Thursday, August 8, 2019

Review on Mason and Dixon chapter 35 by thomas pynchon Essay

Review on Mason and Dixon chapter 35 by thomas pynchon - Essay Example Reverend Cherrycoke to his twin nephews Pitt and pliney alternatively referred to as the elder, or the Younger throughout the book narrates the tale. The narrative approach dramatically changes from the story to the room where the narrative is being told. It requires a person to be extra careful or else they will be lost in time. The chapter reintroduces Reverend Cherrycoke and introduces the Redzinger family, the gambler Mr. Edgwise as well as the outstanding Armand and his Duck (350). It discusses the history and Christ likening the two to the fate of no man with only the destination of every expedition as the universal factor. Cherrycoke reveals there is a machine, which triggers all history in some part, leaving people in times where they cannot live and remain sane where history disappears. Cherrycoke observations in Christ and history can be thought as a straight denunciation of the Puritan and subsequently, American principle of the theory of Exceptionalism. This theory is of the opinion that America is different from other nations, it has a sacred history and events, and that it is the chosen country. It argues that America’s cities and hidden valleys are of one true god who is always on the American side saving the faithfulness America. America and Americans will suffer to be one, later in ti me in a reunion with their creator as a reward for the sacrifices and hard work for its priceless dedication as well as devotion. To the puritans what is stated to be a fact remains so but to the younger generations in the form of Ethelmer, the Reverend as well as Pynchon this does not hold water (361). The book requires maximum concentration for one to acknowledge the early history and culture. It requires slow and keen reading more so in chapter 35, where the themes require attention to identify, as they are not straightforward. This is critical in the understanding of the

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