Friday, August 23, 2019

Close Reading Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Close Reading - Essay Example I’m a Fool† may be claimed as a literary piece that thematically embodies the basic human nature which is governed by the love of real life rather than by the established standards of living. Through Anderson’s featured character who conveys his personal account of folly in a satirical manner of speech, â€Å"I’m a Fool† likely summons a critical reader to obtain a reverse comprehension of foolishness, or one that is understood in the light of the storyteller’s sense of fulfillment with his humble work. At the onset of the story, the narrator confesses times in the past when he felt that certain events made him feel like a fool as sitting in the grandstand and working as a swipe for one of two horses before he left hometown with Harry and Burt. Though a sad narrative voice is anticipated for the title of the story, the speaker seems to express no regrets on accepting his fate with the menial job despite the family’s opposition. He even appears to inject humor on mentioning ‘White Head’ and ‘nigger’ so that readers may observe perhaps a funny contrast in reference to Harry and Burt,

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