s, unpublished manuscript, Southern Illinos University, Diamondale, IL.

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Bad Land essays

Bad Land essays Jonathan Raban, in his award winning novel, Bad Land, attempts to describe the migration of homesteaders to eastern Montana in the first decade of this century, and examines the last great wave of American western settlement. More tellingly, Bad Land is somewhat of a memoir; a well edited collection of stories and events that took place during Rabans experiences in the Great American West. His novel is an attempt to redefine a travel book, in which Raban drags us through a century's frontier history. There is no doubt of Rabans excitement and interest in Montanas culture. You can feel Raban's compulsive interest in the West expand as the book progresses, and although there are some wonderful moments when he tries to communicate his excitement to others, as a whole, the novel leaves you with a feeling of, I guess you had to be there. To describe the way in which Jonathan Raban writes would take little more than one word; emotional. Jonathan Raban writes with such feeling and passion, that you feel the exact sentiments of the people or the surroundings being described. When reading about the loneliness of the land, you too feel as though you are the only human being for hundreds of miles. When getting a sense for the hardships and struggles these people had to face, you too feel cold and hungry. But there is a point at which Raban seems to go overboard: everything in moderation. Raban seems to get caught up at many points within the novel with his descriptions of events that obviously touched him deeply and left a strong and deep impression with in his mind. His passion starts to become repetitious and monotonous; which makes you start to question the sincerity of his feelings. Throughout the novel, Raban uses vivid imagery to make the reader understand and feel as though they were too a part of the experience being described. Raban uses his mastery of tone and diction to recreate the histor...

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Virgin train crash Essay Example

Virgin train crash Essay Example Virgin train crash Essay Virgin train crash Essay On Friday 23 February 2007 a virgin train going from London to Glasgow derailed and crashed at grayrigg, near Kendal killing one individual and wounding five. The company in the imperativeness conference was positive, complimentary and dignified. It is common phenomenon the different attack of an issue from different journalists in magazines, newspapers or even Television and wireless programmes. This subject is really of import. I searched in 4 different beginnings: a ) B ) degree Celsius ) vitamin D ) A ) ( 2009 ) In this article defines that Sir Richard Branson turned a potentially reputation-damaging incident into an illustration of best pattern crisis communications. During a PR conference, the independent editor Simon kellner described Branson s handing of the crisis as genius PR He besides added that Branson took the narrative off from being an institutional and public catastrophe and made it on about the gallantry of the train driver The article describes the good communicating of the company with the media with efficiency and accurate manner. It says that the president of the company was really emotional but did nt take the clang as his company s mistake. He even made the driver of the train as a hero. He besides point that if the train was older the accident would be worst with more deceases and more hurts. He even commended web rail for being dignified in accepting duty for the accident. B ) ( 2007 ) In this article the writer talk more about the incident that the statements of the company and other factors. The articles focus more to the 180 people that was onboard, the clip that the incident occurs and how many were the hurts. Include some statement of constabulary A train has crashed between Oxenholme and Tebay, but that is all we know at the minute. We have got two autos going at that place now and local constabularies are go toing , some statement of ambulance At the minute, we have studies of assorted hurts, from leg hurts to endorse hurts and caput hurts, runing from child to rather serious From the deliverance squad besides It s our apprehension there are a figure of people injured on the train. We think there are legion hurts and a statement merely of the president of virgin company that says that he come from his vacations to the site and did a imperativeness conference. He stated that virgin train Pendolino was built like a armored combat vehicle and believed t he path was to fault. He besides praised the train driver that tried to halt the train alternatively of go forthing the cockpit. C ) ( 2007 ) Here we have the official articles and statements of the virgin company. The imperativeness office foremost introduces the accident on 24 February at 2 oclock and province that they investigate the grounds of the accident. Later on with a new imperativeness release they praised the driver and his astonishing occupation Mr Sir Richards said. He assumes that the train was built like a armored combat vehicle and it is the safer train you can be in. He besides states that he went to the infirmaries and saw some physicians and people that were in the train. After 2 yearss the driver negotiations about the accident but he do nt state anything about it in the same it. He province merely the support from the company during the accident, He besides states his unhappiness about the one dead and the hurts. At the same twenty-four hours the laminitis of virgin rail group makes some more statements. He says that the probes move rapidly, that his greater concern is the people that are in the inf irmaries. He speak about some more hints during the accident and at last he province that they are non the 1s that must be blamed. D ) Michael Regester, A ; Judy Larkin ( 2008 ) In this article we have the full narrative and all the statements. They talk about the accident but focal point on the probe besides, he acquire a clear position off the factors that caused the accident. Sir Richard Branson took his hat off to Network rail for accepting the duty for the accident. He besides said It is non for us to fault but instead work closely to guarantee that this neer happens once more. He was careful non to knock Network rail, therefore keeping their working relationship. The writers province that he would hold significantly perpetuated what is perceived to be a national job alternatively of railroad care. The writers criticise laminitiss crisis technique that was rather good, The fact that he left a household vacation to see the clang and his hailing of the train driver as a here touches the human calamity. They besides say The now good documented hardiness of the trains used by Virgin, coupled with Branson s superb stakeholder relation direction, has meant t hat Virgin clients have non been deterred. Decision We have four articles speaking about the same accident. Some of them are rather common. The first one except the description makes some remarks about the laminitis of Virgin and it appears the laminitis as intelligent and with good crisis techniques. The 4th bash besides the same, plus have a deeper image of the accident with more elements and statements. The 3rd one, the official imperativeness of the company talks about the accident and provinces their company crisis policy that they have nil to make with the accident and they should nt be blamed. They talk rather retaining and they try to be supportive. In the 2nd article the writer does nt travel in inside informations and he remains more in the narrative of the makes. It seems more an information beginning and nil more. The credibleness of the office imperativeness and from the book seems more accurate, the first is the official releases of the company and the 2nd a good overall research for the accident. The writers seem to co gnize really good the incident. The 3rd article credibleness exists because its general information that released. In the first article the writer seems believable for the information but he expresses his sentiment besides. All four articles helped me to hold a more general attack in the issue. Some of them provided me with extra information and some with debris information. After understanding what those four articles say, one think that I know rather good the issue. ( 2009, June 29 ) . Masters of catastrophes: Virgin trains. Retrieved November 10, 2009, from hypertext transfer protocol: // option=com_content A ; view=article A ; id=326: masters-of-disasters A ; catid=44: currentissue A ; Itemid=113 ( 2007, February 23 ) . Virgin Train clangs in England. Retrieved November 10, 2009 from hypertext transfer protocol: // ( 2007, February 26 ) . Grayrigg derailment statement from virgin trains ( 1 ) A ; ( 2 ) . Retrieved November 10, 2009 from hypertext transfer protocol: // ( 2007, February 26 ) . Brave train driver praised by Sir Richard Branson. Retrieved November 10, 2009 from hypertext transfer protocol: // ( 2007, February 26 ) . Statement from Iain Bl ack, driver at virgin trains. Retrieved November 10, 2009 from hypertext transfer protocol: // ( 2007, February 26 ) . Virgin Trains welcome prompt publication of Rail Accident Investigation Branch s initial study on Grayrigg derailment. Retrieved November 10, 2009 from hypertext transfer protocol: // Michael Regester, A ; Judy Larkin ( 2008 ) . Risk Issues and Crisis Management in Public Relations: CASE STUDY: VIRGIN TRAIN CRASH ( pp 188, 190, 191 )

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The Role of Modern Media in Crisis Communication Essay

The Role of Modern Media in Crisis Communication - Essay Example Crisis management is a very crucial aspect. Effective communication crisis management can greatly reduce extensive damage that may take place in an organization, as a result, of communication crisis. The document analyzes the role played by modern media in triggering as well as managing the effects of crisis communication in organizations (Carroll, 2013). It is evident that the communication crisis is typically unpredictable aspect that possesses a great potential of damaging the affected organization as well various stakeholders. The main difference between crafting messages for traditional communication methods and crafting messages for modern communication methods such as social media is the speed at which each mode communicates information as well as misinformation. The application of internet together with social Media  has the potential of accelerating and amplifying the public opinion. The aspect hence plays a vital role in impacting adverse effects in organizations, as a result, of crisis communication (Coombs, 2007). It has become to the consent of most organization’s stakeholders the modern media or simply social media is a double edged sword that create both opportunities and threats for the organizations. Social media as well as other web based Medias, have the potential of creating a crisis in an organization. Among the main factors as to why the social media causes crises in an organization is that it provides various means for stakeholder’s expression. It also lets the stakeholders move from a passive role to an active role. Being unfiltered channel, it provides employees, consumers and activists with an opportunity of voicing their concerns. The aspect easily finds people with similar mind and mobilizes them against the organization hence causing great crises in that organization (Coombs & Holladay, 2010). Currently, social media and other web-based Medias have also

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Photograhy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Photograhy - Research Paper Example All 200 images could be viewed through 8 pages of accessible links. As indicated in the brochure, â€Å"this major photographic exhibition is an ideal forum for photographers to exhibit and sell their work, reaching our very large community of art collectors, luxury consumers, corporate heads, civic leaders and very influential people who make up the Art of Photography Show audience† (About the Art of Photography Show 4). From the 200 images that where presented, one personally favored the two works shown above (â€Å"Sky High† by Kevin Cosma, and â€Å"Light reflecting off two mirrors† by Alexander Harding) due to their simplicity and uniqueness in capturing the images. As shown in â€Å"Sky High† the image could have been taken from a vantage point where the photographer could be situated in a lying position looking up. As such, the image of a young girl was actually shown in an inverse position, in broad daylight to capture the appropriate lighting technique. The background representing the cherry blossomed filled trees and the blue skies effectively complemented the image to portray the message intended. The other image shot by Harding was likewise simple and yet elegant. It uses the effectively interplay of dark and light elements through strategically positioning two mirrors in exact juxtaposition to capture the light rays. The background of dark and brown table top or flooring was likewise instrumental in putting emphasis on lighting. The photographer was located at the front of the images in slightly higher angle to capture the required lighting effect. In its simplicity, the beauty of the images could only be appreciated through learning the technqiues of effective and strategic positioning to capture the most appropriate angle needed. Overall, it is fortunate that the Art of Photography Show 2012 was accessible online to provide aspiring photographers and art enthusiasts in the area of photography to appreciate the best

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Great Balls of Flowers Essay Example for Free

Great Balls of Flowers Essay Throughout Steve Abees’s book Great Balls of Flowers the reoccurring themes that arise are sex, love, family and life. Within each poem he threads in a minimum of two themes, interweaving them so all the themes eventually overlap. The themes of sex, love and family are each representative of a major component of his life. His book gives readers insight as to what Abee is thinking and feeling within each poem, making them extremely personal for the reader. The title of the book was seemingly derived from Jerry Lee Lewis’s Song â€Å"Great Balls of Fire† which was written in 1957 on the movie based on Jerry Lee Lewis which was released in 1989. The movie discusses Lewis’ controversial life and his rise and fall as a rock star. Lewis suffered from substance abuse and resorted to alcoholism when times got bad. His song â€Å"Great Balls of Fire† is purely sexual discussing the arousal of a man, this song was one of Lewis’ major hits. Abee’s title â€Å"Great Balls of Flowers† is so appropriate especially with his replacement of fire with flowers. Flowers hold the softer connotation of love and peacefulness as Abee explains how he’s overcome his issues with the love he feels and receives from his family. Within select poems his love for his wife and children are startlingly apparent. He portrays himself with raw emotions that seem unbreakable. In the poem â€Å"Poem to my Wife†, he states, â€Å"I love you so much that when I touch you my fingers turn into miniature suns shining. † His portrayal of everlasting love and lust for his wife gives the reader insight as to his most personal and inner thoughts and emotions. Because of the rawness and bluntness of his emotions It is evident his poetry was used as an escape for Abee. His attachment to his wife leads the reader to think as a child there were issues with his family. Romance isn’t the only type of love Abee discusses, as he also mentions the love he has for his children. For his youngest daughter, Abee states â€Å"her voice opens me like breath. † He continues on to state â€Å"I’m trying to be good now Im trying not to be bad†, this gives the reader the idea that his children are now the motivation for him. It seems as if he had previously struggled with a personal issue that has disappeared because of the arrival of his children. Substance abuse seems appropriate as he refines it in the poem â€Å"Sucks† when he says â€Å"beer sucks. It’s good but it sucks. Marijuana sucks Crystal Meth sucks so bad. † His allusions to these substances would tie in as a strong connection to the title, â€Å"Great Balls of Flowers. † Abee never fails to insert a sexual innuendo within the majority of his poems. One example of his sexual references arise in the poem â€Å"Gas†, Abee states â€Å"when I lick your secrets, bombs begin to fall from your thighs. † His continual sexual references tie in greatly with the title, Great Balls of Flowers because it alludes to the 1957 hit song discussing sex. Sex seems to be a dominant theme throughout the book, as it was throughout many of Jerry Lee Lewis’ songs as well. Abee’s continuous blunt sexual references free him from the shackle soft society as he isn’t scared to discuss topics that seem controversial. His direct statements give the book a potent feel and, honest take on life. As the book goes on you can see the meniscal details in life that are typically overlooked are what Abee thrives upon. His poems are real portrayals of his daily routine and it gives the reader a personal connection with him and his mindset. Great Balls of Flowers consists of poems covering the themes of sex, love, family and life. His title is so appropriate these four themes are the pieces of Abee’s life which he discusses in his poetry giving readers in insight into his alternative perspective on life and love. Throughout Great Balls of Flowers Steve Abee uses imagery to help develop his tone and themes in his various poems. His use of imagery creates a clear picture that the reader can connect with. Those images, which are typically familiar to the reader help the reader, better understand the point Abee is trying to make. Abee uses a mix of concrete imagery alongside symbolic imagery, creating numerous layers for the reader to divulge in as the poems go on. One example of the imagery used is in the poem â€Å"Hail to the Things I Can Not See. † Abee states â€Å"Oh wind keeping seagulls aloft, squawking and hovering over my daughters and my hot dogs at Santa Monica Pier. † His use of imagery in this quote sets the setting for this poem. Along with it building a setting, it gives the poem a nostalgic feel because that’s where the author grew up. The familiar sounds he describes connect the reader to the beach, which carries light and happy connotations, reinforcing the nostalgic feel while integrating the positive tone. The city scape imagery portrays Abee as a city boy, giving readers an image of him. His juxtaposition of the city scene with more symbolic imagery gives the reader insight to what he sees life as helping him break free from the connotations that come with â€Å"city boy†. The stanza after the one previously stated says, â€Å"oh the gravity that holds the trees up and my bones together†, using imagery in more of a symbolic sense. Although gravity is something not visible to the human eye, Abee portrays it in a way that is viable to the reader. The contrast of the tangible with the symbolic give the poem a deeper feel. Another example of imagery can be seen in the poem, â€Å"Poem to My Wife†, Abee states â€Å"the innocent sea shore of our kiss, where hippies play on tambourine brain fried ukulele and we dance on crab grass sand†. His use of imagery in this quote not only sets the scene for this particular stanza but sets the mood for the entire poem. His use of the word ukulele gives the reader the view of the upbeat instrument that plays purely cheerful melodies, while the sand gives the reader an image of the beach giving the poem a bright tone. As he explains how they dance to the upbeat tunes, the reader can feel the joy radiating off the happy couple. This portrayal of why Abee is so infatuated with this wife, not only gives readers an insight into his marriage but an insight to his heart and what makes him happy. Within the poem previously discussed Abee states, â€Å"words†¦ rising up into a ball of Christmas lights, poof, explosion of holiday love. † This use of imagery is purely symbolic; words are personified to express his love for his wife giving the reader an idea of how extreme his passion is for his mate. His use of the image â€Å"Christmas Lights† give off the connotations of the holiday which is centered on love and happiness. These connotations give the poem an upbeat and warm tone, while the reader starts to see Abee in a different more loving sort of light. Along with the holiday connotations, his use of words like explosion give the poem a more passionate and yearning sort of feel, giving readers visuals of the intensity of his love. Abee’s use of imagery greatly constructs the tone and theme of the poem. Throughout the book there are instances where symbolic and tangible imagery contrast, following the same sort of pattern showed in this poem. This contrast sets the setting then divulges into Abees inner thoughts, giving readers a better perception of the author and a deeper understanding of his poetry. Throughout Great Balls of Flowers Steve Abee uses personification, similes and metaphors in various poems. Each of these devices holds a different effect over the reader, emphasizing and creating different images for the reader. Each example of figurative language holds a different effect on the reader but in all the point of the insertions of the figurative language is to accentuate the purpose of each poem. Steve Abee uses various similes in the poem, â€Å"Poem to my Wife†, one example of this can be seen in the quote, â€Å"loving you is like surfing the wave of benevolent impulse. † In this poem he is describing the intese love he feels for his wife and uses a simile to explain to the reader the extensity of his overwhelming emotions for her. Using the word benevolent describes the gentleness of the love the duo share while impose gives readers a sense of the intensity that kindness carries. Abee compares the love they share to surfing a wave giving readers a familiar image to compare the ‘ride† he feels with her. The insertion of a metaphor adds another layer to the poem , leaving room for interpretation from there reads, which contrasts well as Abee is explaining like his poetry , his love for his wife has numerous layers. Within the poem previously discussed, Abee uses personification to further explain the love he feels for his wife. The quote goes as follows, â€Å"But it (poem) wouldn’t be able to help itself. † Abee is explaining what a poem to his wife would consist of, and that is where he inserts the above quote. The use of personifications gives the reader a sense of how alive his love for his wife is. The intensity of his love can’t be explained with the used of an inanimate object so personifying the poem gives his love an image. Along with the aspect of imagery rat personification brings, it sets a tone for the entire poem. The personification of the â€Å"poem† gives the literal poem a loud but allusive tone. In the poem â€Å"Gas Station†, the entire first stanza consists of metaphors, Abee states, â€Å"Steve Abee is a gas station. † To start things off the first impression this holds on the reader is a whirlwind of thoughts in hope to analyze what he could possibly mean by this statement. As he continues on he states numerous other figures are â€Å"gas stations† such as Jesus Christ, and Jack Kerouac. Continuing on he states how gas stations are â€Å"lonesome and lovely† and sit on the â€Å"edge of a sandy skirt desert†. His descriptions of gas stations set the tone for the poem as morbid and sad  as the reader is visualizing a delegate area that people use then leave. Both Fries and Christ underwent great suffering throughout their lives which ultimately resulted in their deaths, which connects to the end of the stanza where Abee states, â€Å"As we move from seashore to graveyard. † Using the metaphor not only on himself but on other figures not only gives readers an image to connect his emotions to but it also shows readers that personally this is what he perceives life as, a journey where humans are used and abused , then die. His metaphor emphasizes his main idea for that poem while accentuating the tone that is apparent throughout the rest of the poem. Abee uses all these forms of figurative language to emphasize are ideas and highlight the tones that are seen in his various poems. They also all help connect back to the main themes which can be seen throughout the poem. In all each device helps give readers the image in which Abee intends from them to see, while showing readers how he personally feels. If I was to write a poem to you it would go something like this As I sit and reminisce, a wave of nostalgia overcomes me, leaving me choking and gasping for relief, as I drown in memories of forgotten promises faded secrets Next, id talk about how your laugh was like the church bells ringing on Sunday morning, clear and crisp in the sunny sky, particles of sound dancing with the rhythm of love If I were to write you a poem I would use words like gifted and good, the gentle gem in a mound of rocks, something like that. I would have pointless passages explaining the magnetic pull we felt between us, I would illuminate the page with the sparks we once shared, fireworks over a lake of washed out feelings, calmly disappearing into a an abyss of darkness If I was going to write you a poem it would have words It would have words describing our love, words only cupid knows, words of joy and happiness. Words to explain how you make me feel , words that would flow out of my mouth into my hand and onto paper like a stream flows into the ocean, twisting and turning then eventually colliding with the salty sea water, slowly integrating themselves till they are one. To be honest the poem I would write would have a dark side, a side of sadness and longing, unreasonably irrational and unhealthily attached. I would say things like I miss you and come back. I love you more than you could ever know; I need you more than the grass needs rain. Your love warms me and keeps me alive, your love completed me. The poem would say you can’t love another, you can only love me. I would say please come back, I would say Im sorry. I would say we were perfect together, we were soul mates. I would say no one else can hold you; no one else can touch you or call you theirs. The poem would say how could you? How could you love another, how could you be with another or kiss another. How could you leave me? The poem would be like that, angry. Yes angry, sad, mournful and dark, with flashes of light flickering in the darkness. The poem would be sealed in a bottle, and thrown into space, where it only company would be the sun, until eventually it would fade away, never to be read by my forgotten love.

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Rabbit Analysis :: essays research papers

In the poem, â€Å"Rabbit,† the topic is rabbits which represent children and how they can be prey for one group and play for another. In addition to the rabbits representing children, I think that the child in the poem represents a parental figure and the dogs represent people in the outside world.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  This is supported in the theme which states that children should not be in such a rush to grow up because the outside world can be a cruel place. For example, â€Å"the dogs don’t hate [them], merely want to / taste the cider of [their] blood, watch [their] / fur drift lazily toward October clouds / where geese infuriate them† (11-14). This is a supporting text because it shows that children won’t always be treated fairly and if they are in such a rush to grow up, they could face many problems early in life because they can feel as though they do not belong anywhere. Also, this quotation is descriptive and works well in that it allowed me to paint a picture of how other people could perceive children as helpless and a form of easy bait. To them, children are not just other humans; they are a source of adventure and game. Furthermore, it says â€Å"better that you hop directly back / demand your cage†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (7-8), which maintains that i f the children are not protected and sheltered by their parents, their fate could become as bad as what is described above; they could live a life in which the end of the negative path seems endless. It is saying that the one place a child can feel safe is in or at his/her house where he/she has â€Å"†¦ cedar chips, the water bottle full / and dripping next to wilted greens†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (8-9). It may not be the first place a child would want to go back to when he/she is in trouble but the option will always there. This house is the child’s safe haven and protection from the outside world; a place to feel safe, protected, and nourished. For example, the â€Å"†¦children bring you apples. / They’ll rub your fur and bring / another and another† (19-21). This text shows that no matter what happens the parents will be there to show care and love for their children without asking any questions. I like how the author worded the three quotes from above.

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Patterns Within Systems of Linear Equations

Jasmine Chai Grade 10 196298501 Patterns within systems of linear equations Systems of linear equations are a collection of linear equations that are related by having one solution, no solution or many solutions. A solution is the point of intersection between the two or more lines that are described by the linear equation. Consider the following equations: x + 2y = 3 and 2x – y = -4. These equations are an example of a 2Ãâ€"2 system due to the two unknown variables (x and y) it has. In one of the patterns, by multiplying the coefficient of the y variable by 2 then subtract the coefficient of x from it you will be given the constant.As a word equation it can be written like so with the coefficient of x as A and coefficient of y as B and the constant as C, 2B – Ax = C. This can be applied to the first equation (x + 2y = 3) as 2(2) – 1 = 3. To the second equation (2x – y = -4), it is -1(2) – 2 = -4. By using matrices or graphs, we can solve this syst em. Regarding other systems that also has such as pattern, it should also have the same solution as the two examples displayed. For instance, 3x + 4y = 5 and x -2y = -5, another system, also displays the same pattern as the first set and has a solution of (-1, 2).Essentially, this pattern is indicating an arithmetic progression sequence. Arithmetic progression is described as common difference between sequences of numbers. In a specific sequence, each number accordingly is labelled as an. the subscript n is referring to the term number, for instance the 3rd term is known as a3. The formula, an = a1 + (n – 1) d, can be used to find an, the unknown number in the sequence. The variable d represents the common difference between the numbers in the sequence. In the first equation (x + 2y = 3) given, the common differences between the constants c – B and B – A is 1.Variable A is the coefficient of x and variable b represents the coefficient of y, lastly, c represents the constant. The common difference of the second equation (2x – y = -4) is -3 because each number is decreasing by 3. In order to solve for the values x and y, you could isolate a certain variable in one of the equations and substitute it into the other equation. x + 2y = 3 2x – y = -4 x + 2y = 3 * x = 3 – 2y * 2(3 – 2y) – y = -4 * 6 – 4y – y = -4 * 6 – 5y = -4 * -5y = -10 * y = 2 Now that the value of y is found, you can substitute 2 in as y in any of the equations to solve for x. x + 2y = 3 x + 2(2) = 3 * x + 4 = 3 * x = 3 – 4 * x = -1 Solution: (-1, 2) Even though the solution has already been found, there are many different ways to solve it, such as graphically solving it. By graphing the two linear lines, you can interpolate or extrapolate if necessary to find the point where the two lines intersect. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Graph 1 Graph 1 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Just from the equations given, it is not in a format where it can be easily graphed. By changing it into y=mx + b form, the first equation will result as y = – (1/2) x + 3/2 or y = -0. 5x + 1. 5 and the second equation will result as y = 2x + 4. The significance of the solution is that it is equal to the point of intersection as shown on Graph 1. This can then allow the conclusion that the solution of the two linear equations is also the point of intersection when graphed. According to this arithmetic progression sequence, it could be applied to other similar systems.For instance, the examples below demonstrates how alike 2Ãâ€"2 systems to the previous one will display a similarity. Example 1: In the first equation the common difference between (3, 4 and 5) is 1. In the second equation, the common differen ce is -3. The common differences in these equations are exact to the previous example. 3x + 4y = 5 x – 2y = -5 x – 2y = -5 * x = 2y – 5 (Substitution) 3x + 4y = 5 * 3(2y – 5) + 4y = 5 * 6y – 15 + 4y = 5 * 10y – 15 = 5 * 10y = 20 * y = 2 (Substituting y) x – 2y = -5 * x – 2(2) = -5 * x – 4 = -5 * x = -5 +4 * x = -1 Solution: (-1, 2)Example 2: In the first equation below, it has a common difference of 18 for (2, 20 and 38). For the second equation, in (15, -5 and -25), it has a common difference of -20. In this example, the system is solved graphically. 2x + 20y = 38 15x – 5 y = -25 Solution: (-1, 2) | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Graph 2 Graph 2 | | |From the examples given above that are very similar to the first system, we can conclude that there is something common between them, that is the point of intersection or the values of x and y. That would imply that the x and y values and the point of intersection will always be (-1, 2) for all systems that follow arithmetic progression sequences. Due to that similarity, an equation that can be applied to these types of equations can be made. If the first coefficient of the first equation is identified as A and the common difference is c, an equation such as, Ax + (A + c) y = A + 2c, is made.This equation is so, because it is describes an arithmetic sequence, where the coefficients and constant are increasing by one in response to the coefficient before. In the second equation of the system, another equation can be made relatively the same to the first, with exceptions of different variables used. If B is used to represent the first coefficient of the second equation and d is used as the common difference, the equation, Bx + (B + d) y = B + 2d is created. With 2 equations, we have now created a system; to solve the system we can use the elimination method.This method is used to eliminate certain variables in order to find the value of another variable. After doing so, you could substitute in the value for the found variable and solve for the other(s). Ax + (A + c) y = A + 2c Bx + (B + d) y = B + 2d In order to use the elimination method, you must make the coefficient of x or y the same depending on which one you would like to eliminate. In this case, we will start by eliminating x. To proceed to do so, we must first multiply the first equation by B and the second equation by A: ABx + (AB + Bc) y = AB + 2Bc ABx + (AB + Bd) y = AB + 2BdAfter we have made the coefficient of x the same for both equations, we can now subtract the equations from one another: ABx + ABy + Bcy = AB + 2Bc ABx + ABy + Bdy = AB + 2Bd * Bcy – Bdy = 2Bc – 2Bd To find the val ue of y, we must isolate the variable y. Bcy – Bdy = 2Bc – 2Bd * y(Bc – Bd) = 2(Bc – Bd) * y = 2 Now that the value of y is found, to find the value of x is to substitute the value of y, which is 2, into any equation that includes that variable x and y. Bx + (B + d) y = B + 2d * Bx + (B + d) 2 = B + 2d * Bx + 2B + 2d = B + 2d * Bx + 2B – B = 2d – 2d * Bx + B = 0 * Bx = -B * x = -1To conclude the results of the equations above, it is making thee statement that all 2Ãâ€"2 systems that display an arithmetic progression sequence, which has a common difference between the coefficients and constant, it will have a result, point of intersection, of (-1, 2). To confirm that this is correct, the example systems below will demonstrate this property: Equation 1 (common difference of 8): 2x + 10y = 18 Equation 2 (common difference of 3): x + 4y = 7 Substitution Method x + 4y = 7 * x = 7 – 4y Substitute 2x + 10y = 18 * 2 (7 – 4y) + 10y = 1 8 * 14 – 8y +10y = 18 * 14 + 2y = 18 2y = 18 – 14 * 2y = 4 * y = 2 Substitute x + 4y = 7 * x + 4(2) = 7 * x + 8 = 7 * x = 7 – 8 * x = -1 Solution: (-1, 2) Once again from the example above, it displays that the solution or the point of intersection is identified as (-1, 2). From previous examples, all have a common difference that is different from the other equation involved in that system. In the following example, it will experiment whether having the same common difference will make a difference in the result. Equation 1 (common difference of 3): 2x + 5y = 8 Equation 2 (common difference of 3): x + 3y = 6 Graph 3 Graph 3As you can see on the graph, it shows that the two lines do not intersect at (-1, 2) even though it is a 2Ãâ€"2 system that has a common difference in both equations, meaning that the intersection at (-1, 2) can only be applied to systems that has 2 different common differences. To conclude, all 2Ãâ€"2 systems that follow arithmetic progres sion sequence with different common difference have a solution of (-1, 2). Furthermore, now that it is known that there is a certain pattern for a specific type of system, if this property is applied to a 3Ãâ€"3 system, with 3 different variables can it still work?Consider the following 3Ãâ€"3 system, (x + 2y + 3z = 4), (5x + 7y + 9z = 11) and (2x + 5y + 8z = 11). In this system, it has similar patterns to the 2Ãâ€"2 systems above due to its arithmetic progression. In the first equation, it has a common difference of 1 and the second equation has a common difference of 2 and lastly, the third equation has a common difference of 3. To solve this system, we can solve it using the method of elimination or matrices. Equation 1 (common difference: 1): x + 2y + 3z = 4 Equation 2 (common difference: 2): 5x + 7y + 9z = 11Equation 3 (common difference: 3): 2x + 5y + 8z = 11 Elimination Method To eliminate the variable x, we must first start by making the coefficients of x in two equations the same. We can do so by finding the lowest common multiple of the two coefficients and multiplying the whole equation by it. Equation 1: x + 2y + 3z = 4 * 2(x + 2y + 3z = 4) * 2x + 4y + 6z = 8 We can eliminate the variable x now that the coefficients of x in both equations are the same. To eliminate x, we can subtract equation 3 from equation 1. Equation 1 and 3: 2x + 4y + 6z = 8 2x + 5y + 8z = 11 -y -2z = -3 After eliminating x from two equations to form another equation that does not involve x (-y -2z = -3), another equation that does not involve x must be made to further eliminate another variable such as y or z. Equation 1: x + 2y + 3z = 4 * 5(x + 2y + 3z = 4) * 5x + 10y + 15z = 20 We can eliminate the variable x now that the coefficients of x in both equations are the same. To eliminate x, we can subtract equation 2 from equation 1. Equation 1 and 2: 5x + 10y + 15z = 20 – 5x + 7y + 9z = 11 3y + 6z = 9Now that two different equations that do not involve x ((-y -2z = -3 ) and (3y + 6z = 9)) are created, we can find the common coefficient of y and eliminate it to find the value of the variable z. Let (-y -2z = -3) to be known as equation A and (3y + 6z = 9) will be known as equation B. Equation A: -y -2z = -3 * 3(-y -2z = -3) * -3y -6z = -9 Equation A and B: -3y -6z = -9 + 3y + 6z = 9 0 = 0 As you can see from the result, 0 = 0, this is indicating that the system either has many solutions, meaning a collinear line or no solution, where all the lines do not intersect together at a specific point.Even if you attempt to isolate a different variable it will still have the same result. For instance, using the same equations above, you eliminate the variable y first as displayed below. Equation 1 (common difference: 1): x + 2y + 3z = 4 Equation 2 (common difference: 2): 5x + 7y + 9z = 11 Equation 3 (common difference: 3): 2x + 5y + 8z = 11 Elimination Method Equation 1: x + 2y + 3z = 4 * 7(x + 2y + 3z = 4) * 7x +14y + 21z = 28 Equation 2: 5x + 7y + 9z = 1 1 * 2(5x + 7y + 9z = 11) * 10x + 14y + 18z = 22 Equation 1 and 2: 7x +14y + 21z = 28 – 10x + 14y + 18z = 22 3x + 3z = 6 Equation 1: x + 2y + 3z = 4 * 5(x + 2y + 3z = 4) * 5x +10y + 15z = 20 Equation 3: 2x + 5y + 8z = 11 * 2(2x + 5y + 8z = 11) * 4x + 10y +16z = 22 Equation 1 and 3: 5x +10y + 15z = 20 – 4x + 10y +16z = 22 x – z = -2 Two equations have been made that has already eliminated the variable y. Let (-3x + 3z = 6) be equation A and let (x – z = -2) be equation B. Doing this, is in attempt to solve for variable x. Equation A: -3x + 3z = 6 Equation B: x – z = -2 * 3(x – z = -2) * 3x – 3z = -6 Equation A and B: -3x + 3z = 6 + 3x – 3z = -6 0 = 0As you can see the result, it is the same even if you try to solve another variable, from that we can confirm that this system has either no solution or infinite solutions, meaning that they are collinear lines. Furthermore, because this is a 3Ãâ€"3 system, meaning that it has three different variables, such as x, y and z, graphing it will also be very different from a graph of a 2Ãâ€"2 system. In a 3Ãâ€"3 system, the graph would be a surface chart, where the variable z allows the graph to become 3D. From this, we can conclude 3Ãâ€"3 systems that follow an arithmetic progression will always have either no solution or infinite solutions.This is saying that all linear equations do not intersect together in one point or they do not intersect. A way to prove this is through finding the determinant. The determinant is a single number that describes the solvability of the system. To find the determinant of all 3Ãâ€"3 systems that possesses arithmetic progression, we can start by creating a formula. Allow the first coefficient of the first equation be A and the second equation’s first coefficient be B and lastly, the first coefficient of the third equation be C.The common difference of equation one will be c, the common difference of equation two will be d, and the common difference of equation e will be e. This can be described through the following equations: 1. Ax + (A + c) y + (A + 2c) z = (A + 3c) 2. Bx + (B + d) y + (B + 2d) z = (B + 3d) 3. Cx + (C + e) y + (C + 2e) z = (C + 3e) When developing a matrix to find the determinant, you must have a square matrix. In this case, we do not have a square matrix. A square matrix is where the number of rows and columns are equal, for example, it could be a 2Ãâ€"2, 3Ãâ€"3, or 4Ãâ€"4. Looking at the equations, it is a 3Ãâ€"4 matrix; as a result it must be rearranged.Below is the rearranged matrix of the equations above. x A (A + c) (A + 2c) (A + 3c) y B (B + d) (B + 2d) = (B + 3d) z C (C + e) (C + 2e) (C + 3e) To find the determinant, you must find 4 values from the 3Ãâ€"3 matrix that helps find the determinant of A, B and C. In this case, if you were to find the values for A, you would cover the values that are in the same row and column as A, like so, A (A + c) (A + 2c) B (B + d) (B + 2d)C (C + e) (C + 2e) You would be left with four separate values that can be labelled as A, B, C and D. Respectively to the model below: a b c d In order to find the determinant you must find the four values for A, (A + c) and (A +2c). To find the determinant the equation ad – cb is used. The equation in this situation would be like the one below: A[(B + d)(C + 2e) – (C + e)(B + 2d)] – (A + c)[B(C + 2e) – C(B + 2d)] + (A +2c)[B(C + 2e) – C(B + 2d)] Expand * = A(BC – BC + Cd – 2Cd + 2Be – Be + 2de – 2de) – (A + c)(BC – BC + 2Be – 2Cd) + (A + 2c)(BC – BC + 2Be – 2Cd) Simplify 2ABe – 2ABe + 2ACd – 2ACd + 2Ccd – 2Ccd + 2Bce – 2Bce * = 2ABe – 2ABe + 2ACd – 2ACd + 2Ccd – 2Ccd + 2Bce – 2Bce * = 0 As it is visible, above it shows that the determinant found in this type of matrix is zero. If it is zero, it means that there are infinite an swers or no answer at all. Using technology, a graphing calculator, once entering a 3Ãâ€"3 matrix that exhibits arithmetic progression, it states that it is an error and states that it is a singular matrix. This may mean that there is no solution. To conclude, there is no solution or infinite solution to 3Ãâ€"3 systems that exhibit the pattern of arithmetic sequencing.This can be proved when the sample 3Ãâ€"3 system is graphed and results as a 3D collinear segment. As well as the results from above when a determinant is found to be zero proves that 3Ãâ€"3 systems that pertains an arithmetic sequence. Arithmetic sequences within systems of linear equations are one pattern of systems. Regarding other patterns, it is questionable if geometric sequences can be applied to systems of linear equations. Consider the following equations, x + 2y = 4 and 5x – y = 1/5. It is clear that the coefficients and constants have a certain relation through multiplication.In the first equation (x + 2y = 4), it has the relation where it has a common ratio of 2 between numbers 1, 2 and 4. For the second equation (5x – y = 1/5), it has a common ratio of -1/5 between 5, -1 and 1/5. The common ratio is determined through the multiplicative succession from the previous number in the order of the numbers. When the equations are rearranged into the form y=mx+b, as y = – ? x + 2 and y = 5x – 1/5, there is a visible pattern. Between the two equations they both possess the pattern of the constant, where constant a is the negative inverse of constant b and vice versa.This would infer that if they are multiplied together, as follows (-1/2 x 2 = -1 and 5 x -1/5 = -1), it will result as -1. With equations that are also similar to these, such as the following, y = 2x – 1/2, y = -2x + 1/2, y = 1/5x – 5 or y = -1/5x +5. Displayed below, is a linear graph that shows linear equations that are very similar to the ones above. Graph 4 Graph 4 From the graph a bove, you can see that the equations that are the same with exceptions of negatives and positives, they reflect over the axis and displays the same slope.For instance, the linear equations y = 2x -1/2 and y=-2x +1/2 are essentially the same but reflected as it shows in the graph below. Also, all equations have geometric sequencing, which means that they are multiplied by a common ratio. Secondly, the points of intersection between similar lines are always on the x-axis. Graph 5 Graph 5 Point of intersection: (0. 25, 0) Point of intersection: (0. 25, 0) To solve a general 2Ãâ€"2 system that incorporates this pattern, a formula must be developed. In order to do so, something that should be kept in mind is that it must contain geometric sequencing in regards to the coefficients and constants.An equation such as, Ax + (Ar) y = Ar2 with A representing the coefficients and r representing the common ratio. The second equation of the system could be as follows, Bx + (Bs) y = Bs2 with B as the coefficient and s as the common ratio. As a general formula of these systems, they can be simplified through the method of elimination to find the values of x and y. Ax + (Ar) y = Ar2 Bx + (Bs) y = Bs2 Elimination Method B (Ax + (Ar) y = Ar2) * BAx + BAry = BAr2 A (Bx + (Bs) y = Bs2) * ABx + ABsy = ABs2 Eliminate BAx + BAry = BAr2 – ABx + ABsy = ABs2 BAry – ABsy = BAr2 – ABs2 ABy (r – s) = AB (r2 – s2) * y = (r + s) Finding value of x by inputting y into an equation ABx + ABsy = ABs2 * ABx + ABs(r + s) = ABs2 * ABx = ABs2 – ABs(r +s) * x = s2 – s(r +s) * x = s2 – s2 – rs * x = rs To confirm that the formula is correct, we can apply the equation into the formula and solve for x and y and compare it to the results of graph 4. The equations that we will be comparing will be y = 5x – 1/5 and y = -1/5x + 5. The point of intersection, (1, 4. 8) of these equations is shown graphically on graph 4 and 6. The common rat io (r) of the first equation is -0. and the common ratio, also known as s in the equation of the second equation is 5. X = – (-0. 2 x 5) = 1 Y = (-0. 2 + 5) = 4. 8 As you can see, above, the equations are correctly matching the point of intersection as shown on the graphs. Due to such as result, it is known that it can now be applied to any equations that display geometric sequencing. Graph 6 Graph 6 Resources: 1. Wolfram MathWorld. Singular Matrix. Retrieved N/A, from http://mathworld. wolfram. com/SingularMatrix. html 2. Math Words. Noninvertible Matrix. Retrieved March 24, 2011 from, http://www. mathwords. com/s/singular_matrix. htm

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Writing and Colonial New England

Men were not responsible for anything that went on in the house back in that time. Married and divorced parents spent more time now with their children than 40 years ago. Children time for fathers Increased a lot more now than in the colonial times. Fathers weren't responsible for their children and women were obligated to do all house work. Response: This particular article took me by surprise because the fact that back in Colonial times fathers didn't really help around the house is upsetting and surprising.In my opinion, women and men are obligated to do the same and equal work as catheter. The Role of Men and Women In Colonial New England: Summary: Women and Men were forbidden to strike each other in the Colonial times. A man was forced to give bond if he was caught verbally abusing his wife. The duty of a husband was to go work and support his wife at all times. Women's property was forced to be given up to her husband once they were married and she was not allowed to work or ow n anything. In men's pollen women lacked strength for Intellectual exercise.Response: This article shocked me because the fact that men saw themselves as better than women is extremely degrading and unfair, women can do the same wings men can do The Role of Children In Colonial New England: Summary: Puritan parents were obligated to direct their children responsibly. Children who were too spoiled were sent to be treated by a master to become more obedient. Girls started learning house work as young as the age of 5. They had to learn how to cook and clean and do all the kinds of housework.I feel like with time writing exams you are so rushed to finish writing and outline that by the time you start your essay you Just go blank. To prevent that I read my articles more than once to completely understand it thoroughly and then I begin my essay. This really helps me in the long run and is good or completing and understanding my essay. Log 1 felt like I was prepared for the midterm. If I w ere to change anything I would read my articles a few more times next time to better understand them before my midterm.But generally I felt like I did a exceptional Job on my midterm and tried my hardest spending all the time I could to finish it. Writers Checklist: 1 . Does your idea draft respond fully to the assignment? Yes, it does. 2. Are your ideas organized the way you want? Yes, in my opinion, the ideas are organized how I want them to be. 3. Does your intro explain what the essay is about and what its repose is? My essays introduction introduces the topic and explains what the essay is going you be about. . Do you have a thesis that states your point or indicates the issue the essay will address? Yes, my thesis indicates the issue that my essay will address. 5. Do the body paragraphs each have a topic sentence? Do they develop the main points by giving specifics and examples to support these points? Yes. 6. Does your conclusion make one or more recommendations? Yes, my conc lusion makes at least one recommendation. 7. Yes, both my trusted friend and a classmate has reviewed my essay.

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Eleemosynary, A Full-Length Play by Lee Blessing

Eleemosynary, A Full-Length Play by Lee Blessing It might be best to begin your approach to this play by learning how to pronounce the title and understanding the meaning of this vocabulary word. In this dramatic work by Lee Blessing, three generations of highly intelligent and freethinking women attempt to reconcile years of family dysfunction. Dorothea was a repressed housewife and mother of three sons and a daughter, Artemis (Artie), whom she favored. She discovered that being an eccentric suited her perfectly and spent a lifetime thrusting her wild ideas and beliefs onto an unappreciative and doubting Artemis. Artemis ran away from Dorothea as soon as she could and kept on the move until she married and had a daughter of her own. She named her Barbara, but Dorothea renamed the child Echo and began to teach her everything from Ancient Greek to calculus. What Echo loves most is words and spelling. The title of the show comes from the winning word that Echo spelled correctly at the National Spelling Bee. The play jumps backward and forward in time. As one character relives a memory, the other two play themselves as they were during that time. In one memory, Echo portrays herself as a three-month-old. At the beginning of the play, Dorothea has suffered a stroke and is bedridden and catatonic for several scenes. Throughout the play, however, she takes part in her memories and then transitions back to the present, trapped in her minimally responsive body. The director and actors in Eleemosynary have the challenge of making these memory scenes feel authentic with smooth transitions and blocking. Production Details The production notes for Eleemosynary are specific regarding set and props. The stage needs to be filled with an abundance of books (signifying the sheer brilliance of these women), a pair of homemade wings, and perhaps a real pair of scissors. The rest of the props may be mimed or suggested. Furniture and sets should be as minimal as possible. The notes suggest only a few chairs, platforms, and stools. Lighting should consist of   â€Å"ever shifting areas of light and darkness.† The minimal set and the stress on lighting serve to assist the characters in moving between memories and the present time, allowing focus to be on their stories. Setting: Various rooms and locales Time: Now and then Cast size: This play can accommodate 3 female actors. Roles Dorothea is a self-acknowledged eccentric. She uses her eccentricity as a means to escape the judgment and pressures of a life she didn’t choose. Her desire was to influence her daughter to embrace her way of life, but when her daughter runs from her, she refocuses her attention on her granddaughter. Artemis has a perfect memory. She can remember anything and everything with total accuracy. She has two desires in life. The first is to research and find out everything she possibly can about this world. The second is to be as far away from her mother (in both body and spirit) as possible. She believes in her heart that she failed Echo and that failure can never be undone, just as she can never forget a single detail of her life. Echo has a mind to equal both her mother’s and grandmother’s. She is fiercely competitive. She loves her grandmother and wants to love her mother. By the end of the play, she is determined to use her competitive nature to mend her relationship with her elusive mother. She will no longer accept Artemis’s excuses for failing to be a mother to her. Content issues: Abortion, abandonment Resources You can watch a director and some actors discuss and rehearse the play.The  Dramatist Play Service holds the production rights for Eleemosynary.

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A Profile of Byzantine Emperor Alexios Komnenos

A Profile of Byzantine Emperor Alexios Komnenos Alexius Comnenus, also known as  Alexios Komnenos, is perhaps best known for seizing the throne from Nicephorus III and founding the Comnenus dynasty. As emperor, Alexius stabilized the government of the empire. He was also Emperor during the First Crusade. Alexius is the subject of a biography by his learned daughter, Anna Comnena. Occupations: EmperorCrusade WitnessMilitary Leader Places of Residence and Influence: Byzantium (Eastern Rome) Important Dates: Born: 1048Crowned: April 4, 1081Died: Aug. 15, 1118 About Alexius Comnenus Alexius was the third son of John Comnenus and a nephew of Emperor Isaac I. From 1068 to 1081, during the reigns of Romanus IV, Michael VII, and Nicephorus III, he served in the military; then, with the help of his brother Isaac, his mother Anna Dalassena, and his powerful in-laws the Ducas family, he seized the throne from Nicephorus III. For more than half a century the empire had suffered from ineffective or short-lived leaders. Alexius was able to drive the Italian Normans from western Greece, defeat Turkic nomads whod been invading the Balkans, and halt the encroachment of the Seljuq Turks. He also negotiated agreements with Sulayman ibn Qutalmà ¯sh of Konya and other Muslim leaders on the empires eastern border. At home he strengthened the central authority and built up military and naval forces, thus increasing imperial strength in portions of Anatolia (Turkey) and the Mediterranean. These actions helped stabilize Byzantium, but other policies would cause difficulties for his reign. Alexius made concessions to powerful landed magnates which would serve to weaken the authority of himself and future emperors. Although he maintained the traditional imperial role of protecting the Eastern Orthodox Church and repressed heresy, he also seized funds from the Church when necessary, and would be called to account for these actions by the ecclesiastical authorities. Alexius is well known for appealing to Pope Urban II for help in driving the Turks from Byzantine territory. The resulting influx of Crusaders would plague him for years to come.

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(not deciding) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

(not deciding) - Essay Example These paintings all belong to high Renaissance style because they demonstrate unity in pictorial representation. These paintings represent religious characters and themes in naturalistic landscapes, vibrant colors, strong contour lines, contrapposto posing, realistic figures in stable composition with an implicit triangular format, and combined linear and aerial perspectives, although Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels and Madonna and Child with St. Jerome look flatter due to the use of tempera, Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels is less realistic with the addition of angels and halos, and The Flight into Egypt has a stronger three-dimensional form, with soft, glowing colors and shadows that create chiaroscuro effect. These paintings represent religious characters and themes, although Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels is less realistic with the addition of angels and halos. In Madonna and Child with St. Jerome, the three religious characters are Mary, the child Jesus, and St. Jerome. It appears that St. Jerome has visited the mother and child with some solemn or sad news because of the serious, somewhat sad, mood of the latter. In Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels, the religious characters are more numerous, which include Mary, child Jesus, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, Jerome, Francis, and Christopher, and two angels. The scene is naturalistic in how the main front characters are doing realistic actions, although the religious theme is apparent in how they all show adoration to the child Jesus, while Francis is experiencing stigmata at the back. The Flight into Egypt features Mary, Joseph, and the child Jesus. The biblical event is their travel to Egypt. These paintings employ religious characters and themes that were prominent subjects of the painters’ times. Apart from the portrayal of religious characters and themes, these paintings are all set in naturalistic landscapes. None of the

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The Business Relationship between Nathan and Frank Essay

The Business Relationship between Nathan and Frank - Essay Example Ethical codes seek to set standards of fair and reasonable behavior throughout the supply chain, or in the attitude towards the employee or customer. Application: Application of the law is complicated by reality, because as the case of Frank and Nathan shows, a business is by nature made up of many different individuals. Moral and economic values differ from person to person within a business situation. A business is a large organizational structure, and within this structure, there may be individuals who are inspired to behave unethically for any number of reasons—here, we are not given Frank’s reasons, but he is clearly going back on his word and breaking his promise about payment, which is unethical. He has his own reasons. Many of these reasons have to do with the goals of the individual. For example, if a person views monetary gain as their main purpose, they may be willing to put ethical issues aside in order to reach their goal with maximum efficiency, to reach their short term goals and gain advantage. They may not pay attention to the code of ethics at all, and I think this is something Frank did in the cas e. Conclusion: One potential obstacle to a strictly legal solution is that, despite the prevalence of scientific and then panoptic programs throughout the twentieth century, corruption has continued to be a strong force in the business landscape including restaurant supply and services. Part of this may be habitual: much of the graft that goes on in this environment is accepted as a sort of ritual that is basically harmless, or â€Å"honest graft.† Issue 1: Frank is certainly not showing appropriate management in his conduct towards a valued customer who is supposed to receive a discount. Then again, it could also be argued that Nathan was not being ethical either, because he did not double check, get a paper

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Evidence based design-healthcare Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Evidence based design-healthcare - Assignment Example Some of the factors considered in evidenced based design include the impact of getting connected to the natural environment on human biology and use of daylight, improving movement of people within a healthcare facility to improve safety, ergonomics, efficiency and hygienic issues which are very important for a healthcare facility. According to Kirk (95), improving outdoor views as well as optimizing daylight exposure has been considered as one of the design objectives especially for a wellness centre. Previous studies have also suggested that the provision of patients with a view of the natural world reduces their need for pain medication thus has the impact of shortening their stay in the hospital. Other studies have also suggested that the improved view of the biological world while patients are in hospitals reduces their length of stay. According to Verderber et al (238), this evidence based design discovery positively affects circadian rhythms of sleep as well as alertness thus improves the general experience of patients. When patients get access or are exposed to abundant sunlight. An example of this was seen at the Butter County healthcare center in David city in which a new wellness center featured a unique three thousand plus square foot curved glass curtain wall that goes up to twenty two feet high. This design offers beautiful views of a park and the surrounding natural environment. The design of the building was aimed at creating a more comfortable healing environment and provides a connection through which patients and healthcare staff meet the outside environment. Designs at this healthcare center used building information management technology as well as sun tracking analysis software to create a comfortable environment. Researchers on the impacts of natural environment have also suggested that the impacts