Sunday, August 11, 2019

Global strategy case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Global strategy - Case Study Example Another way would be through the development of a good customer base through adherence to the concept of value for consumers. Indian consumers have always been bent towards being satisfied by the quality of the services offered; ‘paisa vassol’. Even though India is not developed, Tesco should make an effort of avoiding bias and should treat the customers in India just as they do in their branches in developing countries. The development of branches in cities in the states all over India would also give Tesco an edge in the market while ensuring that she is able to reach more consumers. One of the conditions for the clearance by FIPB was that she should open retail outlets in cities with populations that reach a million (Chandrasekhar, 2014 p 3). There are many cities with such populations and the vibrant establishment of branches would ensure that Tesco has access to both a huge market and gains market influence over time. Tesco would also gain an edge through the creation of a cooperative partnership with her new partner, Trent Hypermarkets. Tesco should honor the shared venture and will definitely benefit from the relationship. This will be so because Trent has experience in the market especially in India and its success in many countries lends more credence to her credentials. Trent will help Tesco understand the Indian market and this knowledge be an added advantage if other competitors enter th e Indian market. Tesco was a world leader in the global hypermarket and had presence in many nations that needed her service of grocery and general merchandise retail. This global presence that she had developed over time has a chance to be utilized in the Indian market as a name definitely sells. Tesco used the hypermarkets in different countries since this in this way; profits could be realized in the shortest periods possible. This is because customers always

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